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Ways to Enjoy Your MRI



  • Is sad because they can't do mri with the scs in.
    the other part is SOoooo happy they can't do mri with the scs in <:P <br />

    I just never thought it would bother me, but that tube just freaks me out...
  • I wonder if they would be able to see if I still had the tear? No herniations were seen in my last MRI. What about the annular tear? All that was seen is decreased signal strength and DDD throughout my lumber spine.
    It seems the MRI tunnel is so small I didn't know what to do with my arm. It hurts my back to put it on my chest. I'm wondering how they get someone bigger in there than a size 14 woman?
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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  • I hated every second but just kept thinking I can push the panic button if I want to but I don't. I am ok. It worked for me. I am glad I had the scan as I had a tumor which has been reomoved. I am going for another one post operation and looking foward to the result - a tumor free spine!
  • Last MRI I was prescribed 2 valiums, I kept my eyes closed the entire time. If I had opened them that would have been it for me! I also made my sister come with me to sit in the room. She had an anxiety attack while in there just envisioning what it would be like! LOL
  • That's what has worked for me. I make absolutely sure that my eyes are totally shut before any part of my upper torso goes into the tube, and I will not let myself open my eyes at all until I am out of the tube. Between that, slow breathing, and thinking about my granddaughter, I have finally beaten the trauma of the MRI!
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  • Well, you have to be a little sick to do this one, but make sure that the MRI center has the same music in the tech booth that you're listening to in the tunnel. Then request either a classical music station, or worse yet, a polka station! I had my spine and both knees done at one fell swoop (was in the tunnel for close to two hours,) and tortured the techs with Wagner. (laughing wickedly.)
    I'm not a spinal diagnosis. I'm a human being with a spinal diagnosis.
  • Funny list! Thanks :)

    I wasn't bothered with the MRI until the tech told me not to swallow several times first for 2 minutes, then for 4 minutes! I might not have had the need to swallow in that time for the two minutes, UNTIL the tech told me not to, of course. But 4 minutes of no swallowing???!!! SERIOUSLY?? Try it! haha

    I am always up for a good challenge and also told myself that they know that a mere mortal is going to have to swallow, so they probably account for that.

    The first two times, of course I swallowed - because I was telling myself not to swallow.
    Then, I found some "happy places" and that actually did help.

    I think I was in the tube the last MRI for about 30-40 minutes. I can think of more fun ways to spend that time, but I made the best of the situation, as I know most of us do and will.

    The tech was really nice and checked in on me every little while.

    When I came out of the tube, I told her I know that I swallowed a few times when I shouldn't and she told me she could see it happening, but that she got what she needed.

    10/26/2012 ACDF C3/4 C4/5 surgery
    No pain; no pain meds - thank goodness!
    04/01/2013 - 5 months + 1 week - FUSED
    Doing some physical therapy for even better range of motion
  • Turtles7TTurtles7 Posts: 3
    edited 04/06/2013 - 6:57 PM
    Hello, and thank you for the post. First time I feel I've smiled while thinking about this for quite some time. I was thinking as I crawled onto that uncomfortable 'padding' on Friday, "my oh my, 27 years old and this is my um-teenth MRI. When will it end? Why do I sweat through my clothes every time? I'm not even claustrophobic." Eventually, as my dystonic jerks set in and the tech very politely asked me to hold as still as possible (and the jerks worsened because now I'm actually paying attention to the movement disorder which rarely even shows its ugly face), I am screaming inside but at myself for not being able to hold still. I have considered IV sedation many many times before, but more this time than ever. This was a short 15-minute MRI, probably the shortest I've ever had, but I cannot wait for it to be over. I am sure you all sympathize with this, the pain of being in the tube, the reluctance to call my pain doc for some Vicodin (I never take unless I can't move enough to function). So thank you for your humor, and for these little quips I surely thought nobody would really understand. I guess it's sort of ironic being told not to move when the foundation for Dystonia is called "WE MOVE", lol. I should put a bumper sticker on my forehead next time, lol.
    Suzanne Hill

    Keep your head up ... you'll see better days : )
  • BotzBotz Central FloridaPosts: 223
    I just had my SCS removed along with my decompression surgery. I can now have MRI'S again but hoping I will never have a need for any more! :)
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,099
    edited 05/10/2013 - 7:31 PM
    Trying to determine if I have done additional damage to a previous herniated L4/L5/S1 area or is my current pain and walking problems because my right hip is now deteriorating.

    So, I read my original thread here several times to get me mentally prepared. None one is ever eager to have a MRI!
    When I got to the imaging center things were different! I used to know the exact number of steps from the dressing room, to the rest room, to the MRI room and to get on the table. Its all off now! I dont mind change, sometimes its very good, BUT NOT for MRIs!

    Ok, a little nervous at this point. The new dressing rooms were nice and the rest room looked like something from a 4Star Hotel in the city. The technician led me into the MRI room. Oh, I knew there was no kidding around with her. She was a 7 foot 9 inch ex mammoth that I dont think has smiled in decades. No problem, I can respect that.

    But the MRI tube, now that was different. I was used to this nice small gray tube with some gauges on it. This one was white and much taller than the technician. I couldn't see any gauges, but I could have sworn, this machine was giving me a menacing stare.

    Now, good news, the actual inner dimensions of the tube was bigger, looked much bigger. Guess I didnt need to starve myself the last couple of days so I could fit into the old tube.

    As usual, trying to find a vein for the IV contrast was a game. My veins have grown tired over the years, so when they see a needle they run. Normally, I would kid with the technician about how difficult finding one of my veins would be. Not with this technician. I just laid there quietly is she started to prod up and down my arm looking for an entry spot. She finally did, but I know by tomorrow I will have about 8 black and blues on my arm.

    In the tube I went, along with a nice set of earphones playing relaxing music. Yes, the tube was much bigger, I could almost flip around completely in there. One thing I did not like. It was stark bright white and it had series of LED lights that lite up the entire tube. I couldn't try to sleep.

    I found a new item to cause concern in the tube. I did all the prep work, scratch myself everywhere I think would itch, wipe my eyes, blew my nose a number of times, I was SET! Who would think, I would start to cough inside the tube. First it was just a little cough and it made me move around a bit. Quiet, stay still inside!! Obeying, each time I felt the urge to cough, I started to hold my breath, that didnt work too well. I started with a series of these little mini coughs trying to get it out of my system. If you cant stay still, we cant finish this!!!!!! Ok, out I come out of the tub. She handed me some water and told me to drink. Back in the tube I go...

    But I forgot to scratch everywhere.... Sure, about a couple of minutes into the next series of shots, my butt starts to itch and it wont stop. I didnt know how to stop that.. Maybe if I cried a bit, it would go away. But that means tears would come down my face and burn. I tried pressing down on my one free hand on my thigh to reach down and hopefully hit my butt area. Didnt work.. Luckily, about 90 seconds later, the tube opens and out I come, jumping off the table.

    They gave me a copy CD of the images. This time if they find something that needs attention or needs another MRI, I am going to switch films.

    I feel better now.

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