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Chiropractor after Lumbar Fusion???

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi Everyone, I am seriously considering going to my chiropractor (if he is even willing to treat me) for upper back and neck pain. My neck has been killing me for 2 months, since my lumbar fusion, I blame it on lying in bed with this laptop, LOL! But now my upper back is dying off as well, possibly related to weaning out of my TLSO. My NS said I can get my neck adjusted, not my back for 9 months at least. Well, I never want a chiro to touch my lumbar spine, but oh my if I could get someone to pop my upper back/lower neck it would be wonderful. Have any of you had chiropractic treatment after surgery. It is a totally different area than my surgical area, but I am still hesitant, but miserable :(. I am getting massage every 2 weeks, only helps for the day, and then back to this again. My YMCA therapy pool is broken, so missing out on that soothing treatment as well. And my new PT is making my low back hurt in the SI joints. Missing my Chiro, but probably a bad idea, huh? :?


  • i cant exactly say ive seen a chiro post op however i see my osteopath every 1-2wks since 6wks and he is my saviour (Im 20wks now). my thoracic spine has complained abit since ive become more active and as its gotten used to its new position. on wed, he manipulated my t spine as well as my neck, along with alot of work (articulation, soft tissue) on my sij's, hips etc. it helps so much! funny that we were discussing the fact that i can now get discomfort in other areas of my body, a nice change...and one that i really dont mind as it beats the back pain.

    if you feel safe with your chiro then s/he could be of great benefit to you. if you dont want high velocity manipulation (the ones that go crack) then s/he should have other tools in his bag that will get a very similar amount of change. you just need to communicate any concerns / nervousness and they have to take this into account (informed consent dictates they cant do anything you do not consent to).
  • Cali-Sue, I have had cranio-sacral therapy for my upper back and neck. It is a lot more gentle then chiro as it works on releaseing the muscles that are pulling the joints out of place.

    I have a lady here I have been seeing for years and made an appointment today to go see her. I have put my neck out due to sleeping differently and it has just become worse as the week had gone on and now can hardly move it. :(
    She also does Alexander technique so if very big on posture.

    If your Dr is not wanting you to have chiro yet, then there are different methods that are gentler on the body then the good old cracking :))(

    Blessings Sara O:)
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  • I wish I had an osteopath like that. Odd thing is at the hospital where I work, we have a family practice residency program (made my surgeon promise not to let any of the residents near me :)) and many of the docs are DO's, but I have never seen or heard of any of them doing adjustments and yet I have read about this here many times. Too bad. Come to think of it my PMD the past 10 years was a DO and she never did anything like that. I just had to get a new one cause she left family medicine to do laser therapy, odd! Thanks for your response, I'll have to check out what is available. My chiro uses an activator and manual adjustments, but he never has tried to twist my back and I won't let him either. I used to have one that did that and he couldn't pop my back no matter how much he tried, so gave up on that. This last guy also gave up on my low back but was able to help my upper areas. He even told me to go see surgeon #:S Take care, Sue
  • Hi Angelback, is craniosacral therapy where they only adjust your neck and it is suppose to help the rest of your spine? If so a friend at my work swears by it. Her mother was bedridden by a rupt disc, and had a cst tx, and in one tx she was up and pain free. Sounded too hocus-pocus to me, and I was burned out on chiros at the time and in so much pain, I never tried it. But hey, I had an unstable Spondy and I truly beleive this surgery was the only thing that would help it long term. (Yay, my back doesn't creak and crunch anymore!) If my guy won't see me I might try to find someone else who uses another method. Thanks for the response. It is after 0200 and I've got to try to sleep I guess. My bad habits are still at it :D Good-night to all, Sue I) I)
  • The lady I see does do some work on the lower back but she wont do it now until I get the OK- that is if I need it at all.
    You lie on your back and she usually puts her hand underneath you and gently pressed on a muscle until it releases. You can feel the release and it is like the whole body just relaxes even thoug it can hurt a bit if the spot is tender.
    She does most of her work on the upper bosy and I have even had her working and releasing muscles in my mouth when I had constant sore throats. She has realigned my friends jaw and prevented braces for her child.
    So in a way it is about getting everything into alignemnt but in a gentle way.
    I have another friend who is a physio and also does this. She said now days she does more CST then physio.

    Sleep well
    Sara O:)
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  • I have the same issues!! I already had cervical and thoracic issues before lumbar surgery but it is worse lately-I figured from wearing the brace-still wearing it full time for another 6 weeks! Also, I am used to taking advil for the headaches from the cervival issues-now I cannot take it at all. AND-no adjustments!! I am gonna ask my surgeon about the chiro when I go back to see him in nov.
  • I personally wouldn't go there..
    Can you not find a physio who is trained in gentle mobilisation and manipulation instead.

    Be careful!
  • I personally wouldn't go there..
    Can you not find a physio who is trained in gentle mobilisation and manipulation instead.

    Be careful!
  • hi darlin,
    check out some other options.
    my husband finally found a chiro that does not do your old fashion cracking.
    its a pen type thing. its the shape of a epi pen without the needle!!
    it finds the hot spots and they push it into that spot with this (pen thing). no cracking involved.
    my hub has DDD and everytime he starts walking sideways or is not straight he heads there. no pain involved at all.
    after about 2-3 treatments he feels awesome.

    i so wish i could think of the name of it. i will try to find it today. there has to be someone where you are that uses this technique..

    good luck, no chiro is touching this lady =)) =))
  • I would strongly advice not going to a chiropractor. The muscles in your upper back and neck are compensating for the weakness in your back right now. Angelback is wonderful at expaining this, as is Lakeside. Sometimes it makes the muscles so tight that they do pull on the joints. Before surgery I went to a physical therapist who is a 'manual' physical therapist and has been trained on the craniosacral methods as well as a few adjustments such as a DO would use to get the vertebrae back in order. However, you must continue your stretching and when appropriate, strengthening to get the upper back and neck to settle down and hold things in place. Check around your area for Physical Therapists that do 'manual therapy'.
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