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Life Multilingual

William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 3,847
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Matters of the Heart
I used to wonder at thoser induviduals who seemed to have life all figured out, you know, they seemed to just float through their day, learning new things, doing, growing, and I said to myself...HMMMM.
are multilingual in youyr life, are you not afraid of change? are not afraid to go out and "do"?
whats stopping you from learning a new language, from trying to improve your lot, what stopped you before?

who decided, this will be your life, your gonna have to stick to this, there is no way out?

what caste system set you on the path to the mindset of I cant do anymore?

I am learning to be "life lingual", to learn new things and not be afraid of the new. Life is full of languages, some learn many, some learn one to a degree. some have many facilitys to which they can fall back on and take a view of the world around them. some only are willing to look a life through the rosy filter of their perceptions. Learning to look at life from different views, to see, to be willing to see, to tolerate, to taste every drop of the falling rain,and never grow thirsty
To be Life Lingual, what would it mean to you?
to chase every rainbow
to love fully, completely, never regreting the emotional outlay
To dance the tides of life
To laugh in the crescendo of storm
To be silent in the presence of emptiness
To spread your wings and dare the winds of fate
because you can
because to not try, is to die the little death
the one of a thousand regrets, with the bitter cup to attend to at the end.

Why be afraid of a bodily sensation, your mind is sovrein above it all.
Pain is not all, even though it consumes, greedy, needy in its bloody march across the soul.

Learn to laugh at the slavering beast, soon, it will howl and rage,and yet have no power over you.
embrace change
become life lingual.
accept the unacceptable,
and you have learned a new language
each step is a new word leading to a new day.
BUT you have to be willing to change
no change
do you understand
all you have to do is be willing to change and learn
be life lingual
William Garza
Spine-Health Mod

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  • Hi Ranch,
    Howard Gardner, wrote a book called “Five minds for the future” in which he looked at aspect of improvement of ourselves, we are all imbued with the need to change and adapt and none more so than pain patients. We have to change our mode and reflections, based on imposition and have limited choice in not accepting these or crumble.

    It is sometimes our own perception that others are more proficient than we are, when in reality they have mastered the art of insincerity, and are good at it, in that they make us believe that have it all together and on the basis of improved effort, we too cold emulate this delusion.

    Attempting to find those original remnants of who we now are, and have become need continuing evaluation and constant adaptation, we are forced to be somewhat accepting of out lot and shrinking capacity, erase those aspirations built up over time, that we as others are attaining with progressive improvement, for those things that we cannot change we have to discard with sad reflection and move on, look to the future with realistic hope and reality. We are all change guru’s and continue to morph with chameleon skills to master every day challenges, even the pain that we may be experienced with coping. We have all this responsibility and life as well and occasionally we become understandably overwhelmed by the weight of it all.

    In our own journey of pain we have all adapted and changed effectively and even went we got it wrong, it encouraged us that this mistake helped us find a more preferable and harmonious route. Our pain tainted goals are not those of society, although we are measured in success by the norms and progression of society, we live that dual existence of in life, but simultaneously excluded, our constant game face, precludes our reality and we are good at presenting no visible signs of inner distress.

    I have and will continue to do of my best in whatever I have to accept as my maximum, my minimum is equally valid to me and a measure of never giving up.

    Back on the horse now Ranch and I thank you for your thoughtful and reflective comment.

    John. =D>
  • I learned to embrace "change" the eternal way of things. The eternal unchangeing way of existence. I was never a materialistic person until infirmaty was thrust upon me, then all of a sudden i wanted it all,funny how that goes,hmm?
    When the slow process of embrace was given action, then life became easyer, almost as if a sheeding of ego and all the attendant passions, or is it vice versa, the lettin go of passions releasing the essential "me"?
    In either case, life, became much more defined and readyly accessible,the leaving behind of old and much worn habit, analogy,the habit worn by an accolyte,and in leaving the old and tattered self behind, I seemed to find much rest and peace.
    And that is at the core of the issue, peace,if not without,perhaps within?
    There was a cult,(no I dont subscribe to the Ideology) that "embraced" death, taking it to heart, understanding it in totality,and then unencumbered,were freed to do the job of life. freed from the passion of fear, of the unknown, and to go forth fearlessly through life, able,enabled to live it fully and completely.

    By having embraced change, I am able to be set free of the fear of it,and since doing it, I hve moved forward. Stronger,wiser and free from that which bound itself tight to my spirit.

