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One year - October 2007 surgeries post here

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hello and Welcome to the October 2007 Spinal surgery One year Celebration Thread!

Please post a summary of the past year of your life and let us know how you are now that you've reached the 1 year mark. We would love to hear how things have gone for you and what's next in your recovery.
Congratulations! You made it!
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  • I'm bumping this back up in case no one saw it. I imagine all my fellow surgery friends must be doing so fabulous after a year's recovery that they are too busy out playing to sit around on the internet.

    I am not that great, good, but not great enough to be out runnign around or working yet. Let's see if I can summarize the year...
    Had low back pain and left leg pain, numbness, and 4+ pitting edema, some foot drop. Was limping around and that was causing alot of right leg issues before my surgery. I had my anterior fusion surgery on Tuesday October 16th. the next day, I could tell I had been fixed. My foot was less swollen and I had total feeling in my large toe which had been completely numb. I had almost no weakness in my leg at all and no rediculopathy. I was so happy.
    Thursday October 18th they put in the hardware posterially. My pedicales were tiny and the screws were too big and the dr had a really hard time putting them in. When I woke up I was on fire from head to toe on the left side and thought I was going to die! After stat CT they said a screw n bone frag had entered my spinal canal. they took me back to the OR and revised that side, removing the top screw and searching the spinal canal for bone. The whole experience was very traumatizing for me and my recovery has been botched ever since.
    I had a really tough first 10 weeks. I worked up to max doses on cymbalta and lyrica for nerve pain, right leg mostly. I wore my brace and spent the holidays laying around knitting. I made some really cool stuff. By February I was taking 100mg Opana ER daily and fentnyl patch every 3 days + the other stuff. My pain was better controlled, but I swelled up huge! This was due to the Lyrica. So I got off that and lost the fluid practically overnight. the 30 lbs I had gained after surgery dropped off by the end of May. In April the PM started weaning me down on my Opana, and this started a whole new problem for me... withdrawal syndrome with panic attacks. By June I was down to 30 Opana daily and the patch + Ativan as needed.
    I was very depressed and after a few months of trying to get Therapy from WC, I stopped my Cymbalta. What a difference! All the crying constantly and feeling like jumping off a bridge was gone. What a relief! I took my tried and true Celexa and did get in with a fabulous therapist by August.
    The OS told me from the beginning that my pain was from the hardware and that when I am fused completely it can come out. I had hoped for summer, but my CT in June showed the top level unfused. Then September, but my x-rays in office made it clear that still not fused. I had been wearing a BGS since January so we thought anytime, it was mostly fused. I had another CT a couple weeks ago, but still not enough. OS says could be 3-6 more months.
    I now have lost another 10 lbs and am having alot of nausea and anorexia and abdominal pain. I am seeing a GI dr who says I have narcotic induced hypomotility. We are still working on this one. Ensure has become my staple food.
    I am currently down to 10 mg Opana at night and 75mg patch every 2 days. This is the lowest I've been and I'm feeling pretty darn good. I started acupuncture a couple weeks ago and it seems to be helping my back and it gives me a feeling of overall wellnes too. Still wearing the BGS every evening. Still not working, going on 2 years now. But my hopes are high that I'll have my hardware out this winter and be feeling great for Springtime!

    Thanks for reading my 1 year recovery story. Please share yours.
    -Jenn :X
  • I am sorry about all your problems Badger. My surgery was less than 6 months ago, so I don't really qualify to post here, but I wanted to let you know that you have caring friends on this site.

    It is good that you have not given it up yet, and anticipating better times to come. Hopefully they will, and all these current problems will be behind you.

    Good luck, and keep us posted.


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