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Pain, Limitations, and Disability Rejection



  • Can I ask on your results for your Osteoarthritis, Bulging discs, stenosis and bone spurs how big they are? Are they giving nerve root compression or spinal cord compression?
    You seems to have some of the same stuff I do, and was just wondering. My doctor says my stuff is to minimal for surgery and doesn't really know why I am in or have been in so much pain. He of course gives me meds, shots, and PT...But I don't know.
    My list of problems is in my signature to compare.

    I hope you find a way out of this hole.
  • You know... I have NEVER been able to get specifics out of my doctor as to exactly what is happening and where. I've asked countless times, but they dance around the question pretty effectively. My NS that I have just started seeing said that my nerves on the L side are being pinched, due to severe narrowing of the passageway. I do have intermittent periods of what I call nerve "misfires", where I make an effort to move my fingers (and sometimes even my legs) and they don't do what I expect them to do. An example would be clicking the mouse button, but instead of my finger moving, my arm twitches, or there was a period where my leg would not support me. If I attempted to stand, I would collapse to the floor.

    Looking at your signature, you do seem to have a lot of the same things that I have. Just typing this, my arms have twitched, rather than fingers typing letters several times. Very odd sensation.

    I know this isn't an exact answer to your question, but that's really all of the information they give me. I might start pressing my new NS for some more specific information as he seems to be more open to communicating with his patients. The doctors in my area are worthless to say the least...
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  • You are entitled to copies of your results from MRI, Xrays or any other tests you've had. You may have to pay a fee but it's worth it. A lot of what's on the report is hard to understand because it's in doctor's terms but at least you have the report and can research it on your own and go for a second or third opinion. I am sorry to hear what you are going through. My husband's job has been slow. He's a carpenter and because of the economy, people don't have the money to build new houses, get roofs, siding, decks etc so he hasn't been working and my disability doesn't cover it. He doesn't get unemployment because he's self employed. We at least qualified for gov't medical insurance which helps out a great deal between all my issues and my son has allergies and bouts of asthmatic bronchitis constantly and his meds are very expensive.
  • I do think surgeons take in age as a factor. My first neck injury was at the age 22 and then my second injury I was 40 but I did not have surgery until I was 50. In those years before my surgery I would have episodes of pain but it would leave and stay gone for long periods of time. The last 2 years before my surgey my right arm hurt all the time, it never stopped. My surgery, not kidding, was a nightmare. There are days I wish I had never done it. There is a lot that can go wrong and they do not promise that you will be pain free. That could be the reason they do not want to do fusion on someone of a young age. I do know a few young people who have had fusion surgery and they are still in, if not, more pain.....I guess it is just a chance you take. Where I have my MRI done they will give you a print out of the MRI report before surgery showed 8mm indentions and some 7mm, my neck was a mess. I tell people, the surgeon broke my neck and put it back together.

  • I am deeply saddened by your situation and understand your despair. I wish there was a simple solution so that you can stay in your house. What I can't figure out is why your doctor won't do more for you. I had two back surgeries in my thirties and age was never an issue. This was after I went through conservative treatments of course. I still struggle with a lot of pain despite all that. I hope you and your family figure a way out of this crisis and that you and your wife get to feeling better. Take care
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  • MING - I probably worded that pretty poorly... I do have copies of all of my MRI's, but as for an actual explanation of everything that is going wrong, they are anything but forthcoming. In fact, it wasn't until my meeting with this new NS that I found out that my nerve passageway was severely compressed, which did a lot to explain the funny symptoms I have been experiencing, outside of pain, of course.

    SHAR51 - The NS hopes to do disc replacement, rather than fusion. That is IF they decide to do anything, at all. Fusion is the option of last resort, in this. But, the NS said that even fusion would be a step above what is going on with me, now. Of course, that is with the exception of the possibility that the pain will still exist. I hope they can do SOMETHING, though. I am currently taking Norco (10/325) for the pain and it is getting to the point to where even THAT isn't touching it. The morphine I take at night is hardly doing anything, either, and I am on the 30mg dose. When pain meds start losing effectiveness, the doctors need to figure something out... I would hope, anyway!

    MEYDEY321 - Thanks for that. I somewhat understand why age would be an issue for surgery... just for the fact that it's not a guaranteed fix. BUT... to say that I am just too young to have these problems is ignorant on the doctor's part. I was just blown away when he said that! I'm hopeful that there's going to be a happy ending to all of this. Just at this point, I'm having a hard time seeing how it could happen, if you know what I mean. Thanks for the well wishes!
  • You might also contact your congressman, or any state senators or legislatures about your disability denial. They are sometimes able to help in these cases.I would write letters to anyone you can think of who might be able to help you, and also if possible, any letters from doctors, neuro, etc. who might help. My prayers are with you. Life just doesn't seem fair sometimes, dos it?

  • Contacting local and regional political seats is an avenue I had not even thought of! Brilliant! =D>

    Looks like I'm going to be a very busy man, writing letters! Thanks for the inspiration!
  • Hi there...sort of new around here. Sorry for all the problems. I would be in your same boat if I wasn't married to a great guy. I had to stop working last December due to my neck pain and haven't been back to work since. I can totally understand how you can't work. I did work from home on the computer too and had to stop that as well...just no way to bend over so many hours a week.

    Your neck diagnoses sound exactly what I've gotten too...every bit of it...even up to the "I don't know why you hurt so much". I have DDD, bulging 4-6 and OA and and also in my 30's with pinched nerves and have strange symptoms like you. Just got a new MRI for new L5-S1 disc herniation. I know the docs/surgeons I've seen want to wait longer b/c of my age too...which I'm fine with (some severe days I want whatever it takes).

    About the SSD...I've always heard that everyone gets denied and to ALWAYS appeal and you usually get it then. I know its a long wait. I would certainly look into an attorney though b/c I don't think they charge you unless they win your case, and then they take some of your pay (the back pay that you would be getting now that you aren't getting anyway). Just a thought...wouldn't hurt to make a call and check.

    I agree about your house...the banks have way too many on their hands...maybe you can hold them off?

    God bless you and your family.
  • It's crazy. It seems that when I hit the age of 30, my health started to deteriorate. My wife made good fun of that, but when she turned 30, her health took a downward turn, as well. All we can do is just laugh at the coincidence. Luckily, we both have good humour.

    Scary how similar our symptoms and physical anomalies are. The only difference is, my PCP understands that I am in a lot of pain. He is the only doctor that I've seen that has made a motion to do something about it. All he has done, though, is give me pain meds. Meds that are losing their effectiveness. It's kind of scary to think that if they wish to continue medicating my problem, I might have to go on stronger pain meds. Just what I want to avoid!

    About SSD, my SSD interviewer even warned me that I would be denied, initially. That just ticked me off. My cousin eventually was awarded SSD for having anxiety when out in public. I am in too much pain to move, most days... how can I be denied for SSD? I will never understand how that works. But I do know that it is a broken system that is in immediate need of repair.

    Thanks for the comments! :)
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