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New member with upcoming multi level ACDF (Neck) in Dec.

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,000
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in New Member Introductions
Hi all... What a wonderful place here!! So much light, support and so many members reaching out there hands to help so many with their difficult times. So healing in many ways!

My name is CindySue, I am a mother of 3, 2 are grown, step mom to 4, and grandmother to 6. I work as a nurse aide in a retirement home. Most of my life I worked in Machining, I knew it was not my calling but I did what I had to do, I was a skilled machinist making good money, hated the job though.
I finally was able to go in another direction after a big lay off, I was not sure if nurse aide was for me but it was quick training, and the very first week I worked I knew it felt like I was at home. Loved the work ever since, this is my third year and the pain I have became unbearable. I am used to aches and pains so I ignored the problem for years. It was in my upper back, just figured it was muscles. Then it got to the point I could not work and clean house in the same day. They did the MRI and found degenerative discs, bulging with spurs, C-7 was scooched over to the side. Most feel arm pain and numbness, but it went into my upper back, muscles got so tight that it pulled my ribs out of place, I am scheduled for the multi level surgery on December 10th. I am going to physical therpy twice a week to train my ribs to stay in place before surgery. They have not cooperated though :D They are removing the last three discs in my neck, I am hoping it goes well, I miss my people at work!! I went there today to drop off a paper and got many hugs and well wishes!!
Thanks all.. for all you do!!
>:D< CindySue


  • welcome to spine-health..good luck with you surgery.
  • be sure to search throughout the site for valuable info like things to have at home after surgery to make u more comfortable. i didnt find this site until 3or 4 months post op, or it could of been 5 or 6 months? what realy helped me was knowing i wasnt the only one with a chronic pain problem after my surgery. its great that u have a job that u love to do and it sounds so rewarding when u are helping those that can not do things for themselves. i will say an extra prayer for u on dec 10 and wish your surgery is sucessful and u have a speedy recovery.
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  • That must feel so good to be making such a difference in peoples lives and to have them miss you so much while you are out. Good luck with surgery and please keep us posted.
  • :) hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. well, you have come to the right place to meet like minded people. i enjoy hospice work and many times it involves the elderly. not everyone has the heart for the joy and disappointment that go along with dealing with the last stages of life. :X i applaud for this! take a look around and make yourself at home. good luck with your upcoming surgery. <:P be sure and check out the "Good News" forum for a read on successful SH surgeries. the "Back and Neck surgery" forum is right up your alley as well. i hope to see you around! Jenny :)
  • Thanks so much everyone!! The support has been so great and helpful.. although I ran into a heck of a situation the day of the Surgery...
    I went in for my surgery (the 10th of Dec.), got all prepped had everything hooked up to me, the surgeon was like 4 hours late, so I was sleepin when he finally came in and asked me.. how my arm pain was, I told him my chief complaint has been upper back pain, that the arm pain is not even noticeable cause the upper back pain was so severe, the muscles are in knots and it has pulled my ribs out of place. He seemed to be dumbfounded and said If I was not having arm pain he should not do the surgery, told me he wanted me to go and see the physical therapist at his office, I was originally going to one near my home, and sent me home, I cried all the way home!! I then went to this PT and his jaw hit the floor and he said he had never heard of such a thing from a surgeon in all his years in this field, he went back to study my chart then came back with certainty in his voice saying my symptoms are typical to the damage in those three discs and he still cannot understand why he canceled it, he canceled therapy there and said to go back to the PT I was going to, that he could not do anything more for me.. is that not unreal or what??? He then said he would contact the doctor and get back to me, well I could not wait I called the surgeon the next morning and they set up a apt. for Friday (today) to talk to him about it, and all I want to hear is that he is going to do the surgery! *SIGH* Anyone ever hear of this?
    I woke up to a blizzard this morning and had to cancel the appointment and the soonest I can get in now is Jan. 9th.
    I then called the nurse and asked her if we can just reschedule surgery, she called me back and kept saying the surgery will not help the ribs out of place, and I told her I knew that, I am trying to get relief from the muscles effected that are pulling my ribs out, and I know the surgery will help, I also have tingling in one hand and pain in both arms but not hardly noticeable with the back pain. She said she will let the doctor know.. *sigh* :/

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  • Well I went into my appointment with the surgeon and since the first date of surgery that was canceled , my symptoms had worsened, I have alot more arm pain, substantial weakness in my left arm, I cannot even hold a phone to my ear more then 5 minutes, but my rib situation is better because my therapist has been working that back into place.
    The surgeon rescheduled the surgery for February 9th, and took a closer look at my neck, noticing I have a short neck and a high collar bone he felt getting to the lowest discs may pose a problem, so he called a neuro surgeon to assist. I was very relieved, I see the neuro surgeon on the 4th, my PT said this surgeon does not have the best bed side manner but was a good surgeon, so all in all I am glad it was post poned in the first place.
    I was sent a letter on the 16th of December from my employer saying they were letting me go because of my availablity issues, but I was eligible for rehire when I was able to work, which kinda sucked cause that means I have to start over and I had already worked up to Residential Care Manager, and Med Tech.
    But oh well, will see what happens!
    Thanks for everyones support!!! This forum is the greatest.
  • :) hi! you sound rather hopeful and that is always good news!! <:P i hope your upcoming appointments and procedures work out for you.. =D> good luck with the doctor and his "bedside" manner. atleast you have been warned ahead of time!! keep us posted!! Jenny :)
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