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24 week post op check- not so good



  • Maybe, just maybe, this is just the news you needed to remind you that you are still in the process of healing. You are one of the most positive people on SH and I know you will continue to radiate with good positive energy. Don't give up and with all our good vibes, prayers and love you will get through whatever comes!

    fuse on Sara!

  • Really sorry to hear about your setback Sara. But don't give up all hope yet, fusion can continue up to a year (or two, according to others). You have been very good doing all the right things, and you certainly have a very positive attitude, so let's hope your next visit will bring better news. But even if not, well, you have weathered this major surgery before, I am sure whatever else you will need to do to get better, you'll do with flying colors.

    My thoughts are with you,

    Gentle hugs,

    p.s., Roxy, my OS said fusion starts from the bottom and works its way up, and that is how it was for me.
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  • Sara -

    I haven't been on the site for awhile and this was the first post I read today. I am so sorry to hear about the doctor's report. I know from watching my husband through his fusion that news like this can be so emotionally draining and the waiting game is exhausting. Keep your spirits up as best you can. I'm thinking about you.

  • this morning and thought OK I neeed to start drinknig the wheat grass jusice. I was having it pre surgery and when ever I was at the shops but I haven't been going to the shops much lately. Wheet grass is the most highly alkaline substance we can have and it also assists in carrying oxygen through the body. So I will make a point of going to the jusice bar every day and having a shot. (shot glass)

    I do feel better today, especially after reading all your lovely posts so thank you so much for all your support.

    LJ, I will check out bone growth stimulators here and be ready to ask the Dr about it when he calls me after the MRI

    Roxy - the fusion begins at the ends of the vertabrae (each side of the removed disc) and keeps growing till it joins together, then it expands to grow up the side of the vertbrae where the lamina has usually been removed and has been replaces with rods. There is a really good video on here, showing step by step.

    Terri, i was thinking of you last night and wondering if you had fused at all, so did you fuse if L4-5 but not L5-S1- that is weird! I take the NSAIDS because I have lupus, fibromyalgia and hip replacements and would pretty much not be able to move if I didn't. I think that is why the Dr added the BMP to give the fusion an extra boost. I think I will drop off one of the celebrex and see how I cope.
    He did say it was more important to keep walking and have then then not have them and not walk.

    Yes, I do think I have to treat this as just a plateau period (growth spurts etc) and just get on with it. I am waiting for Workers Comp to let me know if they will pay for the gym for me. That would and will be wonderful as it is so much easier to walk on a treadmill in air conditioning then in the hot sun. I can also then use the bike etc.


    Blessings Sara O:)
  • sara
    thanks girl i will watch the video. hey . . . u must be into natural healing. the wheat grass juice . . .i love it. u must be familiar with the ph of the body. there is a great book i read called THE PH SOLUTION. i have been into the natural cures for a while. u into it??
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  • are you really sure?

    Surely that'd be like smoking? I mean there is so much evidence to support NOT using them.
    Can you not struggle with the Lupus to give the fusion a chance?

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