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24 week post op check- not so good

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I had a CT scan yesterday and saw the surgeon today gfor the 24 week check up.
At 12 weeks I was fusing well and we were very hopeful for good recovery. However when he looked at the scans today he said that there is only a tiny bit more fusion then at 12 week. Certainly a lot less then he would have expected and hoped for. :SS
The fusion that is there seems to be in the centre rather then the edges, so even with the BMP it hasn't fused properly.
I am to have an MRI for to see what the canal is like as I have some (not a lot ) of numbness in my feet and he wants to make sure the canal is clear. He also said there is a loosening of one of the lower screws which can both cause and be a reason for the non-fusion of L5-S1.
So next step after the MRI is another scan in 3 months and if it hasn't fused by then he said it wont and he will have to go back in and re-fuse, put a new screw in and clear the canal (if necessary).
So I praying that the fusion speeds up between now and then!

I asked why and he said there is no reason, just some people dont, I stopped smoking & walked +++.
I keep thinking of things that have happened and could it have caused this but I'm sure it didn't and that I am probably wasting my time worrying.

Thanks for listening.
Blessings Sara. O:)
I'll go back to being positive now that I have this out of my system. :)



  • Sara,

    It can still happen - so think positive. My thoughts and prayers are with you! >:D<

    Delaware Girl
  • Sara, I am so sorry you didn't get better news at your appointment. Was the 12 week check a CT or a regular xray? I asked my surgeon if fusions can regress and he said yes unfortunately. At 8 weeks I have none between my L4-5, but it was early yet. Did you discuss bone growth stimulators or perhaps the NSAIDS issue? I will send you some positive thoughts and prayers your way. >:D< Sue
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  • Delaware girl, yep that is what I need to do now.
    Cali- Sue, The 12 week check was a CT scan and though the fusion has increased since then it is only minor.
    I didn't mention bone growth stimulators but I haven't heard of them being used in OZ either. I did ask about the NSAIDS and he said no problem especially as I needed them to be able to walk and thus stimulate the fusion.
    I really wasn't prepared for this as I read the scan report and it sounded quite good to me so was suprised when he said he was really dissapointed in the amount of fusion so far. I had gone in expecting to hear I'm all fused!
    We did decide to stop the Lyrica as I have put on weight, and am very teary and I dont think it is making any difference, so better off without it.
    Oh well nothing to do now but wait.
    Thankyou both for the support. :*
    Blessings Sara O:)

  • sara . . . that's a tough thing to swallow right now. but . . . . .God would not give u anything that he thought u could not handle. go with it. live each day to the fullest and deal with d day (doctor day) when u need too.

    keep us posted
  • ps . . .are bones suppose to fuse from side to side?? how are they suppose to fuse??

    just curious i have a cadaver bone graft. waiting for it to fuse also!! what great fun!!
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  • Hi Sara,

    I hope things improve and you don't need additional surgery. At least there is some fusion and there was some additional so its not all negative. "glass half full instead of half empty". Even though location could be an issue, I would suggest you check on bone growth stimulator use where you are. At this point anything that would help sounds like a good idea.

  • give it more time hun.
    you know and i know that reading on here it can take up to a year or more. your just stuck at a "time zone" right now.
    just with like people loosing weight.
    some fusion right now is better then none at all like mine was.
    so think positive like you always do!!!!
    no need to get down.
    if your pain is undercontrol, and your not suffering in anyway continue on girlfriend.
    we will be right there with ya!!

    im very surprised at the NSAIDS intake. as i have read so many times it slows fusion. :jawdrop:
    but of course what ever your dr says do.

    hang in there girly all still sounds just fine. i know you were expecting more, but we all cannot expect perfection all the time with these darn fusions..

    your awesome, always will be. so just think positive thoughts and not negative or what can happen in the future..

    lots of love
    terri :X :* >:D< :* O:)
  • I am sorry to hear your appt did not go as you had hoped. I know you are always so positive so keep that spirit that you have and hang in there. You will be in my prayers as well. While I was reading these other posts I happened to think of how a child has growth spurts and maybe our bone fusing does also and yours will come next month or next week. They saw fusion at the last appt and still some at this one so don't let it get you to disappointed. Keep the faith!
  • I'm sorry, too, that the news at your appointment wasn't as good as you expected. But, hey, some fusion is better than none at all, right? Keep on doing your walking and doing what you know you can do. I will be keeping you in my prayers. You have been through so much and yet you have been so supportive to the rest of us. We're pulling for you girl. No worries...right? RIGHT!!!
  • Angleback,
    Sorry to hear this. Talk about not fair!

    Keep off the NSAIDs - My surgeon won't let me near them!

    You know it takes ages...i hope that your next visit will be ok.

    Eat well, foods rich in green leafy and proteins. Sleep well. Breathe deeply.

    And cross your fingers and toes! >:D<
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