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Cold weather making sciatica worse?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,000
Hello everyone

I was wondering if cold weather makes sciatic symptoms worse?
I was having prickly /tingling sensations in my toes constantly up until 4 months ago when it was starting to get better(less intense and somedays no symptoms at all). But now that the weather is starting to get cold it seems like the sciatica in my toes has gotten worse again. Does anybody else share this same experience?


  • My sciatica seems to be amazingly unpredictable but I would be more inclined to go along with Paul and say the dampness will make my worse.
  • a low pressure system will reek havoc with mine. I can feel it coming and when it arrives, nothing i have found will work for pain.
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  • Agriman,

    I so agree with what you said about not finding anything that will help ease the pain. It's a pain that gets unbearable, and I'm not ashamed to admit it has reduced me to tears.

    Love D xxxx
  • I am also adversely effected by the cold and damp. I am not looking forward to it because I have not found any relief either when it is weather effected.
  • So, my question is: why don't we all move to Hawaii or San Diego (or does it get really hot there in the summer?) I hear you guys. When its nerve pain, you could double up on your meds (I think) and it wouldn't do any good. This is when I take my Lyrica. It knocks me out and I sleep through it. Otherwise, you're right--I lie in bed and cry and cry and cry. By the way, one PM doc I had advocated that you get out and exercise on days like that. I did it ONCE and for a 1/2 hour or so I really did feel better. ENDORPHINS. BUT, it took a terrific amount of courage and the benefit was brief. Still, I offer it up as a possibility.
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  • Completely agree and am a bit nervous about this upcoming winter in the Northwoods of WI! And exercise helps me so much, but I find I'm already not walking as much as I should be. So it's a double whammy...the cold, dampness and lack of exercise. A vicious cycle!

    I did read that the weather effects pain. I used to think it just effected joint pain, but apparently nerves, muscles, etc., too. Good luck everyone!
  • By default sciatica is changed by cold and that pinching made worse by a change in temperature, I have not got to the stage that when we go shopping I will not go near the chillier section and the pain increases as quickly as that, most of the time it is cold and damp here and in the summer, you know that one day in July, the pain is far less.

    I have angina also and this is impacted by cold winds and lower temperature, stay wrapped up as best you can thin layer upon layer, I know this is difficult.

    Take care, now where is that sun.


  • I had spinal fusion over a year ago and the past few weeks since winter set in my back is stiff and sore. Is this normal back pain for post op? If so, then I guess I better move south.
  • yes and makes my back worse
  • Oh yes it does! I am well known for having a hot water bottle with me all the time as it eases the pain or at least stops it from getting any worse. If you're lucky enough to get out and about I find those camping hand warmers are useful as you can just stick them in your jeans and keep going. :-)
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