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Are Roller Coasters out of the question?

downinmyheartddowninmyheart Posts: 495
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Do you think I can still ride on a roller coaster after a two level fusion (assuming I do fuse)???

I was laying on the floor in front of the fire last night reading when the thought that I might not be able to do this again hit me hard. I don't know why this might bother me more than other restrictions, but it does!

One Love,



  • i had c1 c2 fusion and i think i will remain grounded. :))(
  • We have a member who road it all at Disneyland last summer post fusion, I can't remember his name. You know all the rides have those warnings for spine patients. I think I too shall remain on the ground. I got it out of my system last year with tower of terror, that was enough for me :)
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  • There is no way I would get on a rollercoaster now! And I have loved riding them all my life. I don't want to take the chance on messing anything up after the surgery or maybe irritating another area of the spine.
  • Bungee jumping is out of the question then??? =)) =)) =))

    I agree though that it's better to be safe than sorry.

    I've been wanting to ride my motorcycle for over a year now. Doc gave me the OK back in July, but as much as I wanted to ride again, I couldn't muster up enough courage just yet. Who knows I may never ride again... :S :S :S
  • Maybe you can go for a calm ride in the Spring? I know how some of you guys love those bikes =)). I have a couple of friends who have Harleys and they have let me ride with them a couple of times (not since surgery, though). You take care!
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  • I have a Gold Wing. =D>
  • I talked to my Doctor about this and he said 1 year after surgery would be fine. It will be almost 1 1/2 years when I try, and I will try smooth riding one first and see how it goes.

  • I just got back from my first post surgical car ride....I think I'm going to vote no way on the roller coasters. I never realized before how much the car stopping and starting strains the neck.
  • I'm with you Stephanie....I LOVE roller coasters. I had my 2nd fusion (L4-S1) just two months ago....but in the months leading up to my surgery (at that point just fused from L5-S1) I rode the coaster all summer long. And I don't regret it lol. I had such a great time, and it didn't hurt me one bit. I think as long as you are feeling just fine AND YOU ARE FUSED ALREADY, a roller coaster shouldn't shake you up too much that you would hurt yourself.

    My opinion though is....if you can't get back to life as you want it, why bother with getting fixed in the first place? I got tired of wrapping myself in bubble wrap outta fear of hurting myself again. Life is meant to be lived. And ya know what? Even if it means being sore for a day or two after....I'm STILL gonna ride the coasters ;)....AFTER I fuse lol.
  • Last time I rode a roller coaster I was in agony for I would have voted no even without a fusion ;))
    I like to quote the infamous wise Daffy Duck when it comes to matters of extreme agony....

    "I don't like pain, it hurts me" :D
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