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car accident 6 months post ACDF

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Good day to all, I have been a lurker on this forum for quite some time, I had successful 2 level ACDF c-5 to c-7 , with plating at the end of april. Last week I was rear ended at a stop sign. went to the hospital and all of the x-rays look ok as far as the fusion goes. My problem is that I have increasing crepitus and my range of motion seems to be slowly decreasing. I did see my surgeon the day after and he said that I have whiplash and to see him again in another week, but I am wondering if this needs to be addressed sooner? I am so very worried that my other levels have been injured, I realize that the adjacent levels to the fusion are always going to be vulnerable to injury. I am so very scared, I had the best outcome from this surgery that I could have hoped for. I told my Dr. at my last post op check that I actually felt like I had never had any neck problems and that I really was feeling wonderful. Sadly that is not the case now, as I sit here I am feeling the same aches that I had in my arm and hand and I just feel like I am back at square one. Anyone have a car accident within 6 months of their surgery and if so how did you fare in the aftermath?
have a great day,


  • Gosh I bet that was the last thing you needed. I would say as much to ease your mind as for medical reasons that it would be worthwhile giving your surgoen a call and letting him know of the added symptons.
    It probably is nothing (lets be positive) but worth the call.
    I had lumbar spine so cant help you personally but I am sure that someone will be along to help you soon.
    Blessings Sara O:)
  • I did. Was just released from doc to go back to work at 8 weeks and was rear-ended. Graft was knocked loose and sciatica began a couple of days later. Just stay on top of it w/x-rays, etc in case anything changes. Good luck.
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  • Keep a copy of your radiologic reports: CT scan, MRIs, X-Rays. It will help with car insurance cases in the future but you will have some evidence of what you are feeling and can debate this with the orthopedist or neurosurgeon.

    I haven't had a car accident but did fall again and sheared off the fusion that was done earlier. I can appreciate your fear and frustration. Try to stay positive and be good to yourself: rest and slow PT.

    Good luck.

    Jim in NW CT
  • u been through a real life nightmare eveeryone dreads. u say u had xrays after your accident. maybe u could ask your doc if u could have a ct and a mri. they might want to wait until your muscles calm down in your neck i real dont know. i hope and pray u do not have any additional injury to your cerival area. good luck.
  • Thnks so very much for all of your words of wisdom....I still feel soreness, and stiffness, and everytime I turn my head I feel the crepitus. I am hoping that this is just related to the initial whiplash and nothing more, but we all know how these things tend to develop over time. I am going to followup with my doc on monday, but honestly as each day passes I feel like my range of motion is getting less and less. In any case my car will be fixed soon and we got a copy of the accident report which officially states that the other driver was at fault. So I guess I will have to wait and see. I think that if I am having the same sort of symptoms on monday that my doc will problably want to do an mri, I want piece of mind.

    Thanks again and I hope everyone has a great day!

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  • Hello there and Welcome!!!

    I am about 6 weeks post op and was just given permission to drive!
    The whole driving thing scares me to death!
    I am so sorry this happened to you and I will be prying that nothing serious will come about of it.
    I know what you mean though about how things start to just get a little worse evey day!
    My neck problems came from an accident where I hit someone going 50 mph because they pulled out in front of me. Thank god it was their fault not mine..long story...but my problems seemed somewhat minor but at the same time just kept getting worse.

    I would go with what everyone else has said about having a CT or MRI just to check into things a bit further! Piece of mind is a big deal here.

    Keep us posted and best of luck to you!! Oh if you need some support please feel free to PM me anytime!

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