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Post Op Question

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical

I had Anterior discectomy with fusion on c6-c7 last Tuesday the 9th. I got out of the hospital on Thursday. I was feeling pretty good over the last few days until today. Today, my shoulder blade pain has returned as it was before my surgery and I am scared to death that the surgery did not work.

I was fairly active yesterday so I am hoping that is why I feel this way. I realize I will have discomfort but for some reason I was hoping the pain would be a different pain.

Please let me know your thoughts....

Thank you so much.


  • I don't think I did anything really active for about 3 weeks after my surgery. Don't overdo it. I've had my ups and downs as others on here have. Just be careful what you do.

  • Thanks, I did not think I did too much yesterday either but today I am really hurting. I was hoping to start cutting down on the meds but I will have to wait.

    Thanks again.
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  • You aren't very long post-op, and you will have good days and bad. Just take it really easy...even if you are having a good day and you think you can do something, DON'T! For me, my shoulder pain was the most persistent, and I used heating pads and ice packs daily on top of my meds for the first 4-6 weeks. I am now 8 weeks post op and fusing very well, but I've still only had a couple days where I've felt "normal". I, too, have had a few days where my arm was tingly like it was before surgery and it made me nervous. But then over the next day or two I would feel better, so I learned not to get too worked up about the bad days. I was very tired and slept a lot during the first month, so don't ever deny yourself a little nap. Don't worry about cutting down on pain meds until you are ready. Being in pain can impede healing, so keep yourself comfortable. Seriously, take it easy and be good now, so you can write back and tell us how great you are doing by the end of January!
  • I am glad I looked at this again before I went to sleep nervous. Thanks for the post and the information, I really appreciate your advice.

    I also feel better about the shoulder and arm pain. It makes me feel better to know that this shoulder pain was something that is not uncommon. The shoulder was the worse pain for me before surgery so I am paranoid!

    Have a Blessed Holiday.
  • I was almost euhorphic the first 2 days-no pain, then some, then none-did too much-then more pain, more drugs, back and forth. Now I am 11 days post-op and have been reading a lot of posts here and realize the operation is only the beginning of the healing process-not the end. The nevres are rebounding and will make a muscle spasms for no reason, or for a good reason. I too had work on c7 and my shoulder is has the worse pain although the spasms will go into the arm as well on most days. I don't remember, (isn't that funny how that is?) but my husband clearly recalls the same thing happened when I had c5 worked on 10 years ago. It was up and down and took months for me to not give a thought to my neck.

    Take people's advice. Take it easy for the next month-ESPECIALLY on the days you feel great, that is the healing time.

    I wish I could take my own advice but that is why I have always been known as a bad patient :) Good luck!
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  • been almost 5 wks post op was doing great after surgey. shoulders hurt because of the way the surgeon positioned me for surgery. pain went away after 1st week due to daughter rubbing out the knot in my shoulder. went painless for 2 wks and then shoulders started hurting again. getting better again think it was due to storm going through and got a cold.just have to take it easy. if in some pain just relax and take it easy. i do a lot of walking and get fresh air. dont sit around. even if you have to walk around house. i did that first week. today ill probably take it easy. not doing much. depends on how you feel.
  • My surgery was Oct. 21. I went home on Oct. 22 and felt like superwoman. I was doing things I shouldn't have, but I had adrenaline raging through me. My husband even said "Can't you act like you just had surgery?!?!" :))(

    Two days later, I'm sitting in my recliner and my hubby asked me how I was feeling and I said, "Like I just had surgery."

    I think we get jazzed after surgery because the dread of it is over and wasn't as horrible as we thought and then we're so glad to be home. But, it does slap you in the face. So take care, take it easy, and don't do too much.

    I still have pain. I just went back to work part time and am amazed at how hard it is. Good thing they are understanding.

  • Happy to say that today is a better day. I have not done alot at all, except taking my walks. My doctor called today and they are refilling my pain meds with vicodin instead of percocet.

    Thanks for all the comments, I am so happy I found this site.
  • I think the walks really helped me.

    Oh and I'm with you on the med switch. Percocet made me so loopy I couldn't figure out where I was half the time. :))) I pretty much got off the major pain meds after about a week.

    Flexiril may be the next medication you'll want to check on. It helps if you have muscle spasms later. Which happened to me about 4 weeks out.
  • Hi there..
    I am now just over 3 months...I think Jan 3 will be my 4 month post op from a two level ACDF with titanium plate and screws on C 4-6. In Jan of 2008 I had a posterior cervical foraminotomy of C 3-5.

    I am just now starting to feel a bit better, and I am still on almost the same amount of meds as I was before surgery.

    I had been in PM for 3 1/2 yrs for a different injury and the got all better and was off meds and pain free but it was short lived as I had the car accident and the neck injury.

    After my ACDF I did a lot of walking and believe me it started out as walks to the bathroom. Then I gradually started to go outside and do a little of walking a few times a day.

    In the first week post op I made a big mistake and went shopping with my Mom....Wrong thing to do....although I had been doing a lot of walking the walking in a big grocery warehouse was not the right thing to do!

    Little baby steps with a lot of rest. I was resting or napping two times a day for about the first month and 1/2.

    Everyones body is a different so please losten to your body!!! I too should listen to my own advice becasue I stil...overdo sometimes and I stil get big time pain flares....but the good news is that I am actually starting to feel better and tolerate more.

    It is sort of a balancing act after sugery! Sometimes I would s=do an activity and no pain later..then another day do the same activity and tons of pain...seemed like there was no ryhm or reason to the pain. Time time time has been my best friend.
    Oh and of course the heating pad! LOL Love the heating pad so much I have one for upstairs and one for down stairs....

    Not sure if your doctor has you in a hard collar or not because different surgeons do different things, but as uncomfy as the collar was it made all the difference in the world for me!! Then into the soft collar transition I had some pain flares then as well.

    Just take it one day at a time and when you feel really good don't push yourself to continue!!!

    Hope that helps some and feel free to PM for support anytime...I check every other day or so and will always respond!!
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