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shoulder pain

cla_guaccla_gua Posts: 186
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
I wanted to know if anyone has any good suggestions for muscle pain in the shoulder blades. I am going to get trigger point injections on Jan 28. So something I can do at home for now. I am really hurting on my shoulders but where the shoulders meet at the base of my neck. I usually get this pain when I am on the computer but today I got it for no reason all day long. I haven't done anything really to get this flare up.

I was also wondering do most of you get these type flare up? At the base of your neck where your shoulders meet? I have problems from c5-6, c6-7, and c7-t1.



  • I have pain there also and today it is really bad. It's a burning, stabbing kind of pain and even my pain meds don't help. I got that kind of pain right after I woke up from surgery and I don't know what it is or what causes it. I remember my Doctor saying that it hurt from him stetching everything. I'm laying down and that's helping, but nothing else seems to help. How long ago did you have your surgery, that is if you did?
  • My neuro says it is muscle strain. After my surgery mine was worse than ever. When they fused C5-6, it made the neck muscles have to stretch farther than they did before, thus increasing the pain. But it's now over a year later, and I still have the pain. Stress and tension also contribute to it. A lot of people recommend icing, but heat works better for me. OTC anti-inflammatories such as Aleve or Nupriin work, but I take Baclofen for muscle spaspms, along with neurontin, which help some, as well as Tramadol. Once it's flared up, it's a bugger to quiet down. Good luck, and rest as much as you can.

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  • Sounds like a muscle spasm or strain to me. I get it a lot from my neck problems.
    Irritated nerves in the neck can lead to various pains in neck, shoulders, skull, arms and so on.
    Not much you can do except GET OFF THE B****Y COMPUTER!

    Sitting at a computer gripping a mouse is the WORST thing you can do when you have a dodgy neck or back.
    A key board is little better. Because you grip the mouse your muscles from the wrist through arm to shoulder are under constant tension, and there is a price to pay.
    Plus there is probably a posture problem from leaning towards the screen for long periods of time.
    Limit yourself to 10 minutes at a time, say, for a few weeks. It takes a long time to heal, and you can undo the good in one session.
    If it starts to hurt, STOP.
    Take a good pain killer with a good dose of a muscle relaxant.
    And STAY OFF the computer!
  • Thanks for the great advice. I haven't had any surgery. I have a large bulge or protrusion (still a debate with some doctors) at c5-6, minimal bulges at c6-7 and c7-t1. I am going to start limiting my computer time. Do you do any kind of stretches or exercises that help that area?
  • You will probably need to get it well settled before putting more stress on the muscles with stretching and so on.
    I went to a physio for my neck and shoulder, and while he found nothing much wrong, he did give me some neck strengthening exercise, which I studiously avoid doing.
    Very simply, they were:
    1. chin to chest
    2. lean up to wall and push against it.
    3. back to wall, push back with head and shoulders.
    These are isometric exercises. You may be able to find others on the Internet.
    Avoid weights. My GP suggested arm raisers with light weights, but that had to stop when it very quickly hurt like mad.
    With any new exercise, start off VERY slowly and cautiously. It is a temptation to do a lot because it feels OK, but the damage is done very quickly, and then once again you are back to square one.
    These things can take many months to heal, depending on the severity.
    I feel that you never fully recover, and each relapse drops your achievable level a little.
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