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chronic myofascial pain



  • what symptoms do you have similar to mine? How did the doctor appt go??
  • hi, i have had pain for 10 years i am 30 y old male
    2 partial laminectomys in my low back a third was left alone
    2 years after surgery i felt a pop in my mid back and stabing pain since. mri show no problems but holy crap!!!
    pain 24/7 for last 10 years on pain meds for most of that time im so sick of em!!
    i used to be in top shape with pain no changes so i gave up working out
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  • so what do you think it is you are suffering with? Myofascial pain or something else? I kind had the same thing happen...i remember a loud pop and stabbing pain too. have you ever tried to change your diet?
  • ~X( well, its nice to know that I am not alone anymore...not that I wish anyone should have this pain...I have been researching this MPS everyday for the last 4 mos. extensively just trying to understand what is going on with my body...some days are okay...(oh yeah, when people ask "how ya doing?"...I say okay...dont want to sound like I am whining or cause depression to spread like the flu) I hurt my back in a freak accident on my job,Fall 2006...had 2 doctors tell me that nothing was wrong...pain pills... and nothing is wrong...had doctors tell me that I had chronic pain and I was going to have to learn to live with it...2 bouts of pt (16 sessions each time)...more pain pills, muscle relaxers, 6 trigger point injections...4 more trigger point injections....and approx. 1 yr later...another 8 botox injections...but nothing is wrong!!!I am now searching for any help I can get...and your right about other peoples opinions...if you cant see it, it must not exist but it is a big monkey on my back!!!
  • My answer to how are you is "Fine" meaning
    f...ed up insecure, neurotic and emotional. That sums it all up. I want to get in a really warm bath and go under and stay there but for some reason i keep coming up for air. I have a disc protrusion C5 C6 mild spinal stenosis...major muscle spasms, neck, arm, front, back it keeps getting worse. Physio and exercise started something new, a cold blue numb arm thing.. add to the list. I have been diagnosed with chronic myofascial pain, have done about 5 sets of botox and it takes the edge off for a couple months. Have recently went to a pain clinic and had cervical epideural injections, sent me for a flip, no sedation. Injections of freezing into my steel muscles on my upper back and it actually made things worse! I have been researching trying to figure out what to do and I think this is fibromyalgia too. I'm too scared to entertain the surgery option. I have humps and lumps and bumps but have no idea where to find someone to help me!
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  • There is an awesome book written by Devin Starlanyl called "Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Survival Manual"; if you don't have it or haven't seen it, it is well worth reading.

    I was diagnosed with it a couple of years ago, but knew I'd had it for at least 15 years. Since then, I was diagnosed with enthesitis (inflammation where tendon attaches to bone), so now I never know which pain is which. But I DO relate to the tight clothing issue....I often can't even wear a bra because it feels as though I'm going to be strangled by it.

    Check out this book, as it covers every little thing that you can imagine, including awesome illustrations.

  • Hi to all of you, been reading this thread and I noticed Trater, you were taking Pristiq, I think I spelled that correctly, anyway, I've just been prescribed this medication also, along with my other meds, Neurontin, Wellbutrin, Xanax, Zanaflex, a fluid pill and BP pill for preventative measures - I had a mild stroke in 2001 in the thalamus and they never gave me a real diagnosis of what caused it, except perhaps "Silent Hypertension". However, it runs in my family also. My dad died of a major stroke at 67 years old after a few minor TIA's.

    Also, I've just been prescribed Opana ER for my back pain, and it has not helped me at all. This was the doctor's reasoning for adding the Pristiq. I told him several times I was getting no relief, and felt like it was bringing on panic attacks. The Xanax I take is very mild, and I have taken it for years. I've just been taking the Opana ER since January, but after about 6 hours, I start to sweat so bad, I know I have to take the 2nd dose. I know this sounds strange, but even though I'm getting no relief, after about an hour or so, the sweating stops, so it's almost like withdrawal side effects, doesn't it?

    I have a herniated disk at L4-5 and a mild bulge at L3-4, mild Scoliosis, DDD and my MRI's indicate same, as did the Discogram that hurt like h*ll. But I've been told I shouldn't be having this much pain. I get so frustrated when I'm told this. I don't have time to pretend my back hurts, I try to be "normal" because of the stroke and to have this pain on top of the pain from the stroke......I was diagnosed with "Thalamic Pain Syndrome"the pain is on the left side, runs down my lower back, hip and my legs feel numb and are weak. When I walk, my right calf starts to tighten up also and it hurts so bad to walk, sit or stand for any length of time.

