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Quality of Life



  • Most family practice physicians or even specialists such as surgeons, orthopods, etc., will only take a chronic patient to a certain point in terms of pain management, and then they become uncomfortable dealing with anything long-term. Especially narcotic meds. It is usually then, that they tell the patient to seek out a PM doc or in a worse case scenario, try to keep using the same old methods to treat the patient, when they've already failed to help.

    And just remember, not all treatments or meds work the same for all patients. So, don't beat yourself up, if the next set of ESI's don't do you much good. If they help, all the better. But if they don't, there are other options.

    I agree with John that you shouldn't consider yourself a "mouse". None of us ever expected to be in this situation. And how can anyone know how to procede, when something as complex and frustrating as chronic pain hits you and knocks the wind right out of you? From what I can see, you already have the best possible attitude. You've clearly made the decision to make the best of what's been handed to you.

    Keep standing up for yourself and being your own best advocate. I am sure you will find a good doc, who will help you to reach the goals you hope to achieve. You may have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.(or princess) I know it took me 3 tries to find the PM doc that I have now. And I wouldn't change the process if I could. I learned a lot along the way, not only about how I wished to be treated, but especially, about how I didn't.

    As everyone has said in their posts (in their own beautiful, individual way) there is life after a chronic pain diagnosis. It might be a bit of a struggle to get to the place that works best for your needs, but it is worth every moment of it. And like I said above, if you don't find the right doc at first, move ahead to the next one. Don't ever sell yourself short. Only you know your body and your pain. Even a doctor has no right to tell you any different. When you find the one who not only listens, but hears what you are saying, you'll know you've found the right fit.

    Like I said before, I wish you the very best and please don't ever give up hope. Please keep us posted on your journey, OK? Take care and be well, Mitzi
  • Pain management are the best to be with as they will explain everthing to you :) . You just need to deal with the pain thats here and now :? , do not think long term pain. Try to relax more because if you dont this will also increase your pain levels :? . Please let us no how you get on @) , and PM me any time you want to :) , even if its just to vent ~X( .

    Angie x :H
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  • Suziee,

    There are so many factors that determine one's "quality of life" and those factors differ greatly from person to person. I felt like my life was "over" when I had to give up most of my hunting/show dogs. I felt like it was over when I realized that my muscles were atrophing rapidly and I was becoming physically weak, or when I couldn't drive across the country anymore or when I couldn't even push the vacuum cleaner. Every time I went through another physical change it felt like I had to go through another round of mourning and all the steps that go with that as well.

    Having been a "tough broad" that handled pain well before my injury I had no skills to deal with the fact that I would forever be in severe pain. I was in denial (much like your husband) and refused pain medications from my doctor for quite some time. She finally made me realize that if I didn't get my pain under some control that I would do further damage to not only my body but to my soul as well. Although there is no way to eradicate my pain completely, keeping it at a manageable level has allowed me a lot more freedom than I had before.

    I would advise you to take your husband with you when you see your doctor next time. It is sometimes easier for others to comprehend why we need medications or procedures when it comes from someone other than us. My husband had no idea how bad off I really was until he saw the doc with me- all the information he had was what I told him and I often softened the truth because it was so hard for him to accept.

    I agree with the others, you MUST be your own advocate when it comes to your health care. Don't allow yourself to get lost in the medical shuffle and the fear of the doctors to prescribe the medications and/or treatments that we need. Be staightforward and honest with your doc; if he doesn't want to do something that can help you then ask for a referral to someone that can.

    One more thing: Please don't compare yourself to others here on the board. Every person is different and just because someone else can do it without meds or surgery doesn't mean YOU can or have to. This is YOUR body and YOUR pain and you deserve every chance to feel as well as possible. Got it? LOL

    Please let us know how things work out with you, we really do care.

    All the best,

  • I just wanted to check in and see how your Dr appt. went.Good I hope.
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