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Soma and Klonopin



  • maybe try 1/2 the dose of the klonopin, but you know best if it's not helping you. The thing with your hand, I would definitely attribute to sleeping position as mentioned before. I had that happen when I was about 15 yrs old; I woke up and both arms of mine were ENTIRELY dead asleep; it was a frightening experience, but not med related in any way.

    Terri is right though; we will talk about a LOT of things on here, but your doc might get cold feet if you toss around medicine names. Sometimes it's best to just describe to them the situation for which a certain med makes sense for you, and let THEM fill in the blanks with what they are comfortable with.

    Have you tried ever tried vicodin/norco? When my back was not so bad, years ago, soma and norco worked wonders for me, but when I tried percocet for a month, the soma still helped but the percocet didn't really do much at all. I always found the active med in percocet (oxycodone) to only work for me with accumulation; i.e. if I took one, then another 3 hours later, then another 3 hours later, THEN I would get relief. But one at a time, spread apart, nothing. The norco works for me just fine one at a time, randomly. You don't seem too keen on trying strong stuff, maybe another percocet equivalent is worth a try..?

    As always good luck finding the right meds when you see your doc, and take care! Happy Holidays

  • I know that I didn't sleep on it because it was on a pillow on my belly when I went to sleep last night because of the numbness and tingling in my hand during the day. It was still on my pillow this morning. JWM I just hate pain meds in general but I also like being functional. My ortho doc had me on the Percocet and Valium combination then I went to a Neurologist because I have Chiari Malformation which causes headaches. Well he felt my shoulders and felt the knots and that's when he changed my meds to Klonopin and Soma and took me off the Percocet and Valium. So now I don't know what to say to my ortho doc on Monday morning except maybe "Sorry." I feel stuck between these two doctors. I told Terri earlier I feel like I'm on my way to the principals office Monday morning. I know they are both doing what is best for me but NEITHER of them have addressed my tingling in my right hand yet. But Terri you know what I was thinking about this today and I wonder if it's because of the 3 hour long MRI I had last Friday. I wonder if the tingling is a pinched nerve somewhere from laying there for so long. I never even put these two things together until just a little while ago. As you can tell it's 11:15 pm where I am and I am wide awake because now I'm afraid to take anything! So here I sit with my back on a heating pad wishing the spasms would just stop and my hand is still tingling which will surely keep me awake. I'm seriously considering Tylenol PM until Monday when I see my ortho again.
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  • only had Soma, but it works great for my muscle spasms (much better than Skelaxin and doesn't knock me out quite as bad as Flexeril.)

    I hope you find a combination that works for you. That hand numbness would have also scared me to death! Glad it was short-lived.

  • I am so afraid to go face my Ortho surgeon this morning to try to explain all of this to him. I really didn't go to the Neuro to replace my medications for my spasms. I still havee the same headache I went into his office with. But I think he's putting the pain in the back of my neck together with my headache. I hope he's right. I haven't taken the Klonopin again though since my experience the other night. I went back to my baby Valium instead and would gladly tell the Neuro's office if they would ever call me back. Which they never did so I did what I thought was right for me. I know my ortho doc will be happy to never have to write me a presciption for pain meds again if I can learn to tolerate the Soma. I just want the tingling in my right hand to stop and I want my spasms gone. Could he suggest something for nerve pain? I know a lot of people on here take things for nerve pain. That's the only thing I want my Ortho to do for me today.
  • I have taken the generic for klonopin - clonazapam for a long time. It helps so much with anxiety and panic type feelings - I don't know what I'd do without it. It makes me feel more calm and if this makes sense, see things more rationally and also it helps me sleep, my dosage is 0.5 mg
    and I take 1 in the morning when I wake up, 1 (if I need it) around 3 p.m. and 2 at bedtime.
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  • I have had my drugs messed with so many times in the last 2 weeks I feel like a tennis ball. I have tried to call the Dr's office twice about the side effects of Klonopin. I absolutely could not tolerate it. He started me out on 1mg at night only. But I want my Valium back! I was doing very well on it for my panic attacks since I had gotten used to it. He gave me more Soma since it works better for the spasms than the Valium was doing. He also started me on yet another new pain med that I had never heard of Ultracet? From what I've gathered it's Tramadol with Tylenol in it. I've never taken Tramadol either. So I don't know what to do anymore. I just do whatever I'm told.
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