    However, since the stroke affected me on the left side, doctors don't really know if it is the stroke or my back. I've tried to tell them I had back pain for years before my stroke, nothing like I'm having now, and I know the difference between the two types of pain. I even limp now when I walk, something I never did after my stroke. And, after my stroke, walking didn't bother me. Several times this month, the left side of my upper neck feels like I have a "crick" in it and this is something new to add to the list (lol).

    Like so many of you, even though I had a stroke, the back pain is making my life miserable and I never want to go anywhere. I feel the same way about wearing my bra and trying to find appropriate clothing also. I am having a terrible time trying to find clothes and I can't shop much due to the pain and the ability (or is it inability?) to walk.

    I am going to a new pain clinic on Monday, and they are all anethesiologists (sp?), so they may just want to do PT, which made me worse, Epidurals, facet injections, Selective Nerve Root injecitons, all of which I have been thru to no avail. The clinic I was attending at a university hospital closed when the doctor relocated. I continued seeing him, but he stopped prescribing medication and my neurologist just retired, so this neurologist I am seeing now (who my retired neurologist referred me) does not seem to care, nor listen to me and just tells me it's all the medication I'm taking and I'm on way too much.

    He doesn't seem to understand the "thalamic pain" thing too much or he would understand, most of those who share this horrific condition with me (a website support group) take more meds than I do and I have the lower lumbar problems on top of the pain I've been suffering with already since my stroke.

    I'm so sorry to make this so long, but I feel I need to tell about the stroke also, otherwise, it doesn't seem I'm telling everything. To look at me, you would never know I had a stroke, nor have these back problems because I try very hard to continue on with my life and be as "normal" as I can, but I feel this doctor doesn't believe the pain I'm really having. It is very confusing I know.

    Also, what time do you take the Pristiq? I suppose I need to see if there is any information on this med and post on the medication board about the Pristiq also.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen to me.

    Hoping all of you are doing much better.

  • I just wanted to add.....when I was describing my pain that runs down the left lower back, into my hip and down my leg, that is the back pain that hurts so bad.

    The stroke was in my right thalamus, so the pain syndrome affects my left arm, hand and fingers and the left side of my face feels numb, cold, much like the feeling you get after an injection at the dentist. That is why I take the Neurontin, it doesn't help my back pain, nothing does!

    I have a difficult time typing, trying to compose postings, and find the right words to explain my situation and tell anyone my story. And, I use to be a legal secretary. It is so frustrating and confusing ..... Hope you understand.


  • I found an article online that was being commented on by Devin S. Misconceptions and wrong diagnosis...
    I bought the book and wow, some really enlightening things in there. I hadn't even thought of fibro and no-one ever mentioned it that has treated me. I didn't know that there is two types of fibro secondary and primary. Secondary happening expecially after an injury to the neck. Not sure what to do though, the pain guy I have been seeing for injections is no help at all. He just said you don't have fibro although he does think it all stems from my neck but because I didn't jump out of the chair or scream when he touched my neck and traps, he put in his report that my pain is mild. I have a really high pain tolerance and let this guy do the cervical epideural steroid shots with no sedation and didn't scream or jump out of the chair but boy I cried and had to remember to breathe it hurt so much. I just looked up this doctor who is at a pain clinic doing treatments and giving diagnosis to people and he has a restricted liscence and has to be under the guidance of a qualified certified physician, has no specialties, and trained somewhere in the Caribbean. He is diagnosing??! Scary part is that he never did a physical examination except for touching my neck and telling me to squeeze his hand and looking in my eyes with a light. It wasn't until after the third set of cervical injections that he tried muscular freezing shots and said holy cow your muscles are rock solid. I don't know where to turn, my family doctor gave me a script to try Lyrica. I wish I could find someone that could guide me and tell me where to start and what to do and what not to do!
  • Hello all!

    I have been been living this battle for two years now and have so many different "pains" dealing with this dibilitating "invisible" illness.

    Many of you are dealing with the same issues. I can't tell you how sorry I am to know there is so much pain in the world, but I guess I don't feel so alone.

    Do any of you belong to or want to start a support group?

    My email addrss is I love my family and all, but they just don't understand and it is getting real hard to cope alone.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Elizabeth in Texas
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