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Afraid the pain is back...



  • Hiya Ann.
    Is it that your car seat maybe to low? If it is couldnt you get a booster seat pad? I maybe just guessing here. Anything is worth a try. Just dont give up, do a little at a time, just dont push yourself to far. Keep posting!

  • Hey, Angie!
    I had never considered the fact that the car seat is much lower than any chair that I sit in! Duh! I will try some type of a pad and see if it helps. Thanks for the tip!

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  • I just removed the plastic bag from my car to help me get in and out easily. I used it so that my hips could turn easily once I was in the seat. I would sit down and turn the whole bag toward the front therefore not having to twist my body in the car. Just another idea.
  • This is why this site is awesome! Once again, I did not think about doing this. I know that I did twist a little bit getting in, and of course that is a big no-no. I will try this and see if it works for me! I am already a little bit more excited and less apprehensive about getting into the car again,

  • Ann, where are you with the brace weaning? Did you have a hard TLSO or? I was thinking if you aren't already doing it, perhaps wear the brace while driving. I do on occassion if my back is bothering me. I wore it only 30 minutes today on my evening walk, and I am suppose to retire it by tomorrow, but we will see ;) I am looking for a lumbar support for my car, but haven't found one yet. Needs to be conformed and yet not too thick. I might have to buy one online. I agree with the cushion idea above. I too used the plastic bag for a while, it helps. Take care, >:D< Sue
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  • Hi!
    I still have two weeks before I need to be completely weaned from the hard TSLO brace. I do not wear it when I am at home, but I do wear it to drive or if I am out walking. My husband is off work today, so I had him help me into the passenger seat using the plastic bag. It did help to a certain extent. We also positioned the seat so that it is fairly flat in the seat area and almost completely vertical. I really do think that I just was not paying attention, and leaned back when I got in. Tomorrow will be the moment of truth when I have to drive to PT again. I honestly felt so much better before I started PT. I can hardly wait until my muscles strengthen and return to normal. My hips and SI area really ache! The lumbar support sounds like an excellent idea. I just pray that I can make it tomorrow. O:)
  • Ann, so how long total is your weaning process suppose to be? Mine was only two weeks. I am wondering if that was too fast. My upper back and SI joints are killing me. I went to PT today and got a little upper back massage, a tease massage I would call it =P~ . I am getting a full hour on Thursday. I am trying to figure out which exercise is aggravating my SI's, or if it is just all of it combined. I am thinking it may be the all important pelvic tilt and bridges they have me doing. I do so want to get strong and feel better. Two weeks ago I was feeling pretty great, now I am doubting my return to work. My YMCA pool is broken still, so no aquaPT for me, and I think that was really helping. I have been looking for a new pool, but no where else keeps it 93 degrees, most are like 85, which is cold for water. Anyhoo, I am so glad we can compare notes. I am sure you will do fine tomorrow. Just remind the PT of the new issues and take it easy. I am still thinking about trying my chiro, but trying to put it off until I get the massage at least. I think I am too tight to adjust right now anyway. Have a great Monday, >:D< Sue
  • My NS gave me four weeks to wean off of my brace. I know what you mean about the upper back and SI joints. I cannot even begin to do the pelvic tilt and bridges yet. The PT asks, and just attempting it causes pain. I could not do these before the surgery either, during the four months of PT earlier this year. One of the exercises that bothers me are the leg slides, where both knees are brought up, and then you slide one leg completely down and then back up into the bent knee position. I am feeling exactly the same as you. I felt great before the PT. I really wish I knew when I would reach the point where I no longer felt the PT pain. I know its a long process, and everyone says that with PT you feel worse before you get better! Two weeks ago I was walking up to my school and actually teaching a couple of classes and spending the afternoon so that I could build up my stamina. Today I walked up to the school, and could hardly last one class. I could barely make the five minute trip back home. It is such a bummer!
    I sincerely doubt that I can return to teaching full time and keep up with the PT, too!

    Hang in there...I know where you are coming from!
  • Just to update my situation, I iced and heated, and the pain did not return. I rested over the weekend, and felt so much better. I am so happy that we have a site like this to share our problems. Also, I am now out of my brace except when I drive...which I still hate! However, I took the suggestion of using the plastic bag on the seat, and boy did that make a difference.

    Thanks for all of the help!
  • there is a seat inset called a "backfriend" - look it up on google.

    It helps postition the seat correctly for lower backs.
    Makes my car seat better.

    Be so careful of twisting movements and those wrenching up/down's. They are killers on the weak spine!
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