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multiple disc problems thoractic spine!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,000
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Hello all
im wondering if anyone could please give me any advice reguarding disc problems in the thoractic spine?
Quick run a 27 year old female who before all these problems was fit and healthy and enjoyed the gym on a regualar basis.
4 years ago i was in a car accident and suffered with whiplash and a very sore shoulder that the pain travelled through the thoractic spine behind my shoulder blades..i was told to rest at the time and given a collar to wear.
Well over the past 4 years things have just got so much worse for me health wise.I started to suffer from pain through my thoractic spine and cervical spine,pins and needles,burning in my neck,headaches and much more.
I have had recent mri scans and they show i have 4 darkened and narrowed discs from t6,t7,t8 and t9 that bulge quite badly and also a bulging disc in my neck at c4 level.
I have had 2 different opinions as to whether this has been caused by the car accident i was in or if it is desease of the discs..
Can someonebody please tell me if they have similar problems or if they have any advice for me please!

Thankyou so much xx


  • I think it could've been both Summer. As we age we get DDD to some extent and of course getting whiplash can multiply that defect also. It's the same as I have DDD already and L5-S1 herniation and tear could be caused from frequent bending and lifting in a strenous job. No one incident caused it so they say for my situation.
    Have you been referred to Orthopedic surgeon and Neurologist yet? Your Dr. has to refer you for these specialists. Also you can see a pain Management Dr. while you're waiting to see the Specialists. Keep us posted as to your progress.
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Hello,
    thankyou for your reply.
    Yes i have been sent to 2 neurologists and have had 5 brain scans which are all clear so then i was referred to othepedic surgeon who performed an operation on my shoulder because of the damage but then he referred me to both a neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon.The neurosurgeon was a horrible man who just said i needed surgery and said a lot of my symptoms he was not concerned about and the spinal surgeon i am under has peformed mri scans on my neck,thoratic spine,lumber spine,hips and shoulders..They have told me i have a lot of problems with the neck and thoractic but the lumber spine is normal.
    So i have all these problems but nobody seems to be helping me..they just seem to pass me onto another surgeon.
    I want to understand whether the symptoms i have are normal for my injuries and they are not giving me any answers.

    Thankyou xx
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    in general the cervical disc problems are easily correct by cervical surgery (acdf) cervical surgeries tend to be the more successful spinal surgeries in terms of recovery and long term impacts. but again, this is based soley only personal experiences and from the posts from this member community. thoracic disc are much more difficult to work with. i've been dealing with thoracic disc problems for about 10 years now and there hasn't been any one treatment that has eliminated the discomfort and pain. after all theses years i still have bi-weekly treatments and still using narcotic pain medications.
    one thing i have noticed from my term with thoracic problems and from other members, there is a very deep muscle, called the rhomboid. that muscle is from the middle of your back up to your shoulder blades. when that muscle causes trouble (basically it becomes rigid and is not flexible) you can get flare ups. mine would be in the middle of my back and the base of my neck. stabbing burning pains.
    thoracic surgery has not been a common procedure. up to recently the surgery was extremely involved and there were no guarantees on the outcome. progress has been made in this area, but it is still a difficult procedure.
    i have 4 herniated t-discs and 2 that are beginning to show some more problems. surgery is not an option for me, mainly because of the other cervical and lumbar surgeries i have had , but also because of the difficulties with thoracic surgery.

    when you have fears regarding your medical condition, always contact your doctor to express this and make sure you get answers that you can understand
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