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OOppss I made a mistake



  • I caved in and went to the ER today. I couldn't take it anymore. My husband had to hold me all night long ribbing my forehead and putting ice on my back. The ER dr was very sympathetic. I showed him the bottle and explained want happened. He gave me a shot a dilaudid and sent me home with 12 oxycodone to last till Tuesday when I see my PM Dr. I am so very grateful for that but Im a bit nervous about what my PM Dr will say about me going over his head. Im actually getting a little pissed that these Dr's know they have our lives in their hands. Im sure my PM dr was golfing all weekend while I sobbed in agony.
  • Hi,as long as you didnt sign a pain contract with that pm doctor you should be ok...
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  • I did sign a pain contract with my PM dr. The Dr at the ER was well aware of tis and said your Dr should not have a problem with him giving me 3 days worth to help me till my appointment with my reg pain Dr. I was in so much pain I fainted walking into to ER.
  • If your PM cannot understand that a mistake was made that you had no control over then TS on him. You do not have to live in agony. If my doctors ever refuse to work with me then I'll find new ones. That's the great part of things. You do not have to stick with a doctor; you can change.

    Can your husband go wtih you when you see the PM? I know that I have been treated differently with hubby around than if I'm alone. >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<
  • I have been writing everything down and will explain it o my PM If he is angry well so be it, I will find a new Dr. This is my LIFE for goodness sakes. Thanks for giving me so much courage to believe in myself. I think throughout this whole ordeal Im really "growing a set"
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  • I'm so sorry you had to go thru this, and I'm glad the ER doctor had a heart. I don't think you'll have any trouble at pain mgt; you let the ER doc know you're a pain mgt. patient. From my experience, they will call and consult with PM and follow their recommendations in treating you. When you go to PM, bring both bottles with you. Take care of yourself, and I hope things settle down. >:D<
  • I LOVE MY PM DOC! I really do. He was wonderful. I told him about the mix up and he said I should have told the secretary to get him on the phone with me because he didnt want me out of meds. He was really upset that I was in so much pain. He said to call him anytime the meds are not working. He upped my BT meds to 10mg percocet. Very hard to find, I had to go to 5 pharmacies to get it. So far so good. And I get my injection tomorrow so I just may be on Dancing with the stars! WOO HOO. Thanks for listening to me rant. You guys are the best and give the best advice. Honesty is the best policy and he did not think I was a drug seeker at all. Thanks guys! I love you all!
  • glad you got it straightned out.
    yes when you sign a contract, its usually stated in most papers your allowed to get meds from the E.R. or a hospital setting those are usually the 2 exceptions!! ;) ;)

    May I ask??? Has surgery ever been a option for you? I know that is a last resort for everyone. I just hate seeing people suffer on meds with no other cures.
    I also know totally hard with little ones.

    I guess I am one to jump on surgery when I am in pain and it can be fixed or 60 percent fixed. Ok I give except for my thoracic NO ONE is cutting me open there [( [( #o image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> O:)

    You can PM me or if you feel comfortable writing here you can. ;)

    You probably wrote it somewhere else in times before, but its to hard to find, for my mind anyway =)) =)) =))

    Hang in there hun we are all there for ya!!!! >:D< >:D< O:)
  • Glad it all worked out for you. Your story is a very common one in PM. Fortunately for you, you have a good sympathetic Doc. I always check my scripts before I leave the Doc's office to ensure there aren't any mistakes.


  • think that you can be fired for being sick. That happened to me once and I got my job back after going to state labor board! Do you have any short or long term disability? If so you may want to try and use it until you can get pain under control. Are you FMLA eligible? Have you used your 3 months? They can't fire you for this but if they want you gone they will come up with something else. I am so sorry that you are going through all of this.
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