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Is this "normal"



  • My surgery was the day after yours, so I know how you feel. I still have problems sleeping through the night and when I do get up I am very stiff until I have moved around some. For me the mornings are definately better and I start to get worse as the day goes on. I had my husband take me out for a couple of hours yesterday, and I was tired at the end, but it felt good to get out. I start PT on Tuesday, and I also can't wait to get some more exercises to stretch out. Now I am afraid to do too much.

    My back has been feeling better than it was. My biggest problem is that I have been having pain in my right thigh, in the evenings at times it has been stabbing pain in the thigh. I am hoping that it is my nerves healing.

    I just wanted to wish you luck on your recovery! :D
  • I had drop foot for almost exactly fifteen months, I lost entire sensation about four hours after I threw my back out playing sand volleyball (not smart when I was already buldging at L4) I had the worst charlie horse pain ever for about an hour and then feeling all down my shin muscle, top of the foot, and in my toes. Somehow my thigh and calf were not affected. At first I tripped, stumbled, tossed off sandles. I learned to compensate though so I didnt drag my foot or send shoes like missles after the first month. I didnt loose strength so much because it was soooo sudden, the loss of strength was gradual but hard to measure because I was inable to pick my foot up off the ground at my ankle. I did have nerve testing done on all my major nerves. It was two tests one was an EMG and the other I dont remember the name but basically they stuck pads in different places and shocked my nerve to see if the muscle would contract, the second test they stuck little needles in my muscle and had me flex and they listened to my muscles. The test came back that I had no nerve damage in any major nerve but significant weakness in my left leg, the whole leg. The test was conducted about nine months after the injury (insurance red tape) and by that time I had lost most of the strength as that nerve wasn't able to tell that muscle to move so atrophy was setting in. We tried some PT to regain strength but it only made it worse as the muscle only cramped and BURNED because my foot was unable to recieve the signal to move. I thought I would just have it forever and I had learned to "walk" without dragging. However after surgery I was immediatley able to pull my foot up and now it is a matter of getting that muscle strong along my shin (not calf)as well as the ankle. The sensation part is coming back slow in area's and feeling things again is wierd and sometimes uncomfortable but that should subside as the nerve heals. The pereneal nerve usually is the nerve that is pinched or damaged and causes drop foot but it doesnt mean that the sciatic isnt the root nerve being pinched either.
    I would reccomend a nerve test if you can get one, to me it sounds like you get a little inflamed or move wrong and the nerve gets pinched off temporarily and trust me when I say you dont want it to pinch off all together.
    Hope that helps :)
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  • I will hopefully be in PT the same day as you, so we can actually maybe track progress together since your surgery was the day after mine. Its going to take me a little time to get all stretched and strong due to my left leg but I am hopeful and looking forward to just getting the ball rolling although I know PT can hurt like hell at times. If you would ever want to send me a PM that would be great, let me know how you are progressing :)
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