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EMERGENCY****** Please read

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Matters of the Heart
I just got home from a very difficult Dr's Appt and I need to hear a voice on the other end of the line and I cannot find my "phone tree" of phone numbers of members I can call. Could someone please PM me their phone number or let me PM mine to them??? Please........




  • SUP? SUP? SUP? talk to me baby...
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  • I PM'd you.

  • still cool there, chickey?
  • Agriman,

    God bless your heart, yes, I'm still here. Talked to another member, a dear woman, and am calming down now. I will post here in a bit. I took a Klonipin and am just trying to relax and take some deep breaths right now.

    Mike is on his way home to be with me.

    You are a real doll, and I mean that sincerely.

    Your friend,

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  • Ok. I will try to make this make sense and try not to babble.

    I went in to see my primary doc today following my CAT scan that was done yesterday of my abdomin and of my back. For what ever reason I felt compelled to take my mother with me to this appointment and I now know why.... I needed her like no other by the end of the appointment.

    It all started out well enough...nurse took me back, asked the usual questions, I introduced my mother to her.

    When my doc opened the door and looked at me, he then looked over at my mother and asked her if she would mind stepping out for awhile while he talked with me. She was alittle confused, as was I, but she did.

    After the door latched shut from her exit, while still standing over me he says "I will not be giving you any more pain medication". Um........ what? He then goes on to tell me that he had in his hand a Urine drug screen that was done at one of the recent ER visits I had.... that said I tested POSITIVE FOR PCP!!!! I was aghast and immediately said there is no way possible that it was correct!!! I don't use street drugs!!1 I kept begging him to believe me! I mean I wouldn't know PCP if I sat in a pile of it!! I begged him to let me do a drug test right then and there because it had to be wrong!! He said absolutely that I could do one there on the spot. I thought that would vindicate me immediately. THEN.... he comes in and says that this test is even WORSE and that the PCP level was even HIGHR than the ER report was. I literally fell to my knees crying telling him I DONT UNDERSTAND!!! IM NOT SOME STREET DRUG USING CRACK WHORE!!!

    Then, he gave me a sticky note and asked me to write down everything that I had taken in the past 30 days. I wrote down all meds given to me thru IV at the ER's, all of my regular meds.... anything I could think of. After about 10 minutes he came in and simply asked me for the sticky note.

    Again I sat in an exam room balling my eyes out. After another 10 minutes or so he comes back into the room and sat down. He said that there was a very recent study of people on high doses of Effexor having urine drug screens coming up positive for PCP!!! WTF!!! This is medicine that HE prescribes me. He said so all of that is ok.... all the puzzle pieces fit and that I had no reason to be so upset anymore...... um, yeah right. I had just been accused of taking something I have never even seen and came into the appointment already feeling bad physically and mentally due to all that is going on with my belly and my back. He hugged me and said not to take it so personally but the nature of the kind of patient that I am, there is always going to be skepticisim and checks and double checks. Im sorry but it was like someone kicked me in the stomach. In the time between him coming to get the sticky note and the time he came in to tell me that it all made sense I had thrown my hands up to God and said I give!! You win!!! I was going to go home and take care of this pain for good.

    I am still wretching and sobbing while he says "now Amy lets move on to the CT results and go from there. You have proven your case and we are ok, ok? I did my best.

    Now I have be referred to an abdominal surgeon because I have adhesions in my belly from having my C section with my son 6 years ago..... and that my Arachnoiditis has advanced in my back as well. MORE SURGERY OH MY GOD!!! It makes perfect sense that if I over produce the scarring in my back that it would be so in other areas of my body. He said screw the OB appointment in November since I don't care about having more children,and is in the process of getting me in with the abdominal surgeon ASAP to clean up the adhesions that have had 6 years to attach to who knows what. He said my belly pain would be gone after the surgery. At that point in the appointment I was still numb to what had happened just moments before with being accused of being a user of PCP. I didn't stick around for his office to make my appointment as I was so upset and just asked them to call me with the appointment time. The scheduler was very kind and understanding and said she would do her level best to get this done asap. Another major surgery is ahead of me in the very near future.... possibly in the next week or 2, and now I have to focus on getting mentally prepared for that so that I can recover as best as I can and as quickly as I can. But I still can't believe I have to do this again.... go under the knife.

    As for the Arachnoiditis surgery, that one is going to have to wait. I simply cannot phathom having my back cut open for the 8th time. Not right now. My most pressing problem is the ever increasing belly pain so that is what I will focus on.

    I hope that all of this made sense as it is still thru tears but not like an hour ago. I just got some flowers delivered from my step dad, who I have been working on being closer to since my own father has fallen off of the map, and it made me cry again. That was the nicest thing for him to do. Between talking to a SH member on the phone and getting some relief from that, having the kids and mike home from school now, and getting a beautiful flower arrangement from my (step)dad.... it's gonna be ok. I know it will, it was just like a sledge hammer to the guts.

    I'm sorry for the drama but I was just sitting in an empty house with all of these feelings in side of me that I was worthless and useless and even tho I follow the rules I guess I am a "PCP" fiend. Not the best frame of mind for me to be in, alone.

    Thank you to the member that reached out to me.... you are an angel on earth and I will keep your words with me. God bless you and everyone else here that makes SH what it is.... nothing short of our very own miracle. A place where people understand and love us no matter where we are at in our lives as spineys.

    God bless and thank you from the deepest part of my heart.

  • You know Amy, this episode might just save the next person who takes Effexor from this kind of episode!!
  • That so totally sucks! I don't know what to say but can at least give you a big {{{HUG}}} >:D< Thank God you have a loving family with you.

    Teri <):)
  • My heart goes out to you and my thoughts and prayers too!
    What is the generic name for effexor?
  • To my knowledge, at this time anyway, there has not been a generic brand of Effexor XR. The actual drug name, and not the brand name, is Venlafaxine HCL. I read that straight off of my bottle as my dosage is so high, my monthly supply is 3 stock bottles (original bottles) from the Pharmacy. They just slap a label on it and call it good.

    Thanks for the hugs, kind thoughts and well wishes.

    What a friggin day.

    Amy :X >:D<
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