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  • Most intelligent people know that superwoman and superman are just fictional character's And are far overrated. Trying to be that is neither negative or positive, just simply a waste of time. Just being yourself, know that is the real gift.

    The real winners are those with loving and kind friendships and family.

    I consider most here on SH to be winners, as we get up everyday and do what we can,do what we have to,and help others at every chance. (cover your ears here) should this not work out perfect like you have planned, some here will still be more than happy to help ya. To me that's a real winner.
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    cheers, mate
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  • is that you? are you having spinal issues?



    cheers, mate
  • I knew I couldn't fool ya!!! =))
  • That is a good picture :))(
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  • I have some titanium rods that need to be bent back in place. Can you apply some willpower and make it happen? PM me your account information and I'll send a direct deposit.


    Cheers, Mate
  • Hi Demu
    I will tell you about my experience. I had ACDF c3/4 Jan 08. I also work in an office. That is how my problem arose. I've been working there for 19 years slouching neck flexed sitting for too long bad prosture. It all added up led to my surgery. anyway I love my job. And went back to work end of May 1 day 3 hours a week, increased now to 12 hours a week. My neck and shoulders a still bad - spasms - tightness and so on. I am having physio and hydro twice a week. With what your saying to go back to work within a week after surgery. I don't think so. I wasn't allowed to drive for 6 weeks and was on strong medication for pain so I was pretty much drugged out - sleeping a lot. Also the staples came out 10 days after surgery. I understand we all need to think positive. I tried to do stuff around the house as much to my ability about 3 weeks after surgery and am still reluctant to do heavry duty work.

    Anyway this is my experience. Good Luck

  • All of us were scared out of our minds going into surgery, especially when you realize that the NIH has flagged Orthopedic Surgery as having by far the worst failure rate of all the surgical specialties!

    You sound hyper scared and are over compensating by going in the the other direction.

    Thats normal and common.

    But there is no need to offend others who have had or are having real bad experiences.

    I have seen men in battle who got killed because they could not deal with fear.

    Fear is a healthy and in most cases a physiological response to perceived danger.

    All of the people on this planet need to be respected and helped if the are anxious or afraid. It is a God given right.

    The energy behind your responses to people trying to be polite and help you is the give away.

    Dont reply. Think about what I have said for a few days. Look inside yourself and really see what is going on there.

    Courage is overcoming your fear, not denying it.

    You will be alright, Eric
  • this thread reads to me like someone is playing a cruel joke on my fellow spineys. i may be wrong? but i really dont think so. if i am wrong, may u have sucess at returning to work so quickly after surgery. if i am correct in my guess, then you must be one of the peops denying everyones ssdi.
  • You hit the nail right on the head Eric! As a highly trained (I will leave it at that) Mental Health professional myself, I would tend to agree with your post 100%
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