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Hurts so bad - any help is good



  • TY for the welcome Susan. I am holding on to the hopes of the pain being temporary and getting relief afterwards. Kind of wonder though, if suddenly I get the dramatic relief would it affect what my specialist tells me in regard to treatment.

    Sigh, good news being the specialist and I do hope after over 2 weeks the pain is going to go away or get a little less.

    I have been living with an 8 or 9 out of 10.

  • I am over 2 weeks of pain and counting. Oral Steroids- hmmmmm. I have some at home for asthma problems.

    Seriously will probably bite the bullet (and narcotics) until I see the specialist on December 10)

    Take care,
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  • I had a bad reaction to Lyrica and tried Cymbalta for 4 months. Have not had any relief but am scared to quit, if that makes sense?

  • I have had facet injections and milar blocks done. they both hurt like hell I think i left finger impressions on his operating table, and guess what they made it worse, but they are good for diangnostics so that should tell you to ask your doctor for a discography and see if you are a candidate for alternate treatment or even a razodomy. ps- I am not, so I am waiting for 9 more months for my Date-next surgery.(18 month wait list)they are installing
    Dynesys (dynamic stailization system}
    web site info

    hope this helps
    your not alone, but epson salt and sea salt bath salts help before bed.

    {medication is oxycotin }
  • I am sorry that you are in so much pain! I am writing this and feeling down right horrible all the way from both of my feet up. I do know how pain feels, it hurts. The worse part is not being able to sit very long anymore at the computer :''( :''( :''( .

    I hope that the injections didn't make you worse. Did you call your treating doctor?
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  • I have had the same thing! They may have hit the nerve root while they were doing the block??? GO TO THE ER
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  • Rae:
    You have a nasty menagerie in there, and the beasties are getting bigger and meaner!

    I may be able to guide you to some help. I am a retired MD pain specialist.

    Since you already had two selective nerve root blocks and are now worse, don't go for more! I assume because you had these you are already seeing an interventional pain specialist. Ask him about a spinal cord stimulator. I've had good experience with them relieving pain like yours.

    Question: Do you have pain with light touch in your back? If you do, you probably have neuropathic back pain. that responds very well to a stimulator.

    I am also concerned by two other problems: The spine fracture and the hemangioma.

    The hemangioma(s) can grow and cause additional spine fractures. If the bones do crack the treatment is simple and highly effective. You need to have either a vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty. Those very similar procedures involve putting a heavy needle into the bone and injecting bone cement (glue) to lock the fracture fragments in place.

    I've done a bunch of those, and had marvelous results. Usually the patients come out of the procedure smiling and commenting that the pain in the fractured bone is gone!

    With the old fracture, you may have osteoporosis, and weakening of the bones. This can come from advanced age, diet poor in magnesium and boron, (shortage of dark green leafies) and lack of sunlight exposure. It can also be a result of corticosteroid use for problems like lung disease.

    That requires careful watching. If you get an additional fracture you will have instant onset of extreme back pain worse with any motion. You need to get as quickly as possible to someone who can do the vertebroplasty to fix the fracture.

    Live well!

  • I am having the worst pain there is I had the surgery on january 7th 2009 I had a discetomy. The doc said that i had a disc that was flat and clasified and on both right and left nerve.

    When I was release from the hospital the doc prescribed for me norco 5/325 and boraxin That does not even touch the pain.

    I told the Nurse and Doc. The Doc told the nurse to tell me that he is a ortho doc and not a pain management doc. And that I need to go to a pain manage doc.

    What can I do please help me I am in so much pain.
  • Rae,
    You use great and appropriate words to describe your pain which is a measure of the control you have of the situation and linked to the Mc Gill Pain Questionnaire as stabbing ect, that increased continuance is never easy and trying to do anything takes effort. Try to use that positive outlook to develop positive thought and make a plan of things that make you and your situation better and move towards them when possible, that intensity will subside and it sounds like a flare up and never east to define as a general period of increased pain.

    The good thing would be that additional evidence would mean it may go away and never come back and once the pain radiate down you leg that central back pain origin is increased and you are well to wait and not do anything that may increase the opportunity of your condition becoming permanent.

    My thoughts are always to increase support at this time and restrict the development of more dire thoughts if possible, Pm is effect for some so why not do this when it would help rather than at the end of the process when the development of pain behaviours and better option are available now rather than later. Early intervention must always help from the full gambit of the chronic pain syndrome from becoming entrenched and keeping depression the gateway to despair away at all costs.

    Pace well and perhaps at the moment a reason for this increased pain is not easy to define and it will net diminish even if you knew what had caused it, you are here now and how to deal with what you have and we all learn from that.

    My last 10 episode was some time ago now and never to be forgotten, never east, you will get through and be stronger for it, ready for the next time unfortunately, this downtime it to learn about yourself and mandates that process. In the end you want validation for what you have not for it being worse where intervention would be needed, we are not doctors and do not have those answers, we can only offer our support and guidance form where we are and how we came through.

    Take care you are doing fine, and stay positive that flare-up will improve hopefully.

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