    Now I am free to purge myself of other fears and dregs of the tatterd past. I can move forward, and JOHN as you found the scattered threads of my thoughts,which were part of a conversation I'd had a few minuts earlier, of which the fast fading memory of the gist escaped an imperfect memory.
    Pain and infirmity have been a wonderfull seive to which whats important,and what is not, is filtered until you've a clear picture of what your life is.
    you hit it right on the head when you mentioned the harmonious route!
    multiligual life...The title should have been different for the connotation which still eludes me,this imperfect vessle, but the kernal is still there and someday I hope I may be erudite enough to expand, till then Thank you John for the kind uplifting words!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

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  • may the good seeds u have planted in this thread be taken care of and grow within all of us. thank you.
  • Its the barest seeds of a thought that provoked this thread, hmmm, It seems to come from a kernal of emotion, its basic idea is there but I need to clear the nugget and clarify the idea. did I teach myself to fail? was it a lifetime of impression that ingrained in me that I can only go so far?
    Some people "stop"? that is they reach a comfort level and growing ceases to happen. My druggie buddie seems to have stopped at an 8 year old mindset, he's 38 now, but doesnt want to grow...sad really. maybe therein lies the gist of the idea, that part of me wants to stop and say "I am happy here"
    there is another part that sees the wonder of life and stubbornly refuses to give in to the malaise, the part that wonders eternaly, whats over there just beyond the horizon,and then turns my feet to the path.
    I am my own worst eneimy I suppose?.
    where did you stop, or have you? did life cease to hold wonder for you, the thrill of new discovery, of a new realization, or revelation, do you wait for the next wondrous vista?
    Did you stop?
    do you still reach for the new?
    breaking your self imposed boundries?
    learning new "Languages", are you multilingual
    Does your soul whisper deep in the night, of freedom
    do you live fully, completely?
    this is part of the idea ime trying to clarify... maybe a fools errand...
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,509
    that almost every one of your posts are those that should be read, carefully and not just skimmed over. You have a good knack in bringing some very interesting aspects about life and introducing it to us all.

    I love the multilingual life..
    As you have written, it means so much more than the words itself.

    Change - It is happening all the time
    Differences - There are not too many people that are the same
    Adjustment - We all need to do that to keep from sinking.

    From one of my favorite movies:
    "What is quicksand?"

    Its when you are running into problems, and no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, there is nothing you can do, you just sink further down.

    Well, I think if we all agreed on that definition there wouldnt be that many of us around any more.
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  • when my mind goes afield and I try to express a feeling or emotive aspect of my life. there is so much more to all of us than will ever meet the eyes, Ime learning to look through the lens of the heart and soul.
    theres not many places that I can express these expressions, anonymity helps, but community is better when shared of miserys and toil and the common ground is tilled.
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • how do you grab hold of every moment and live the heck out of it? do you live free of guilt and fear, two emotions that can drown out all freedom. it has only been lately that i have begun to understand what drives me and makes me happy. i realize i can change what is around me and yet have no control over any minute of it. i listen to what my heart is saying and i want to hug my friends and write words of wisdom, grow strong and stay healthy. as the shadow of old age approaches i step away and refuse to take part. my skin won't sag, the wrinkles won't come, no decreased vision and my hearing will be perfect.then i laugh as i look in the mirror and turn my eyes away from the lines around my eyes that now wear glasses. the shadow of old age may be right behind me but i will stay one step ahead. as i step faster i get more out of life than ever before. this is a new "language" i am learning, this one of growing older. it is much better to be part of it rather than let it catch me unawares. Jenny
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,509
    of someone who is very happy in who and what they are. And that is so very important. We have had to learn what we can do and what we can't. We have the choice to be bitter about those things we no longer can do or have, or we can appreciate everything that we do have.
    Jenny, you describe what I am trying to see in much better words.
  • My mom and close friends gave me the nick name "the black hole".I always lived by a motto of "I am optimistically pessimistic".Yet, every time I read some words such as yours(amongst many others) it gives my hope that my negative mindset will adjust itself one day to fit some semblance of "normal".What is hard for me to change is the fact that I am comfortable in my own skin, even if others say I should move in a more positive light.

    I smile, laugh, cry on the inside, and have my fears/roadblocks just like everyone else just feel better in my "darkness", it is my solace.Its weird how Psychiatrists spend years learning to teach us how to be comfortable in our own skin, yet its our language that gets lost in the translation.

    BTW Ranchhand this was a great posting, it really made me think for a few days.
  • :) Frustrated101, i don't really know your age although i can guess just from our postings together. :? even asking these questions puts your far ahead of many who never look up to see the light. you may be surrounded in darkness now, but one day you will have a clarity of mind and there will be no more questions about the light on your part, you will be in it. having a good heart and an inquisitive mind are two sure ways to get there. so move at your own pace and have no worries about being in your "black hole." many of us spent years there before we we able to see the light. even now those days come where i wake up and even with the daylight i see only darkness. moving out of that space takes a strength that comes with time and experience. i mean only the best when i speak to you. i know your language will be understood if you keep at it. we all want to hear what you have to say. Jenny :)
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