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Did you lose or gain weight after surgery?



  • before surgery about 10 lbs and then right after surgery. Now I am gaining and I have no idea why! I try and walk as much as possible and I am not eating nearly as much as I did before, but I thinkthe pain meds are making me gain and hold the water. I seem "puffy" to everyone. This has just been about a week ago too! Don't know, but it better come off!! I was really hoping to lose weight with this surgery! I'm in a wedding on Nov 8th and they needed to take my dress out, rather than in on the 2nd fitting due to the swollenness!! YUCK!
    (ALIF Sept 25th)

  • I've lost 20 lbs. First I had a hysterectomy and my weight went down 10 lbs from that by the next day the thing was overgrown with tumors. Anyway then I had my back surgery and have lost another 10 lbs since that. I have to force myself to eat and eat since I do physical therapy about an hour and a half a day sometimes two hours if I go to the gym. So all of that exercise has really made my weight go down. I'm now 120 lbs at 5'7". A little on the thin side for me but not too bad. When I was in my 20's I was about 105 lbs now that was way too thin.
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  • In the last 3 months I've lost 35lbs. I lost 8 since surgery, gained back 5, lost a few more, so I'm pretty much back where I was right before surgery. I also have to force myself to eat. I will go all day and forget, but it's because my Wellbutrin SR kills my appetite, and also because being on the pain meds, over time you build up a tolerance. If you take them with food in your stomach, they don't work as well. So, I end up not eating for boredom like I used to.
  • Last yrs surgery I lost nearly 30 lbs but also was able to walk more and do more activity outside and inside the home.

    Then throughout the year I gained about 15-20 back I was on a see saw...

    This years surgery I only lost 5lbs. And its still off.

    Its all going to depend on the person, activity level, meds your on etc.

    Im not one to eat while bored or stressed. So thats a big help right there.

    You hang in there !!!!!
    WALK WALK WALK if you can when your surgery is done and over with. If not walk in place in the house . Drink alot of water and if able just stay on healty foods.
    Alot of mine was from the pain meds. I just did not have a appitite.

    Now with my new surgery coming up I'm hoping to be back down where I was last year WHOOO HOOOO lol

    As you can see we are all different.

    Lots of hugs
    Terri >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<
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