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NEW with ACDF C4-C5 Surgery



  • Thanks I will need it.
  • Well,

    After speaking with a 2nd and 3rd opinion doctor, It was determined by both to hold off a bit before commiting to surgery. The decision was based on 2 reasons.
    1. I am not experiencing the severe pain that was originally felt.

    2. Beginning to gain strength back in arm/shoulder that originally felt like a rotator cuff tear.

    I am going to start back with physical therapy which to include a chiropractor.

    I will keep all updated on results.

    I just don't want to be cut on if it is not necessary. /:)
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  • I would not recommend being cut on if you can help it. ACDF surgery has it's advantages but they come at a cost. Is this a chiropractor who know you and you're condition? I don't know but they just scare me knowing that you have neck issues. I hope they will NOT be manipulating your neck. But that's just my opinion.
  • Hey Tonya,
    I agree with you. Once you get cut, there is no turning back. This chiropractor doesn't know me personally, but I brought my MRIs in along with additional paperwork about my condition. The reason was so he has a clear understanding on what my problem is and if he can help in any way and not just make money off me. If not, i don't want him to waste my time and I can seek assistance else where. Today marks my 2nd day and its too soon to tell whether it is helping or not. I do know when he strecths my neck in the machine it defitely takes the pain away.

    I will keep you posted. :H

  • Did you see the Chiropractor? Did he actually stretch your neck with a machine? I would be petrified! Especially if your looking at having ACDF surgery. Please be careful. I wouldn't want you to end up in even more pain.
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  • Hey Tonya,
    This will make my 2nd week going to the Chiropractor. So far things seem to be improving. He put me in the machine to strech my neck and it feels great to release some of the pressure. In addition, I also tried acupuncture. Not sure about that yet with the needles and all. I will keep you posted.

    So far so good. Anyhing to keep me form being cut on!!! :T
  • I'm glad you posted. I've been waiting to hear back from you. I'm glad it's working. Maybe surgery isn't in your future. I will hope for the best for you. I have considered acupuncture since my surgery my shoulders are in a constant spasm and medicine doesn't seem to help much. So if you find that you get some benefit from that I DEFINITELY want to know how that works for you. I'm tired of taking pain pills and muscle relaxers that give me only temporary relief.
  • hey tonya,

    so far the acupunture seems to to be working. i am also seeing a chiroprator as well. i can tell that when he stretches my neck, that really helps out.

    have you heard of light cold laser therapy. aparently, this is a fda approved treatment for pinched nerves, herniated discs, inflammation and others. it can also be substituted for acupunture where the laser beam stimulates the body's acupoints. look it up when you can. i'm going to try it. here is a link that you can check out.

    i will keep you posted. :h
  • You're about the 5th person who has recommended acupuncture to me so I guess I am going to give it a try. Is it very expensive? I know my insurance is NOT going to pay for this one.
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