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Why is my scar twice as long?

Mmaem03MMmaem03 Posts: 53
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I had a laminotomy and discectomy last month. My scar is at least three inches long. Before the surgery, the NS said it would be one - one and a half inches. Anyone else have a three inch scar from discectomy? I only saw a nurse for my two week post op and forgot to ask about it. Just wondering. :?


  • Possibly the NS had some concerns about areas around the level he was working on and had to open the incision more to take a look. He's the only one who can tell you for certain why the incision is longer than he expected.

  • My one level fusion incision is over 6 inches long. When I questioned the surgeon he said he opens it up because he would rather do this than have it tear. Perhaps he had to extend it for better visualization. >:D< Sue
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  • My one level fusion is 6 inches long.....I dont my battle scar.

    God Bless,
    Christina >:D<
  • 7 1/2 inches & my priors (lammies) were 4-5 inches NS said the same thing: he wanted a good look...

    I too consider it (them) my badges of courage! :)

    I even like to "admire" his handiwork now & then...truly a miracle, what they can do, that 100 years ago would have been totally impossible.

    Show it off! Be proud! You are a survivor!

  • if it meant I could have gotten the great results from my surgery that I did. Vanity isn't one of my things. Before surgery, I did ask him what he thought of the level above the disc he was working on. It has a couple tears in it and I was concerned it may also have been adding to my symptoms.He probably just took a good look at it everything like you all suggested. I'll be seeing him in a couple weeks. I'll talk to him about it then. I was just curious. it was my first and hopefully last (fingers crossed) surgery. Thanks guys!
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  • Thought I'd try to give it a bump :)

  • m scar -staples are 8 inches long quite a bit larger than i expected for m fusion but they cut further cause of the debris i had floating around worth it tho i think
  • This is off topic, but I just read your description about your injuries in Iraq. I am sorry to hear about your injuries. I also wanted to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!


  • HalieCatOwner

    I am surprised at how quickly you progressed to surgery, but I guess you must have had intolerable pain and the Surgeon felt surgery was the only option to treat your disc hernation. My timeline has been a progression over a 6 month period starting in May 2008. I did all the non-surgical treatments, i.e. PT, Accupuncture, Steroids and Epidural injections but surgery now is the only option to hopefully remove the fragments compressing the nerve and try to prevent permanent nerve damage. I am due to have L4-L5 Microdiscectomy Nov 4 and hoping for the best. The disc ruptured sometime in August when I was away in Calif. The pain in my leg and ankle was excruciating. Came back in a wheelchair. The pain level has greatly improved, but still have pain in my leg and limited movement. Maybe it was best to get the surgery done sooner than later since they say the best results are less than 6 months. Hope you are doing Ok and feeling better every day. I can't believe I am going to have this surgery. I keep reminding myself and I feel sick.Trying to maintain a positive attitude. Be well.
  • I had a 5 1/2" scar after my three-level fusion, and at one week short of six months it is barely visible. Really, just a very light pink line. So if I wouldn't be so old, I could even ware a bikini!

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