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revision anterior fusion c5/6 & posterior fusion c5/6

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
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Hi, I live in New Zealand and had an accident 2 years ago resulting in a prolapse disc C5/6. Had Anterior fusion and graft in Aug 2007 and have had ongoing pain ever since. My surgeon told me the fusion was solid and referred me to a pain clinic for chronic pain. I demanded a 2nd opinion and discovered that the fusion was not solid. I'm now told I need to have two further surgeries which may or may not resolve the pain. :/ I am so glad to have found this site, hoping to get some advice and support from people who have been there before me.


  • Welcome to spine-health...
  • :) hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. i sure hope you are getting more than one opinion on these upcoming surgeries. you can see the necessity of it. good luck! have a look around the forum and make yourself at home! Jenny :)
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  • Hi Jill,
    I'm not sure how medical works where you live but when I go to my NS I get to see things like the MRI and the XRays they take to review fusion. My surgeon explains what I am looking at so I can make informed decisions. Your surgeon should have reviewed xrays with you on follow up appointments and shown the fusion to you. You would have been able to see for yourself if it was solid or not. I am so sorry that you are finding you need more surgery. My suggestion (like others) is to get a second opinion and to ask questions and be sure you are satisfied with the answers you get. No one knows us better then we know ourselves so don't be railroaded by any doctor if you are not happy with what you hear.

    *the opinions expressed in this email are just that "my opinions" and have no medical basis except my own knowledge.

    Good luck and I wish you future pain free days,

  • Welcome to the site. It is terrible that you have had to suffer for 2 years thinking that you had fused, when you havne't. Good thing you did get a second opinion, somehting I learned to do while using this site, and did get three before my surgery, and I really like and trust my current surgeion, but,,,, if at anytime I was unsure or if I am unsure of his answers to me, I will be gettting anther opinoin of how my fusion is coming along,,, so far, so good.

    You will learn much here, have great support, and you are in a communitly that all too well knows of the fears , anxiety, questions and pain of those who suffer with spine issues.

    I truly hope you future surgeriesy do releive the pain you are in.

    Have you yet got a date for the next surgery?

    WIshing you the best
  • I have had the same problems my doctor was totaly confused he said all looks well on films but I could barely function finally after 18 months and 2 fusion surgeries on c6-c7 and c5-c6 he sent me for a catscan with contrast when it came back it showed my body was rejecting both fusions. MRI's and x-rays didn't show such problems. I had a posterior fusion on nov 17 and when the doctor came in after surgery he apoligized to me for not listening better he aloud I was a complete mess where the fusions are and that was why I had been in so much pain. It has been along 5 weeks but I am starting to feel better the posterior surgery is really painful and difficult to bounce back from but it's possible with faith and will power. Good luck and don't ever give up it may be difficult sometimes when you feel like the doctors aren't listening but keep insisting somethimg is wrong. Something else that works well is to take your husband if your married with you on your appointments because for some reasons doctors treat you better
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  • TJC said:

    Something else that works well is to take your husband if your married with you on your appointments because for some reasons doctors treat you better

    As frustrating as this is, it is absolutely true! After one doctor started insulting me, my husband goes to EVERY appointment with me now. It's amazing how nice doctors are to a woman when "her man" is there to "protect" her. Ahhhh!!! If you don't have a husband, take your father, brother or any guy who will go with you. Just makes me ~X(

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