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NO PAIN PUMP!Can i request NOT to have the pain pump?



  • Dont know why whoever asked what I do for work? I have been out of work for 2 years now because of this B.S. I have worked most jobs imaginable. I have worked for a guy who was paralized from the neck down...included feeding,changing, feeding,cooking,making sure his breathing tube was clean and inplace.Even cleaned the house!I have worked in factories...doing hard physical labor, worked in the fields detasseling,drivin a tractor,ive been a craft artizan.My last job was as a ast. Mgr. at a gas station for the last 3 years before all this happened. I have done everything i could to work, temp jobs, 2-3 jobs at a time....Im still only 28...What about you now? :W
    Anyways (|: I made a list for my doctor on the 18th. I do love my doctor,he listens to me better than anyother ive ever had. I have at least 20 questions,even stupid newest fear is awareness during surgery! Found out that 1 in 500 people have a chance of waking up during a surgery and not being able to move or let others know they are awake, they are still paralized,but the anestisia is wore off! Im scarred to death of this.... :jawdrop:
    My doctors nurse has cut my morphine back...they want me on less so maybe it will work better this next time...i dunno i take a big dose now it onlt makes me dont help the pain that great....and ive stopped taking them along time its not a tollerance thing...I HATE MORPHINE...the vicadins i prob. couldnt live withought...but morphine suX. Like 28 more days till surgery...yea me!
    And one last thing...any nurses who are nurses because they really want to help people...I LOVE YOU! I have seen alot of nurses ,especially around here have seen so many women and men going to school for it and what not only because they want the money and or job security! I have heard that from so many people its scarry! My kids fathers mother is a nurse...she broke into my records to try and get dirt on me for her son. She was a nurse at comunity counseling. My step cousin "was" working at the hospital here in town...I had to have an abortion for medical reasons about 6 years ago. My grandmother from the compleet OPOSITE side of the family was put into the hospital for an infection in her leg...a weird infection from staph. it attacked the metal plate in her leg. Anyways, this so called nurse thought it would be fun to tell my grandmother about it and sheerly try and ruin whatever dignity I had left! I got her lil happy ass fired...I went also one time to a OBGYN to have cancer cells froze off. They didnt have enough of the freezing solution in the tank to do it...I was already in so much anxiety from everything related to this...did not holler, just started crying slightly....the DOCTOR himself, starts to holler at me saying my medical card public aid didnt help pay him enough to keep his tank filled. then he asked me hatefully what he was supposed to do? I was mortified. Ive seen this doctors house...MFKR, gets paid fine!!! I assure you. Have been told by "PAIN MANAGEMENT" doctors have told me ther is nothing they are willing to do to help with my back pain...NOTHING...or they wanted to send me to BS. phys. therapy that made my back bone was grinding everytime i moved! my own previous family doctor didnt wanna help in no way shape or form...always just referred me to another doctor...even when it was just for skin related crap! So many doctors seem so scarred anymore to help patients, seems they wanna bandage a severed arm...not just with me...with so many people.
    The choice i have of mostly doctors is limited. I only have insurance thanks to Political comments edited by moderator paulgla..It is insurance for mothers. a form of public aid...embarrasing but needed. I used to have cervical cancer,worked through it, paid my taxes and dues. Then my back thing happened and now i can not work, cant get any insurance on my own, I get no unemployment...never have...hoping for disability just for the time ive been out of work. But the only guaranteed court date i can get is """sometime""" before April of 2010! so that will be 5 years maybe withought income. I am not able nor allowed to work, I do what i can scrapping metal,selling things,family and friends...very humiliating...but hey whats a poor, white, crippled girl gonna do? ~X( 8} Christmas is lil girl might not get much from me if anything...she will have a good Xmas, however thats thanks to my parents...i wanna stay in bed christmas and cry...cant get no one nutn this year, if i get anything at all i will feel like such a P.O.S.
    Thanks again to all who have tried to help. :S :(
  • I had the catheter removed because im freaked out with anyone down there...freaked out freaked out! even for dr.'s visits....they say its cause ive had bad doctors who freaked me out while haveing cervical biopsys...also from former sex he made sure it was gone before I woke up. my surgery was almost 9hrs though!so i know was needed but was upset about knowing i was gonna have it anyways! I wanted to get up and go pee a few hours after surgery. they tried making me get on a bed pan "the nurses" and i told them i couldnt do cause i didnt care for people to watch me pee...and 2 because it was impossable!!!! I couldnt bend over and balance on that thing...i tried but it was mortifying! The nurses were being huffy casue i said i couldnt sit that way it hurt and was crying...seriously bf agrees they were ticked. anyways I remember saying quote, "FK it", "im going in the bathroom". My boyfriend helped me up, the nurses watched...i went and peed. They never fed me for days...even when i requested food...or they once brang some while i was asleep...was cold and nasty when i got it hours!!! family fed me mostly...would go get stuff out of machines or cafetiria....ok guess thats all now??? LOL...lot to say today...wound up i guess? sorry bought any spelling errors....spell check out of order. think b/f deleeted it? #o :))(
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  • Dont know what it is to you what i do? However I have been out of work almost 2 years now because of all this crap thats happened! Before that i have done most every job imaginable...including taking care of people...sorry if i offended you or whatever, but cant make everyone happy...I say things as i see you agree with me or not doesnt matter...i still see things as i see em. glad someone has had good experiences with nurses or whomever....god knows I have not. X(
  • to profile maybe peeps can see whats breaking...everythings kinda shifting around all weird now! the screws were all straight in a nice, not so much! :''(

