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Physical Theropy



  • Will do, i have the ECG in the morning and as soon as they fax the hospital the results over, the PM will start me on some meds. Just fed up of feeling so ill all the time, and so tired.

    Angie x
  • hey angie

    good luck for the ECG.

    I wouldnt say it completely "works" for me because often physio flares me up which is why I was referred to this chronic pain physio. they deal with things in a very different way and I really think it is something that could work for you if your nerves are hypersensitised and you experience extreme flare ups from any form of physio. I push on through with my rehab spinal physio as well because I know my muscles are atrophied and I really need the stretching and core work.

    we just keep on going dont we.

    take care

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  • I hope you can find a physical therapist who is more tuned into your pain and what you need specifically. I felt the physical therapist I went to also did more harm than good. She used a "fear" method to get patients' attention. She goes over all the things that can go wrong and shares war stories of people who have reherniated. She had me so scared, I actually had to lie down because I felt I might pass out. Then she really didn't give me any hope, and the exercises she did give me were very basic and I am wondering in some cases if they are a good idea.

    Even when I asked her several times for "core" exercises, she told me I had a strong core and it wasn't a weakness that caused my herniation in the first place. I encourage you to look into another therapist, especially if you are in pain. Therapy is supposed to help with that, not make it worse. You did the right thing by stopping when it hurt you more. I wish you all the best!

  • I dont think i made it clear to the physio(physical theropy) that they were giving me :B . They call it physio aerobics :O . They got me running which caused pain. I know im going to get a certain amount of pain doing physio, but not the pain that i was left with :''( . The more pain i got the more they pushed me :''( . It was like a physio circuit, where you have about 6 different exercises to do, but weather they were spineys, knees, necks, arthritus we all had the same exercise curcuit to do , we were all dropping out one by one :( . My GP was not happy about this when i told him :S . I think he felt partly to blame , after all it was he that reffered me :S .

    Angie x
  • Oh my god angie - no no no!!

    That physio sounds awful. No wonder you were in more pain doing impact work with a disc problem. And no wonder you see physio as something bad and to be avoided at all costs. I felt the same - but seeing this chronic pain physio has really helped and I think that sort of approach which would take tiny steps towards getting you stronger would help.

    You need people who will help in the best way for you and the problem is there are a LOT of physios out there who day to day only deal with people who have fairly minor or "acute" issues and not chronic pain.


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  • any hamstring, touch your toes, straight leg raise.

    I know they say that hamstring stretches are the best for the back, but whenever I have flare ups and MDs get me to therapy, they always make it worse.
  • Did you go back to physio? Anyway my benefits ran out for me. So hopefully with my 2nd pain management Doctor has a rehab program which I saw online and they do physio for rehab so hopefully that's covered my our healthplan. I think physio should be tailored to the person and not in groups. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • This was not a one to one physio :O , it was groups. Weather you have arthritus, knee replacements, lower back , neck..anyway we all had the same exercises :''( . No i never went back. :?

    Angie :D
  • So, I have been sitting here thinking about PT and whether or not it helps or not, I came across this thread. You see I have done PT for about 10 months...I kept going but felt I wasn't getting much from it. I started a new PT in Oct. it has felt totally different (as per what they did). Does it help cervical disks? Can it harm a disk pushing on a nerve? Yes it is painful, but does it help? I am left feeling totally indifferent.
  • Hiya :D Thankyou for your reply :? Sometimes yes physio can make it much worse and cause it to prolapse :? , my doctor said where i went wrong was :''( , when i felt in pain i should have stopped but the physios made me carry on :''( . The physio isnt so much to work the discs or nerves but to build the strength of the muscle in your back. :)

    Angie >:D< :H
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