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Back pain

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Should I get another opinion??? I dont know where to turn. I had a harrington rod implanted 1977, thats over 30 years ago, was fine for a few years, had children, pain started shortly after that, dealt with it for years, ignoring it like it was going to go away, haha.....2002,I had L5S1 fusion surgery that caused a root nerve problem, i have now nerve damage on right side and no ankle reflex however, it apparently failed since the pain came back. Besides the kyphosis in upper back causing arthritic pain all the time and no apparent fractures or herniations there, the lower back is what my spine doctor is looking at. He wants to do a ALIF(anterior lumbar interbody fusion) and then put a metal plate over the L5 area with two screws to make sure if my body doesnt create bone, it wont matter. My 2nd consult suggested a total back reconstructive surgery to remove my harrington rod totally and replace with a instrument that would cover from cervical area(for the kyphosis) down to my L5 S1 with the repair there. I have avoided both suggestions and am in limbo....pain is getting worse and i know I have to make a decision soon. I dont know where to look - all specialty doctors recommended to me are not participating with our insurance, i cant afford nor do we have any out of network benefits, NONE.....after reading this myself, i am wondering if you all agree that I need yet another MD to look over all my testing???? Has anyone ever heard of Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein from NYU Hospital for Joint diseases-spines????NY NY


  • Are we suppose to name specific doctors and or hospitals in the forum?
  • Where you're at with docs, no matter what their names are, whether or not they accept your insurance doesn't sound like you are confident in what they are saying. I would get opinions until you find someone who not only accepts your insurance, or is willing to work with you financially and that you feel confident in. Having any doc work you involves a tremendous amount of trust based on very little information. There are no other circumstances in our lives where an individual can talk with us for fifteen or twenty minutes and we allow them into our homes, into our personal space where we feel most vulnerable, and put our lives in their hands. We do more of a background check on nannies, day cares, and cleaning people. This is your back, your life and your future. If you don't feel confident with the docs you've seen, find one that inspires more than what I hear you saying in your post, which sounds like fear and apprehension. :/
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  • I think you need a 3rd opinion. I know that may be hard to get but maybe an OrthoSurgeon. Why does he have to remove the rod? Best of luck friend. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I agree with toduke45duke, I am very new to this and really don't understand why some drs. mine in particular is against surgery for me and others who say do it NOW. All I can advise is you MUST find a doctor you trust with your LIFE! My pediatric/adult Neurosurgeon did a successful cervical spine corepectomy on me in 2000, now she has advised me to wear a Bivalve Brace for a pars fracture, DDD and severe lumbar spinal stenosis. I'm in the brace since December 19, 2008 and my life has changed tremendously. Yes, sometimes I am embarrassed, and mildy uncomfortable, but I can walk miles if I choose, I do have pain when I take it off at night, but it is mild in comparision to before the brace. Im I afraid to wait for surgery till I get a drop foot or worse, OH YES indeed, but I TRUST my DOCTOR with my SPINAL life. This to me is the be all and end all of what I do with my back. Is she Human yes, can she be WRONG yes, indeed she can, but she is the most KNOWLEDGEBLE person I know and YES I TRUST HER BEST OPNION. Life is a crap shoot, know and trust the players!
    God Bless.
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