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11 wk post-op ALIF pain

tcb294ttcb294 Posts: 20
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Well, ~X(

I'm 11 weeks post op ALIF. I saw my OS last week. I've been having pain after sitting/driving for more than 30 minutes. After sleeping about 5 hours I begin hurting and have to get up and walk around. He took an x-ray and fusion looks good. He sent me for PT. While the Physical Terrorist was streching my right hamstring I felt a sharp pain n my back. I'm in bad pain now in my back, rght buttock and maybe a little down the back of my leg. It does not go all the way to my feet. But my big right toe is tingling. I don't think it's from the streching. The fusion was at the L5-S1. L3 and L-4 were already bulged. Dr said that if the PT didn't work, that the pain may be coming from them.

Please tell me something good!.................even if it don't have to do with your back, LOL

Let me know what you think.



  • Hi Tom, sorry you are having more pain. I am in PT too and it has stirred up low back pain and SI joint pain. I have had a couple episodes where I overdid it cleaning house and had hip, buttock, down the leg pain. It really scared me the first time it happened. My surgeon told me it was normal and that the nerves would flare and settle multiple times in the healing process. I have not had any tingling or numbness issues however. If you are still having problems I think you should call your surgeon Monday. Keep in mind the PT is gonna cause more pain initially as you stretch and use muscles that have become tight and weak. Good-luck, >:D< Sue
  • Hi Tom,

    I too have bad bulges around my ALIF fusion for L4/L5. I tried to get the NS to fix them along with this one level, but he was convinced from my discogram that the L4/L5 was the source of my pain. My surgery has helped with my right leg numbness and cramps, but I'm still having pain every day and it's increased lately as I've been trying to do more and more things. I had my ALIF on 07/11/08. I go back tomorrow for another checkup and xrays and I'm going to ask for a new MRI to see what is going on. I'm hurting in my hips and having a sharper kniving pain but I can't tell if it's above or below, may be both places! ARGH! I only wanted to go through surgery once. When I asked my NS about my L3/L4, he said "well, if it goes out, we have other ways less evasive to fix it later", like it's an oil change. I'm out of leave at work already from staying off 8 weeks from this first one. So if I have to have more, I don't know what I'll do.

    Are you still on meds? I'm taking about 3 a day of Robaxin 750 and Lorcet plus just to continue the daily routine. I don't want to hurt anymore! Somedays it gets to me more than others.

    Are you doing any bending? I have started back bending doing laudry and picking up pine needles outside for the flower beds and things like that. It seems to hurt more after bending than usual.

    Let me know how you do with yours. I'll post tomorrow what I find out at the doc.
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