  • My heart goes out to you. You have been through a lot of traumatize events. Events that would break the average person. From what you have written, I know that you are a survivor. You have survived abuse, mistreatment, and you are battling against poverty, not of your making. Nobody asks to be disabled and to lose their livelihood. No one can blame you for your fear and resentment for past hospital treatment. It looks like you ran into the wrong people to take care of you when you needed caring and compassion from the right hospital staff. Please know that everyone has good and bad experiences, and the people entrusted with our care are human and make mistakes. No one is perfect. But I sympathize with your plight and recognize that you have suffered misfortunes.
    I can say that with my first back surgery, the morning nurse didn't give me any meds and I cried when I had to go to the bathroom. The doctor was right outside, and he thought I was in some over emotional state, and told the nurse to give me Xanax. I had gone through 8 hours of no pain meds, mind you. Then after a couple of more hours did I get pain pills. The nurse said that she has patients screaming at her for pain pills all the time, but in my case I was not one of those. But yet I went through 8 hours with no pain meds after having surgery the day before.
    With my last fusion, I had a PCA. I was already on Fentanyl patches prior to surgery, and the anesthisiologist made sure the nurses put a new patch on according to my shedule. From the little that I remember, the nurses were always in and out checking on me. They were very attentive and nice, and made sure I was comfortable. I always make a point to befriend staff because they are the first line of my care. I always thank them for any little thing because I want them to want to help me.
    Erin, I just want to say that I understand where you coming from, and that you are venting out your frustrations and pain. I pray that you encounter good doctors and nurses in caring for your back troubles. Keep hanging on, you are a fighter.
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  • My heart goes out to you. I am sorry for everything you have and are going through. You sound very strong and will make it through all this. It may not seem it now but things can only get better, right?

    I was too afraid of waking up while under anesthia. There was a movie about that and I watched it a couple of days by coincidence before surgery. I have family history or malignant hyperthermia so I was unable to get the same anesthesia others get. I can't remember what I got but they said there was a chance I could wake up as you described so they overdosed me on purpose but made no guarantees. I don't think I woke up as I don't remember anything or have bad dreams.

    I too asked a lot of silly questions. I even asked if he had anybody poop on the table during surgery or if I should take a laxative and clean my system out. He laughed and said that the anesthesia shuts down your system and he has not had anyone poop on him yet and hopes it never happens. I am one of those people who think of the crazyest things and don't think twice to ask.

    I am not looking forward to this xmas either. My disability doesn't cover the bills and my husband hasn't been working too much lately since the economy sucks and people don't have money to have houses built or new roofs put on (he's a carpenter) so I will not be able to do as much as I usually do for my 2 kids this year. I will be able to pay the cable bill so it won't be getting it shut off so they will still have internet, electric, a warm house and groceries but I can't wrap them up. I guess I shouldn't complain because my family has been very blessed and we have a lot of things that people are not able to have. As long as we have each other, a warm house and food on the table that should be enough. I just have to teach my kids that LOL. My daughter is very compassionate and understanding but my son is only 6 and is still learning.
  • Reading all these posts about poor Nursing care has really made me sad. I have only been an RN for 3 years, but truly went into Nursing to provide the best patient care possible. I treat all my patients like I would treat my own family members.

    I have had migraines for many, many years, so I like to think I am very aware of pain management. We are taught "pain is what the patient says it is", but many of my colleagues think patients are drug seekers or exaggerating.

    During my recent ACDF, I received poor Nursing care from the day shift. Not that I was expecting any special treatment, but I at least wanted my pain meds on time (I had to wait 1.5 hours for post-op meds) and not have to wait 45 minutes to go to the bathroom.

    Yes, many Nurses are wonderful people, who genuinely care about others. But, some enter the profession for the wrong reason. Also, unsafe Nursing ratios make a huge difference in patient care.

    Please speak up about poor hospital care... ask to speak with the Charge RN or Director of Nursing. YOU deserve the best care possible!!!

  • I had my share of poor nurses and I was sure to speak up and say either get me someone with better bedside manner or tell her to do her job with some compassion. I would just keep pressing that button until you get what your are entitled to and that's good pain management. I was fortunate to have great nurses that were prompt with my pain management. There were other things I had some issues with that I had to keep asking for such as some hygiene products. I dumped that stupid measuring thing that's they put in the toilet to measure your urine when I was trying to dump it and it went all over the floor. I was so embarrassed and it took forever to get someone to clean it up. I didn't want the nurses to help me in the bathroom so I guess it was partly my fault. I was constantly drinking cranberry juice and apple juice as well as tons of water so I was peeing all the time. It was apparrant that I was not having kidney problems =)) I was so thirsty for some reason and I also had a sore throat so I kept eating ice chips.
  • Just had someone on here a one day member named dingbat, write me a private message saying to not be such a drama queen and ill get better help...Hmmm :? :T First of...everyones pains diffrent...being compleetly ignored and in so much pain I would pass out from it...I was out of it from the drugs and simply out of it...LMAO...they musta been one of my nurses? I SIMPLY LOVE how some are so quick to judge badly others...Thought this was for as a whole...really make me sad anymore. Im not supposed to have drama during more pain than i could of ever imagined,on a ton of meds that dropped my blood pressure to this day...yet dont have drama!? Guess thats like telling someone whos lost a loved one not to cry...telling a crippled person to suck it up...walk anyways...I dunno all...sorry so long...just sometimes...yes when people are EDITED it irks me to no end! ~X( /:) :$
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    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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