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Could use some advice...

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Hey All, some of you might remember me, I was on here a couple months ago, been pretty busy. I have some problems with my current medications, and even though my GP is very thoughtful and takes things into consideration, I am at my wit's end with my meds. Currently, Im taking 20-30mg oxycodone every 4 hours, Mobic for inflammation, zoloft for anxiety. Well, I was told that generic oxycontin was back out in the pharmacy again, so I told my GP that, and she wrote me a script for a months worth at 2x a day,60 pills.(40mg) she told me to keep the oxycodone for BT pain. Well, I pick this new rx up and go to fill it, and he tells me $340! Oxycontin are $6-7 a pill. The only generic out right now are in 10mg and are $5 a pill! GRRR! Well, I had $50 on me and an appt with my GP on Monday morning. So, I had them fill the rx for 8 pills, enough to last me til monday so it wouldnt warrant a trip to the ER because Im out of meds. Well I took the 40mg when I got home, its been 3 hours, no relief. This happened last time I tried taking it as well. I never have relief with ER meds, I wonder why. So I took 20mg oxycodone for BT and of course the pain is subsiding, but not sure what to tell my GP on monday. Cant really walk in there saying "the 40mg arent enough, Doc" I have no insurance at the moment(waiting for disability) so everything is out of pocket. The only 2 reasons why I liked taking the oxycodone is 1. they work instantly and last about 3-4 hours and cost me $22 a week. They work well, but am sometimes forced to take 30mg instead of $20 due to severe pain(fell on already injured back last week due to snow) What should I tell my Dr? She wants to start me on methadone, but I dont want to go on that yet honestly, because she scared me saying the oxycodone withdrawals would be hard while switching to methadone? Im thinking of asking her to keep me on 20 or 30mg oxycodone until I find out about disability insurance in a week or 2, then maybe bumping me up past 40mg oxycontin? IS methadone horrible? Do they make Instant Release oxycodone in 30mg? Sorry so long, just need some insight! ~God Bless~ :H


  • Not sure how to help you, but I did notice you were taking Nexium. Is that the only stomach med that works for you? There are several other ones on the Walmart $4 list so they might save you some money if you can take them instead. Mobic is on the $4 list at Walmart.

    Hope you qualify for the disability prescription assistance. I would hope your doc would be sympathetic and would understand not wanting to switch meds until you find out about the insurance situation.

    I haven't taken methadone myself and hope to not ever do so. I do know that it takes some time for it to kick in because you have to build up a level and it depends on how many fat cells you have(I think it likes to saturate the fat cells first, not real sure there.) You can taper the oxy in the meantime if you switch or get meds to help with withdrawals but only in low doses as you don't know when the methadone will kick in.

    I understand that some people get good relief from methadone but I would not want to be on it for many reasons, main one being the stigma associated with it.

    What about asking for something like Flexeril to help you sleep?($4) What about asking for phenergan($4) that is a nausea drug but potentiates the effect of narcotics(makes them seem stronger) and would help sleep?

    Sorry I can't offer more, really just wanted to make sure you knew about the drugs you do take that are only $4 at Walmart(and probably other stores that have those programs.)
  • I am on methadone and it helps me a great deal. Will she slowly reduce the oxycodone while titrating up on the methadone? Methadone build ip in your system and stays there a long, long time. Normally the doc only goes up every 5 days on the methadone in order to find the point that you get relief. I was able to continue on my short acting meds while building the methadone up not sure if that will work for you or not. Also, methadone is dirt cheap. My doc says that it is every bit as effective as oxycontin at a fraction of the cost. I pay $1.98 per month with insurance. I think that it would be $10.00 w/o insurance. Good luck.
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  • Like you, I had issues with ER meds for some odd reason and my PM Doc, finally put me on Methadone. Like ER nurse said, Methadone does store in your fat cells and it gives you a long pain relief period. For me it only took about 4 days to have a fair amount of build up in my system and that was at my original dosis of 10Mg. 3 times a day. Another good thing about Methadone is that it helps with nerve pain and I have found that I get no side effects from it and it is very cheap. Right now I am at 40 Mg.'s a day and for my monthly supply I pay $5.00. With the current economic times and you not having insurance you might want to try to get into Methadone and then ask your Doctor to walk you thru the tapering down from your Oxycodone so you don't have any unpleasant side effects. Good luck to you,
  • i was on methadone for 3 months.
    he switched me straight off the fentynl patch to the meth.
    let me tell you it was a wonder drug.
    i was on only 5mg in the morning and 5mg at night.
    it worked the very first pill and i never once had a withdrawal from the patch.
    matter of fact never had a withdrawal from any of the meds he tried me on then switched the next month.
    but of course ding bat me said i don't want anymore because at that point we found the issue and i had surgery.
    ok then had surgery over again and im back at square 1.

    i know others will have something to say. but i also am weary about long term effects of the methadone.
    only from what iv read in the phamplets and the web.
    i know when taken as perscribed your safe. but seriously what are the LONG term effects, meaning 2yrs down the road or more..
    no one will ever know as our systems are all different.
    1 person could take it for years and be fine.
    another could take it for a year and have issues.
    so thats a tuff one to call.
    i guess that would go for all long acting narcotics.

    so explain all this to your dr. they will listen if your straight forward with them just like you did to us.

    because to me taking 3 pills (im getting the impression your taking (3) 10mg oxycodone (percocet)at a time to get relief)??? thats alot if your taking them every 4 hrs.
    only saying that because of the tylenol in them..
    as the max daily allowance for tylenol is 4000 mg.
    so 8 pills in 24 hrs would be the max if your on 10/500.

    straight oxycontin without the tylenol did not dent my pain.
    some ppl it works well for.
    we all operate differently..

    hang in there O:)
    let us know how you make out..
    terri xoxox
  • The best advice I can give is to look the doctor in the eye and tell the truth. We all metabolize things differently. I went from the dreaded "Hill-Billy Heroin" to hydrocodone with no problems. Instant relief oxycodone, like Percocet? It's my opinion that most doctors know when you're telling them something you think they want to hear opposed to the truth.

    Your doctor doesn't know yore waiting for disability? My doctor knows more about me than my spouse and that's saying something. With your list of previous medications one would think that your doctor should KNOW 30mgs should provide you more relief. Good luck on your disability, mine took forever.

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  • When I was taking methadone it was not only dirt cheap BUT it also did relieve my pain. I was still on my BT percocet also. ER meds do not work for me either. I have to stay on the short acting meds. Oxycotin was way expensive and did NOT relieve any pain that I could notice. So that is when I was switched to Methadone. It helped a great deal and I was on 5mg 3xper day. The side effects that I did have with teh Methadone was, decreased sex drive, difficulty urinating, and there were nights that I couldn't sleep. Teh sleep issue slowly dissapated after I was on the Methadone for a month or so. The sex drive issues and urinating issues seemed to never go away! So I decided to go off of the Methadone because of those 2 things. I had an enormous amount of pain relief compared to the oxycotin. As long as you take it as prescribed you should be fine. All meds have a stigma attached to them but I think oxycotin and Methadone have even a worse stigma. Methadone was made for pain relief but then they figured out that it helped ppl with heroin withdrawl. So I think that ppl look at it as a "legal heroin". My cash price on the methadone was about 15 bucks or so a month for 90 5mg tabs. Give it a whirl but give it a couple weeks to kick into your system. As stated above it has a long half life, so when that builds up in your system they do work better. Keep us posted and good to see you are still around. LOL It has been a long while since you have been on here.
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