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Did you do this at PT?



  • yes, like Kinpain, my surgeon waits until you're pretty fused but I have been doing some of the stretches all along and he let me...just not the more taxing stuff. Question: do you do all your PT exercises every day as well as walking? It becomes a long affair...I'm wondering if you rotate giving muscles a break??
  • My sessions are pretty much soft tissue work. My PT has suggested that i need to try and relax more. lol!

    I do a pelvic roll thing.

    I did this cat stretch 1st time round. PT said it was good to help stop scar build up.

    I guess they are all different with their own ideas.
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  • I slept on my sides the whole time after my fusion as I just cannot sleep on my back (no pain - just that I cannot seem to fall asleep on my back). My doc never placed any side sleep restrictions on me and sleeping on my side hasn't done me any harm. Perhaps you could ask your doctor just to double check that he is happy with you sleeping on your side...
    Joy said:
    So, you lay down in bed and bring one knee and at time up to your chest? Do you hold it for a count of 5 or something, and then bring the other one up. Do you start with both knees bent or both legs out flat?

    Another question, is it alright to lay on your side and get in the fetal position if you haven't fused yet?

    I haven't been to PT and my back really feels like it needs to be stretched out some...I really think I would feel better.
    Keep positive!

    Bruce old timer here and ex-moderator

  • yes carol it is apretty long session but I dont do it all at the same time. Now as it is getting hot I leave my walks for the evening and do the exercises earlier in the day.
    They usually take me about 40 minutes to get through then the walking later and sometimes in the morning. When the pool at mums is warm enough I will add that too.
    I jsut figure I am not working at the moment so this is my job.

    Blessings Sara O:)
  • No cat stretching here. Only several exercises while laying on my back and walking up and down steps.

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  • what kind of exercises motorator?
  • Hi

    Marching while laying on my back.

    Pull one knee towards the chest then the other knee while laying on my back.

    Squeeze the ball between the knees while laying on my back.

    Stread the knees against the rubber band.

    Flex the core muscles.
  • haven't tried the knees against the rubber band while laying, only while do you do it while lying down, sounds much easier for where I'm at in my recovery.
  • lay on the back. feet up by the butt. push knees apart against the rubber band.

    my surgery was pretty major so the pt was nothing aggresive.

    i'd show you the whole scar but i might be blocked.


  • woa, you've got quite the incision. Mine is 3-4 inches and even that has the muscles revved're really doing well! do u wrap the rubber band around your knees and push out...not quite getting what the exercise band is attached to? Sorry, I'm a visual person /:)
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