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neck collar

hoochmunchhhoochmunch Posts: 6
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
hi i'm new to the forum.had acdf done on 12/4/08 doctor says have to wear for 4 weeks driving me nuts can not get comfortable at all. can not lie down been sleeping in recliner for 3 months now.dctor says can live normal life after with only 5% rotation lost. on 10 weight limit.does any body has suggestion for coping with the collar.also my head seems to cocked to one side just slightly is this normal after surgery.


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072

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    i've gone through the acdf surgery twice and both times had to wear a hard collar 24x7 for about 7-8 weeks. there were no shortcuts or really anything that made it easier to use.
    for sleeping, a recliner was the best option and i slowly starting to use a wedge on my bed that sort of made it like a hospital bed.
    i kept two collars so i can switch off every couple of days.
    for me, it turned it to be more of a mind game on how to deal with the collar.
    there might be other cervical surgical patients who have other ideas
  • suggly but comfortable-especially so my neck would not rise above the normal level and my cheeks would not ride up over the collar. Maybe you should have the doctor look at it and adjust it. I was told I didn;t have to wear it at night but you should follow your doctors directions if that is what he told you. Sometimes we assume we heard something i nour drugged state at the hospital but need clarification once we get home. Call him and tell him what is going on.

    Good luck!
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  • I have worn mine now for 14 weeks, Just last week my doc told me I can take it off to shower and PT and when I am sitting but only for a little bit each time... I have not drivven since August 26... I have the vistor aspen collar and it allows you to fit it to your neck to make it comfortable... I sleep in mine also, I guess after awhile you just get used to it.... I so hated it in the begining.... Good luck to you and please do what your doc has said, you dont want to go through this again...
  • hooch
    i guess it depends on doctors how long or if at all you wear a collar. mine was irritable for 1st couple weeks. slept in first 4 wks. then could sleep without and sit around house without but need to wear all times out and about for 2 wks. due to bad weather hear im going to wear it on walks. i was allowed to shower without it i had to cover surgery area with plastic wrap and tape. this way i could let the hot shower wrk on my knotted neck, but keeping head straight and stiff. any time i ate or sat on the couch i would loosen collar since it was easier to eat with it loose. hard to swallow food with it on. im pretty limber and its been almost 6 wks
    so just give it time.
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