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Curious Question

snapdragonssnapdragon Posts: 58
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
After reading a number of posts, I'm curious. How many here have developed cervical issues because of an accident and how many due to "life" (as my NS puts it). I'm wondering if the cause of the problem has any relation on how well one does after surgery.

I had disc compression in c5 - c7, with what I call jumbo sized osteophytes. After a two level ACDF with a Ti plate, I'm feeling pretty good, a bit of muscle soreness. I start PT on Tuesday, we'll see how happy I am after that. :)))


  • My cerical issues started with a "minor" rear ending and hitting the car in front of me. Less than four months later, I was hit by a careless driver who ran though a red light. My neck is a mess now, and I am left not knowing what to do- C5,C6 herniation and pinched nerve down C6. Now I am left with injuries that prevent me from working-intensive pain...on Lyrica, Zytram, Zipliclone, and Tramadol. So this is what ruined my neck.
  • My problems are from an accident.....actually three of them. That's right, I was rear-ended THREE TIMES IN ONE SUMMER. That did it for me!
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  • rear-end car accident for me kid in hurry couldn't wait for me to stop at a stop sign, pushed my car half way threw it. I took pics on my old cell phone. Was a active mom b4 then now I manage day to day. I have my acdf set up for jan 7th at 6 am.
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,609
    of cervical situations was NOT the result of an accident or other serious trauma.
    I would say that whiplash is one car accident situation that can cause many serious cervical issues if not immediately then years later.

    I also dont believe that the majority of lumbar issues were the result of an accident.
    But by reading many posts here, there does seem to be a number of people who are suffering thoracic problems as a result of a trauma. That would probably fall in line, since the thoracic discs are 'suppose' to be the strongest and rigid discs, different to herniate.
  • My cervical issues are "due to life." Wear and tear, heredity, etc. I also have alot of osteophytes and often wonder what the heck happened and why. ---Mazy
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  • Nobody is really sure what caused my major neck issues, but the best guess is that it began with a bad car accident I was in about 28 years ago when (not wearing a seatbelt)I was hit head on and got thrown into the windshield head first. Doc suggests that my C6-7 was damaged and as it collapsed, put pressure on C5-6 and was the domino effect from there. I didn't even have noticable pain from my cervical problems until last April.
  • Then banged me into a rock wall. Then my car rolled over twice and landed passenger side down while I dangled in a seatbelt. I am pretty sure that's what caused my neck problems since I hadn't had ANY before that.
  • I believe mine is from a bad fall. I dropped something hot from the oven to the floor and then slipped on it, but my neck didn't hurt right after it, it was a couple of weeks later, I had trouble getting out of bed and it's been all down hill from there. That was 21/2 years ago and after trying everything else, I finally had surgery 2 weeks ago....hopefully it will be all up hill from here.
  • Accidents and career choices, sports and hobbies,...I guess it might have all started from one accident that led to posture problems and from there everything has been affected. At the same time, I have swung from being very active to being very inactive (due to depression) injuries are compounded by the way in which I have treated and mistreated my body over the years. Anyway, behaving myself and being mindful of where I am has been helpful in healing and creating a zest for life.

  • No idea but the MRI showed loss of disk thickness and OS, so it's probably hereditary, but me horseback riding and skiing and being a spaz probably didn't help. I think me living my life is what did me in for 2 operations, but I don't think I would change anything, except I might have refused to walk on icy ground and held onto more stair rails :)

    I'm sorry for those of you who have had accidents and bad falls!
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