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post-surgery scar tissue



  • itsalongwalk,
    Could you explain some of the exercises your therapist told you to do? I'm doing what I've read on-line and that's it. I wouldn't mind learning some more if there are any.


  • Zach,
    Oh my gosh! That's awesome. Guess I'll be talking about this to my neuro if I see him in June again. I will insist on taking it. I'm very excited for you! You deserve to have some relief. Can't wait to hear from you after your surgery. (I think I'm as excited as you are!) This is the best news I've heard about scar tissue in... forever!!

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  • Zach,
    Forgot to ask. What exactly did your doctor do for her, surgery wise?

  • Hi:
    I'm a retired pain specialist and have a lot of experience dealing with the kind of problems you describe.

    Scraping scars doesn't do any good, and can make things worse! If someone is trying to sell it to you, get out of there as fast as you can!

    The best treatment I know of is a spinal cord stimulator. It can completely shut off the pain, or at least keep it under good control most of the time.

    You need to go see an interventional pain specialist and discuss the stimulator with him.

    Live well!

    Ken Noel
  • Thanks for this interesting thread.

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  • Zach,
    I'll have to read over the Duragen patch again. Is MIS short for microscopic surgery? This is really good news. I'm so happy there's hope for scar tissue. Seems nobody ever knows how to solve this one. And it's a problem for lots of people.

  • Does the Singulair keep massive amounts of scar tissue from forming? We need some scar tissue to form cause that is how healing will happen. Can this be taken a year later to reduce the scar tissue issue?
    Zach I am like you with the SCS. I would rather try other stuff before having a machine put in me. I just had one suggested to me and I am not yet at that point of saying that is the only option I have left.
    I did get reports back and I have two broken screws, but they broke at a good spot and will stay where they are. There is nothing more surgically able to be done to help my nerve problem in my foot. I have to keep hope alive by believing the nerve will heal and my foot pain and numbing will go away with time. Acceptance of my situation and surrender to medications and limitations is what I am working on.
    CSP I believe that once the scar tissue adheres it is impossible to get it to let go. That is why stretching as soon after surgery to keep the insides moving is so important. I was in a brace for three months after fusion and I think that is why those nerve roots scarred so badly.
    My bowels continue to have problems, especially now I am on high doses of Lyrica. I work at keeping them moving. So important to get the toxins out.
    Zach if you find out more let us know about the Singulair please.

  • Zach, Fibers inside the nerve can be damage to cause the numbing and the pain that I have. When this happened scar tissue formed to heal around it to protect it. However, what I found out was that fiber died the whole length of the nerve and now must regenerate. The body works to try and restore what it has lost. When my doctor went in the last time to release my nerves where scar tissue has scarred in an unnatural position causing my nerves to pull the muscles wrong, he went as close to the troubled nerves as he could and yet we know knew scar tissue had to form to heal where he worked. Anywhere he touched scar tissue would have to form. He wrapped my nerve and put some gel around it hoping that when it scarred again it would remain a free moving nerve. I think it has because it no longer pulls my hip weird. He also told me it can take three years or more for the route to reconnect and for me not to lose hope. In my case my nerve fiber needs to grow or heal over three feet, from back to where it ends in my foot. And at an inch or whatever a month that is 3 years. So patience and hope is what I need.
  • sorry just caught the questions above, 6 posts or so back.

    Nothing too strenuous, all I do are pelvic tilts and foot drops. Rhythmical manoeuvres. No jerking.

    I am about 7 weeks into this and not too convinced either way. I still have bad days, last for 10 days or so.

    Zach, you keep referring to the 3 months. Please can you clarify, is this 3 months of damage and lessens your chance of successful nerve recovery??
    Have a read around
    This site also talks about a time defined action before perm damage is done.

  • so based on what he said to you, do you think if my leg has been numb now for nearly 9 months (6 with the displaced cage) that is unlikely to "really" improve?

    I know most ppl sa"wait and see" but I am trying to prepare myself mentally and waiting to see doesn't help when the last 3 months, I am over my revision surgery but no significant change in symptoms. I just want to make an educated guess on whats next.

    Your numbness was caused by a massive herniated disc tho??
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