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Is This Normal???

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
On Christmas Eve, I was startled walking out of my bedroom as my daughter was walking in...we almost bumped into one another, and after that, my neck hurt so much. I had a lot of family over that day and probably did more than I should have, but ever since, my neck has been hurting and I don't know if it's because I did something to it when I was walking out of my bedroom or if it's from not resting enough on Christmas. I stayed in bed all day yesterday to rest, but I now have this sharp burning pain in my shoulder blade that I did not have before this incident.
I remember reading on here about people having this kind of pain, so I don't know if this is all part of the process or if I did something to my neck. I know we are not doctors here but I would like your feedback or experience......
Thank You,



  • You are really new out of surgery yet. I would make a call to your surgeon to make them aware of the situation. Have you tried a muscle relaxer or some heat. Could just be muscle's that are tense but then you never know. My best advice is to make the call to the surgeon. How long before you have a follow-up appointment. I hope it gets better for you soon. Let us know.
  • I did put ice on it for awhile the day it happened, but it really didn't help. I have skelaxin to take as needed, but didn't take it lately.....I will take it tonight though and see if it helps and I quess if this pain doesn't go away by Monday, I'll call my Doctor to let him know. I just went for my first post op appointment on Monday and he said everything looked good but that was before this happened. I get afraid that a screw could brake or something like that. I didn't realize I had all those screws in me (6) until I saw the x rays.
    Thanks for your input
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  • Car accident almost 4 years ago... after 3 months of therapy I kept getting worse. FINALLY my Family Doc. ordered an MRI with in a week I was in Surgery for the first time. ( I've had 3 ) I am extremely allergic to metal, so the first time they used the plastic peek cage. Did great after all the ER visits and 1 trip to the ER in an Aid unit, and adverse reactions to meds were over. it took me about 5 months to feel some what human again. At about my 10 month mark I began to have headaches again. Nothing that couldn't be managed with over the counter pain meds. ALL THOUGH THATS WHEN ALL THE FUN BEGAN !!! Apparently I was the "perfect" candidate for this new type of hardware.... "NOT" I've had a spinal headache now for almost three years !!!and 2 additional surgeries. Medication... Morphine, Dilaudid,Soma,Klonapin, Phenegren. The headache just wont go away. Tried all and I mean all types of therapy. One draw back is that there are these radiopaque beads embedded in my bone graft. Tested positive for being allergic to the product. Where to go from here ????? Contacted the manufacturer and had my surgeon call and speak with them as well. Pompas ass, I guess someone who knows everything doesn't like to be told "your wrong" How does a piece of hardware that is self contained including those beads, be taken apart and inserted into the graft have no kind of recourse for the person responsible. I'm stuck, no way to get them out, yet I live in this hell everyday. I've seen 3 neurosurgeons, 2 neurologist's, 6 massage therapist's, 5 different pain intervention specialist's, I could go on and on..... HELP
  • that happened to me too and i was told that it was just some inflammation from tensing up my muscles. it will eventually go away.i'm now eight months out and my son went to scare his daughter the other day,jumped out of his bedroom,unfortunately i was right behind her,she didn't jump but i certainly did.Scared the hell out of me. My neck really hurt and i'm still having muscle spasms and its been four days since it happened. ;)
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