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  • This is only MY experience. When on long acting Duragesic my PM doctor said a glass of wine with dinner or something occasional was OK. I understood he wasnt talking about going to a party downing jello shots and playing beer pong,lol. Once I took a break thru med he discouraged any alcohol use. After surgery I am off all long actings and avoid any alcohol until 4-6 hours after taking anything. So the first 4 weeks were out for me, because I stuck to the medication schedule. Now I just be mindful of what I do.

    I think everyone is different and drinks for different reasons, whats good for one is not good for another. The warnings are there for a good reason. Ask your prescribing doctor what they think.

    Hugs Shell
  • Hi:

    Unless you really like wine (or whatever drink), it seems like more trouble than it is worth.

    My opinion, I say don't drink!

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  • If I am having to take my pain meds, I do not drink.
  • Funny story, I remember when I was interviewing surgeons for my fusion. One of the PAs asked me if I drank at all and I replied that I don't because I wasn't supposed to with the meds that I was on. She looked at me like, "wow, she actually listens to the requirements." :))(
  • Even when I don't want to. I am not taking a pain med during the day right now, just a muscle relaxer and the gabapentin. I wonder what the pharmacist would say about having a glass of wine or a bourbon and ginger on Christmas.

    Will see...

    One Love,

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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,125
    I probably am not the best person to answer this question.
    Part of my outside of work job is running wine tastings. As
    such I do drink wine (but as Bruce said, have to use common sense)
    9 months ago when I was on Oyxcontin, Oxycodone, plus other medications, I did not drink, if I did I was in never ever land.

    Now that my medications are much less, I will enjoy wine.

    I do not however get behind a wheel after that. Sometimes its hard enough for my reactions when I am not drinking, so I dont need anything that is going to dull them further.

    I learned a long time ago, that moderation and common sense are two important aspects you need in your life. Follow them and you should be ok
  • But, some peoples version of common sense is different than others. For example, I might think "Ok, one or two tequila drinks should be my limit and I need a ride. After all I have had some pain meds this morning." While another person may think "Well, perhaps I shouldn't drink the worm cause I heard that is where all the powerful stuff is. Yeah, I can make it home on my own with just a fifth. After all, I did leave the worm in the bottle and I only had a few pain pills today. Oh yeah, and I am going to stop by (enter local grease pit of choice) on my way home and get some cheese fries. Yeah!"

    See what I mean?

    (in jest of course)

    One Love,

  • The pharmacist isn't your doctor and you are taking medication. Like some others mentioned, it says on the medication label not to mix the medication with alcohol. I would bet the pharmacist would say, don't drink.

    I say avoid the alcohol all together to be safe.

    Why is it so important to "DRINK" anyway???

  • But, I did grow up with my family extended and otherwise who drink. We drink at holidays and events. There are no alcoholics in my family. There has never been any taboo associated with it. Therefore I have never felt the desire to binge drink or anything of that nature. I simply was curious about the effect of drinking alcohol if you have taken pain meds, even 24 hours apart. I certainly would not jeopordize my health for a drink.

    One Love,

  • enjoy an occassional drink. I know I do. <:P To each their own I say. Personally, I absolutley refuse to drink if I have taken anything. However, I don't drink that often. If I do have plans where I think I will drink, I don't take the pills. I rely on the endorphins from the excitement of actually getting out of the house, and the few drinks I have to kind of "deal with" the pain. ;) But that's just me. Like the title of the post said, I'm not judging. I believe everyone knows their own body. I'm just a frady cat. :S <br />
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