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Hello, 31yr old Male. Fusion scheduled for Jan. 13th....Help!!!



  • Yea, they should have just upgraded the existing Pavilion instead of allowing the new one. It was a disaster from the start and the new folks that came in didn't listen to ANY of the suggestions from the local businesses with proven success of seasonal and off-season marketing/operations. I actually used to deliver beer to The Bowery in my younger years, when I was 18 i mean. Did you know that the owner would buy all Natural Light kegs and then tap them as Budweiser and Bud Light. Nobody can really tell the difference anyway when it comes to draft and they bought so many kegs a week that we would just allow it. Funny little story though. My office is in Murrells Inlet and yes, I do enjoy the seafood as well, Calabash too.
    Painintheback- I went to Charleston Southern University, played a little football there, back when we were horrible. They've seemed to gotten a little better since they hired a new coach though. If I had to live another place in SC than here, it would be Charleston for sure. As you two have some stories from here, I've got some from Charleston as well. Haha!
    I went to do my Pre-Op lab work today. Really not looking forward to the surgery. (who would?) I found out a little more about the details. I'm getting a L4-5 PLIF with some kinda screws. This is what my surgeon suggested. Someone on here asked why not get the less invasive surgery and just have them take out the severely herniated part of the disc and if it herniates again than fuse it at that point. My sergeons reply when I asked him was that both discs are degenerated and he's seen with young, active patients that he's mostly had to do the surgery again within a short period of time. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated, Thanks again.
  • I was not offended at all. I was actually joking about it. :D
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  • that said that I would always opt for the least invasive first. There are sooooo many people that have failed fusions and worse pain. Just take a look at the last several new members. Of course some are successful but I think the odds are 50/50. It is of course your decision to make though. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  • Hello SeaHawk

    Its vidal you do what the Doctors say after surgery!
    If you use tobacco at all you need quit it will slow down healing
    process! ;))
    First month you need be careful if you was to fall i could
    mess up where you had surgery!

    You may feel better after two months but your back not complete healed! #o
    The medicate can fool you in thinking your back healed as well!

    It can take any where from 6 to 9 months for your back to heal! :jawdrop:

    If they use screws and rods in your back they will need to come out after
    you have complete healed!

    If not the screws and rods can cause you lot of unwanted pain! :''(

    In my case i was injury when i was 37 hand surgery a year later!

    Being type person that doesn't like to be tight down and stubborn! =;

    After two days in the hospital i went home against the Doc better judgment! #o

    In first two weeks i had have someone help me do every thing . :''(

    My 3 week i was up moving around on the computer even driving my self!

    The fourth week i was walking on flat ground and fell .

    The bone in one of my fusion moved and healing stopped !

    I now have one that healed and one that not healed.

    There hole about the size of nickle you can see in the x-rays in my spine. :jawdrop:

    It will never heal and i can never have back surgery again!

    Doctors said it would be to dangerous for my health and i could or i could end up
    in wheelchair! :jawdrop:

    Good luck SeaHawk <):) <br />

  • Thanks chronic, You have me pegged. I do use tobacco, Copenhagen Snuff. Guess I will have to quit. I definitely don't want to slow the healing the process. Thanks for your help.
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  • I smoke cig's too. dr said thats a good part to why my fusion didnt take and why my screws broke. :''( well as drinking carbonated drinks...and be carefull. :SS
  • I just had a 2 level TLIF on 11/17 and am feeling pretty good. Your post has scared me to death. How long post surgery did your recovery stall and you started to feel worse due to the scar tissue?? I am so sorry for you.
  • Sorry, I'm new to the site and need to introduce myself but my last response was to Stockbroker. Thank you
  • I hope your pre op visit was a little reassuring in a way. Now you know more details about your fusion. The type of screws they usually go with are titanium. I was told at my clinic that during the winter, titanium gets cold and it causes more pain. I was surprised to hear that, and wondered if that was ever written about. Anyway, don't mean to scare you, it's just one of the many things you're not told about and wished you knew. If your doctor says anything about that, please let me know, I'm very curious. Well, I'll be behind you all the way and thinking of you on Jan. 13. Take care and have fun during these festivities. <:P
  • Wow, there are alot of people out there who have had very challenging hospitalizations and recoveries. I know you said you chose a friend to do your surgery. I hope your friend has a stellar reputation and is up to date in all the new techniques available to you. I researched surgeons and ended up driving from the Cleveland/Akron area to Cincinnti. No way was I going the Cleveland Clinic route, not that they aren't good with some things, they're just not for me. The doctor I chose stated that he would only allow a resident surgeon to watch and not touch. That was important to me as I am a nurse and I know first hand the horror stories.I chose a neurosurgeon because I preferred someone who was accustommed to delicate surgeries as opposed to an ortho who saws bones. Now I know I opened up a can of worms and will hear from many readers. The bottom line is that regardless of who you chose to operate on you that you have done your research in regards to their skills. Also, what type of technique is being used . . . there are many new less invasive methods, arthroscopic tools and microscopes. I had a TLIF L5-S1 and a Posterior arthrodises L4-L5, I have 6 titanium screws with the new FDA approved Dyanesis flexible hardware for the L4 portion and the L5-S1 is fused with bmp which my neurosurgeon stated was the best material he has ever seen for a fusion. (Yes, I know you aren't having a fusion)I spent 2 overnights on a surgical floor with a Morphine Pca pump for 1 day. Typically a patient like me goes home the next day and doesn't have a Pca pump. Any more these types of hospital stays are the norm, althought some readers here have experienced much worse. So, be optimistic, do your research. I'm 12 days post op and feel really great except for the burning sensation in my lower leg and foot that is expected to go away and is just from the previously compressed nerves being decompressed so they are irritated. Maybe I'm not the norm but for you and everyone else facing surgery I hope the best..and if you are scared it is normal. Ask for a valium while you are getting ready to go to OR, it helps!!!
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