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Hello, 31yr old Male. Fusion scheduled for Jan. 13th....Help!!!



  • I myself am 28. I had a lower back fusion with 6 screws,rods and cadaver bone put in...they had to manipulate my bones into place. mine is degenerative as bones chip and brake almost like chalk...anyways after the surgery it was the worst thing i could ever have imagined...not trying to scarre ya...just the truth from my eyes hun. Was bad im sure for most anyone whos had this done? I am post opp 2 years almost now...My bone graph has not taken...and i now have at least 2 screws broken. I am schedualed to have them removed on the 7th. My screws stick out more than they used to from being broken, pluss anytime i move a certain way I have the worst shooting pains along my right side of back. SO scared about this next surgery it aint even funny! :jawdrop: But once again this is me! I have a lot of factors aginst me! I do too much physical stuff...i smoke and drink carbonated beverages..."thets both very bad for bone patcients.
    If in hospital your in alot of pain, dontbe affraid to ask for more. You might need it...I was out out for about a month after surgery, month before i got out of bed and moved to more months later i started walking round back yard...just SLOWLY started getting better to deal with ..."alot of it has to do with pain killers", ive been on norco and morphine for 2 1/2 yrs+? Trust me i honestly do not think i could do half the stuff i do withought it!
    Everyone heals sure youll fair well...i realy hate pain, am kinda of a puss...but let us all know what you learn and or how it turns out ..goodluck, if u need to ask anything else write me again incase i forget to look back here! WOuld love to help if i can...knows its scary! @) ima wreck about this next one, under the knife.
  • Nothing with my discs. I had a spondy (a broken vertebra) and so my situation is different than yours PLUS I'm a great deal older (just turned 58 when I had the surgery). I did believe the post-op was pretty brutal but was up walking the same day as the surgery and was encouraged to walk as much as I could (without overdoing it---which was a conundrum I grappled with on a daily basis) and was doing well, constantly improving, pain improving until, whammo, it all started getting worse. This is not an unusual story. It has to do with scar tissue formation around the nerve root and there doesn't seem to be any known way to prevent it. It either happens or it doesn't. If it happens, you'll be like Meydey and me. If it doesn't you'll be fine. But this, I think is the big risk and would agree with Painintheback. Your surgeon says, "if you fix just the disc, you MAY have to go back and have a fusion". Okay, then you go back and have the fusion. But, as she said, "you cannot undo a bad one". Talk to your surgeon about scar tissue. Ugh!
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  • Thanks to all who have posted, I have a list of questions for my surgeon now. I otherwise would not have known a single thing about any of this. Keep the replies comin' and Thanks so much again.
  • SeaHawk and painintheback...where in SC do y'all live?
    I grew up in Seneca (near Clemson) and lived in SC until I was 30...I'm 51 now and can't wait to get back in a couple of years for good!...I can't take this armpit state of FL much it's back to The Greatest State in the Union soon! God Bless SC

    no advice about your fusion as I have mine coming up next month...hope you start to feel better soon! I'll give you the lowdown after I get back home

  • I am from Myrtle Beach born and raised. I've also lived in Florida {Delray Beach), LA,DC and Chicago. Always end up back home though. I've been to Seneca, its nice. I have a friend that I played football with named Gary Hamby, he's from Walhalla. ya know him?
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  • SeaHawk3 said:

    I am from Myrtle Beach born and raised. I've also lived in Florida {Delray Beach), LA,DC and Chicago. Always end up back home though. I've been to Seneca, its nice. I have a friend that I played football with named Gary Hamby, he's from Walhalla. ya know him?
    I don't believe so on Gary...I'm in Jacksonville now...there are some Hamby's from Seneca whose daughter went to high school with me....a "few" years before you, I'm sure. A girl, Cindy, who is my age (51). Ah, yea, MB...The Bowry and The Upper Room...those were days that can never be memory is escaping me on the name of the motel that had the crosswalk where you could climb up and jump off into their Olympic sized pool. I went to college with a girl from MB...I can't remember her name, but I surely can remember everything else about her. I've got childhood friends in Georgetown, and now you've got me wanting some Calabash and Murrell's Inlet seafood
  • did you know that they closed down the Pavillion and amusements in MB? A real travesty. Trying to make it for golfers only I guess. I too have tons of memories from MB. I never wanted to live there though. I am from Charleston.
  • the collapse of that new park is the karma they get for closing the Pavilion...shame on them for closing all that stuff down

    I've got a cousin who was an elementary school principal that has lived in Mount Pleasant for 30 years...she "upgraded" after living in Goose Creek for a few years
  • That is questionable. I lived in Goose Creek and you could not pay me to live in Mt. Pleasant with all the yuppies. I guess it all depends on what you are looking for.
  • painintheback, I was not taking a shot at that area at all in that sense. I was only meaning in terms of the general cost of the two areas. I, too, am neither Mt Pleasant nor Isle of Palms material by any means. And yes, you are is all in what you want

    I did not mean to offend you or strike a nerve
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