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Dr. just recommended facet rhizotomy



  • About a week has passed and I guess it is it working because I am in a lot of pain! The pain in my hip has intensified pretty much making everything painful, especially trying to bend down to pick something up. I have also noticed the numbing feeling in my leg into my calf and down into my foot has increased significantly. These are all symptoms I have had before the rhizotomies, but they are now kicked up a notch or two or three depending on the day.

    Do these sounds like the same type of symptoms you also experienced after the rhizotomy? I know most people says it takes about 4 weeks to experience relief, so I have about 3 more weeks of this? Ugh!

    Hopefully, l am rounding the corner to less pain/numbing days are soon!
  • The numbness and tingling in my leg seems to be masked a bit by the pain in my back, the doc says when the RF finally takes hold that I will most likely feel increased numbness & tingling. That hasn't happened yet, I'm about 3 weeks after having the RF done.
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  • I just had 4 levels done Monday L-3 thru L7.Previousley I had an SI RFA and 3 levels in the neck. I am not complaining but this last one has hurt the worse. Monday night was the most painful, more so than the back pain it self.I ended up taking 20 mgs of percocet and it was only slightly tolerable even with constant icing. Today is a lot better but still very sore. I was able to cut down on the pain meds. The numbness and tinglinging is something you have to live with. ever since they did an SI injection its gotten rid of the lower leg pain but not the numbness which was ther even before all this. I am hoping that this will last awhile, I probably will have to get the other side done also
  • Rhizotomies can take 4 weeks to reach their full benefit. Many people have an increase in their pain after the procedure (they've just burned your nerves). I've seen them last on patients for months to years -- everyone is different.

    As far as having children - I've never heard it being a problem after rhizotomies.
  • me 4 weeks for maximum benefit and it lasts about 1 year. I had 5 levels last January and it was rough. I usually have to have one side done and then go back and have other side done. My insurance will not cover both sides at once. Be patient and plenty of ice 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. It will get better.
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  • hi there,

    i have just ahd my 3rd 'dose' of radiofrequency but this time instead of having 2 injections just in my right side i have been told that i have now have to have them done in the otherside too, which i had. i must tell u that they are not very pleasent and are quite painful, it would not be too bad if they could put u to sleep whilst they do them but u have to tell them if the 'pulse' that they test on u first is travelling down ur legs. when they have put the needles in and are ready to do burn the nerves away, u dont actually feel that because they inject the nerve with local anesthetic first so that part of the procedure is not painful.

    i wish i could say that the nerves do not grow back, but they do, i have this procedure done every year and have at least a week of sleepless nights worrying about it. if it did not give me such relief over the winter time i would not bother having them done, but they do and it lasts (for me) around 4-5 months of relief.

    if i were u i would give them a try, everyone is different and they might last longer with some people than with others.

    i hope this helps with ur decision and i hope u get on ok.

  • i really hope that u are feelin better now it have been a few weeks since u have had ur procedure done.

    i felt i had to rely to ur post because my Dr from the pain clinic told me (as i have radiofrequency done on my lower spine) that if i get that pain or numbing sensation down either of my legs (as i have it done on both sides) then she has got the needle in the wrong place. when she thinks the needle is in the right place, she makes sure that it is by sending a 'pulse' sensation into the area, and asks me if that pulse is goin down my legs, if it is then she is in the wrong place.

    the area that i have done is completely numb on the outside to the touch, as before my operation i could not even stand the touch of clothes on it it was that bad.

    i really hope that this is not the case for u but it does not sound anything like what i am like after my procedure, yes it takes a few weeks for the acheness to dissapear but i am in no way in as much pain as i was before my procedure.

    i hope u are well now and ur pain has subsided a little.

  • It has been a little over 3 weeks since my first 5 nerve RFA and I am doing better than last week. I can lay on my side for a little while trying to fall asleep, which is a vast improvement and very excited about. Laying on my back with two pillows under the affected leg is still the most comfortable. Everyday task are getting a tad easier, but by the end of a work day; I have to lay down and take it easy for the rest of the night.
    I hope that by week 4 I feel more improvement so I can ease up or stop taking meds completely! Is that just a dream or can I really go without meds?
  • It happened for me. This procedure gave me my life back. I so hope that it works well for you. Keep us posted.
  • My dr also recommended this procedure for me. Now I have no idea where it will be exactly as I was not told.
    I guess somewhere in the lumbar area but I did not know even to ask where it would be. It sounds like something I may try but I was not clear on the details as my dr referred me to another dr who does them. I am nervous though. :SS .jade
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