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Cervical Radiculopathy

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Hoping someone out there can give me some direction. For past 11 months I have had severe muscle spasms from my left shoulder thru my trapezius/scapula and into the left side of my neck. A neurosurgeon has told me that I have cervical radiculopathy, but I have nothing that stands out as being operable. I have a mild disk bulge at c6/7 and loss of the lordotic curve. A little background....just prior to onset of this pain I was just getting over a frozen shoulder resulting from a labral tear surgery. I was almost 100% healed from frozen shoulder when muscle spasms started. EMG's have been negative, but I have had numbness in my forearms and wrists, but not thru my fingers. I'm 41 years old and prior to this had never had a pain in my neck or back.


  • I have the same thing but more herniations. find out tomorrow more from nuerosurgeon then.. I had a trigger poing injection last week from an orthopedic shoulder specialist. they said its sort of a test also, to see if the pain is all from the neck or both areas. it didnt help me but i do have some problems in the cervical spine dont know if im getting surgery or not yet? waiting for the 3nd mri tomorrow with contrast so they can get a better look. i get numbness in my left side of my face too and my ring, and pinky finger and sometime pain shooting down my arm and into my hand between the thumb and pointer. did your doctor recommend the trigger point injection? maybe it will tell you more where the pain is from. the shoulder specialist said its common to see neck and shoulder problems together like mine. good luck... feel better

  • i have c8 radicopathy the ortho said and also straighing of the cervical spine do to muscle spasms. boy muscle spasms are painful when it acts up.
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  • Thanks Dawn. I'm a bit confused on this point. Do the muscle spasms cause the neck pain or does neck/nerve aggitation cause the muscle spasms. Maybe a stupid question, but I'm confused! Thanks
  • Hi mark

    well my pc doc said which i really dont believe , and either does my ortho doc believe what he told me: I have had panic attacks since i was 16 and been on and of valium and other tranquilizer type drugs since.My pc put me back on valium 5 yrs ago when my panic started acting up constantly. even though i take them everyday this kis why it doesnt make sense the Pc doc says that the meds cause the muscle spasms because my body is addicted from taking them for so long. i take 2 a day. but i took them for yrs on and off and never had back problems from these pills. well he says the muscle spasms cause the pain and can cause the disc's n the back to move from being squeezed by the muscles which can cause herniation... Now the ortho say's that when your spine is injured , such as a disc disease, herniation etc. the bodies natural defence is to protect that area of the spine and cause the muscles to spasm due to injury. so i am in the same boat as you. WHAT CAME FIRST THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG...LOL


  • Hey Dawn,

    I was thinking the same thing regarding chicken and the Crazy how you can get so many varying opinions from medical pro's on the same subject. Oh well, keep fighting! Thanks for the info and hope your feeling better soon :)

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  • Anyone else with the Straight Neck syndrom? What symptoms, what helps?

    I have a bulge at c56 and osteophtye there as well with the straight neck thing.

    My whole jaw to the bottom lip is numb, and the right side of my neck and areas of my t-spine are numb.

    Just interested in anyone else's experiences.

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