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Isolated Disc Resorption at L5/S1 - ALIF

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Has anyone had a diagnosis of IDR? My surgeon says it is relatively rare and I am having trouble finding much recent information on this condition. The only paper I found on it is quite old, a study by Crock in Australia. My L5/S1 disc is completely gone now, with severe modic changes to endplates.

I am having ALIF in January with Cadaver bone, no hardware. I am concerned about recovery - 41 y/o female with 4 kids and work part-time now due to constant pain/inability to sit(desk job). My doc says 4-6 week recovery, but I am seeing that most people have problems for months.

2006 - L5/S1 laminectomy/micro-discectomy


  • Sorry, I've never heard of this condition. No hardware with fusion surgery? Yikes!!
  • I wondered about the lack of hardware. He says if it does not fuse, then he will go in and put in hardware, but finds that most of the time this particular procedure will fuse without and the hardware adds another complication factor. I trust this guy - he has operated on the Unsers, Andretti's and many race car drivers with severe spinal injuries.
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  • I would suggest that you do some research on your own. What were the results of the surgeries for the race car drivers? Did they have to repeat the surgery? Have you considered getting a second opinion? Just a thought!
  • Welcome to S~H :H

    I think it's great to hear you say that you trust your surgeon.. :) So many people have doubts that it's good to hear somebody sound so positive.I haven't had spinal surgery-but other kinds-so I know nothing other than what I read about it,and it's interesting reading all of the different types and the details.

    My surgeon was good too and I trusted him a lot.He did 3 of my 7 foot ops and he was a sports surgeon(OS)who operated on many of the football(Steelers)and Hockey(Penguins)players..I felt lucky to get him because he was so busy.

    I've never heard of IDR...but I have heard that we absorb the fluid that leaks due to a herniated disc,and that the pain usually decreases when this happens.I may not be saying it as I remember reading/hearing it as I am pretty tired and it has been a few months since I actually had a problem with my don't quote me(lol).Anyway~I have NO idea if that is even remotely what you are talking about,but thought I would mention what little I could remember...and also to say welcome to S~H :)

    Good Luck with your upcoming surgery.

    PS~Keep in mind that those race car drivers,along with the sports players I mentioned might heal faster than regular folks-IMO-I think it's because they have a lot more incentive($$)and they get a lot of weird meds/shots/steriods/etc.,so 4-6 wks might be their healing time,but we are all different.Again,good luck and please keep us posted :)))
  • Hi Joy,

    Yes - I have been doing lots of research. The only location that this disorder is really discussed is in medical journals, many of which are not available online. I have not sought a second opinion this time around, but did so for my first surgery - L5/S1 laminectomy/microdiscectomy. I am very comfortable with this surgeon, but have questions. I plan to have another appointment to ask more questions before surgery.

    Thanks for your input.
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  • Thanks Robin. I am very hopeful that this will help me get my life back.
  • ..and apparently there are fusions done without hardware all the time.It's quite common from what I've read...but I wasn't thinking of this post when I was reading.Now I wish that I had copy/pasted some of the info..or the web sites so that I could have posted them here.If I remember correctly(I don't always)..if they in through the back they don't have to use hardware.As I mentioned,I did a lot of reading and I'm not certain what procedure this was where this was mentioned...but I believe it was a posterier fusion.Not certain.

    I must have read for 3/4 hours about different treatments and procedures-this morning my B/F cleaned the PC and cleared history so that's that :/ bad #o

    Hope is a wonderful thing can help us through so much and it's good for our attitude :)))
  • I too trust my surgeon even though I am still having pain after surgery. It's not his fault. He has done everything he can to help me and is still trying. Everyone's body is different and I may have nerve problems in addition to the disc problem I had that wasn't picked up. I have a lot of respect for my surgeon and he is one of the best in our area.

    Good luck and God bless to all you Spineys
  • Hi Angela, I had a look in Google and if you type in Isolated Disc Resorption there are a few links. Some are just under Disc Resorption and you also need to spell disc with a K da in disk.
    American spelling is often very different from the rest of the world. :))(

    I hope all goes well for you
    Blessings Sara O:)
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