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anybody with 2 level lumbar fusion....

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
L4-S1 fusion 6 months ago. I've moved forward slow and steady and have found in the past 3 weeks that my L foot is numb and tingly much like before surgery. OS didn't seemed to alarmed. Has anyone else experienced this?


  • Hi Carol,

    I had 2 level TLIF/laminectomy over 5 months ago on L4-S1 with hardware. I still have back pain and sciatica like I did pre op. I have developed sciatica in the opposite leg, and I have numbnes, tingling, and spasms.
    Hopefully the nerve inflammation will improve over time. The window of recovery depends on the person, but generally it's between 1 year through 1 year and 8 months, so I've been told. The nerve can be swollen and inflamed post op because they are very delicate and stay angry after being messed with.
    If it gets worse, let your doctor know. They may order a CT/myelogram to see if something new has come up.
    I hope you have a successful recovery.
  • Well that explanation makes sense. I will pray that it's only that and nothing more. Thanks for your reply #:S
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  • Have you been through PT already and are you on any medication for your nerve/back pain currently?
  • I was told 12 weeks I should be back to normal.
  • 12 week or 12 months?? 12 weeks was just when I was ready to start trying to tackle making dinner and folding laundry and that was it. Maybe your doc has a different approach.
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  • I am about a month behind you, I remember your posts from before. Sorry you are having issues. Are you doing more? I found when I started doing more I have had the numbness and tingling in my left leg like before surgery although it takes much longer for it to bother me(used to be after 5-10 minutes now takes about an hour). My doctor had told me prior to having surgery this would be something that would take time and may never go away completely. He explained pretty much as meydey said the nerves are inflamed, mine were like this a long time before surgery (5yrs) so he said there may be permanent damage. I hope yours settles down. How are you doing otherwise? I am supposed to start work this week and I am scared to death. Are you working? I was thinking you were, but can't remember for sure.
  • seekinghelp,
    I'm sorry you're experiencing the tinglying as well. Yep, I am doing more but not tons by anymeans. I am happy to have progressed this far but am always leery of sinking back to that horrible place I came from, ya know?? Wow, you're going back to work. What do you do? I am a triage nurse and I teach Medical Assistants at a local technical school. I don't think I could do either full time yet. I could probably do about 4 hrs. but I am waiting. In my profession (RN), word gets around fast. I have always had an impecable work reputation. I don't want to chance that I'd have to call in sick a lot or not be able to do my job well. Since this is my second surgery in 18 mths., I want to give it a full year and assure it's fused and healed~don't want to try this again. Please pm me and keep me posted on how you progress k??
  • yes this is what I experienced as well. After surgery I had not tingly or numbness but at about 4 1/2 months it kicked in overnight. Now I have it in both lower legs and feet but unlike before surgery it takes a while to kick in.
    I havent really been doing any more in fact I finished PT soon after.
    I have just had a MRI as I also still have pain but I have read the results (Dr hasn't seen it till next week) and it is pretty unconclusive because of the hardware.
    So we grin and bear it but the morst difficult thing is walking is not so easy now.

    Tell me, have you had an X-ray or CT to check how your fusion is?

    Blessings Sara
  • had an xray 3 weeks ago and all was well and fusing pretty well. I sure wish we knew what to expect....what's normal/what to be concerned about. This drives ya nutty. Ya just get one thing under control and then a new one pops this what happens until you're completely fused and back to a regular routine I wonder??
  • Could possibly be because Sparky is having minimally invasive, maybe? I dunno.
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