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  • I think Interventional Pain Therapy is really the use of meds, thats just what my clinic is called.
    Ive done the injections but for one thing, i might just be a big baby but i dont think theres anything in this world that hurts worse than those do!

    My pain dr does injections, and after he tried them the first time he said THAT was IT- he wasnt doing it again lol.. I bawled around and had to stay in the office for almost 4 hours because it made my blood pressure so high. (I NEVER have high blood pressure!).

    SO ive been using only meds for relief for quite some time.
    I am rxd OxyContin, Ultram, and Norco... The OxyContin im allowed two a day, BUT I only ever need them a few times a month. Im one of the few people that like Ultram and I do use it, I also take the Norco as prescribed, every day.

    OK- BIOFEEDBACK.. I havent a clue what that is!!!!! Please tell me!
  • haha =)) I don't know what it is I thought you would know. I'm interested in trying it though
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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  • I have to say though- I dont have the troubles with my PM that Ive read from other posters here. WOW some of these threads are crazy. I just got done reading one where you have to be seen twice a month, your pills are counted, bottles are checked for dates, you are urine tested and you are fingerprinted at the pharmacy!
    You have got to be kidding me.
    There are cups in my docs office for urine screening, but in the years ive been there, (about 8) ive only been screened twice. And once was my initial consult. You do take your meds with you, but he doesnt count them. Though i guess he could!
    I ALSO DONT LIVE in a state where all that script monitoring comes into play either. I think a lot of the doctors that impose all of those rules are almost forced into it after their STATES start all that stuff! Hopefully my state doesnt enact any of those laws for a long time lol.
    I should knock on wood, but ive never had anything happen to my meds or anything happen where I ran out and had to call him, so maybe thats why he doesnt do the screens? WHo knows! I really dont think he would refill even if someone stole mine though.
    I know when I started seeing him I signed a contract saying NO refills for ANY reason, EVEN with a police report! So god forbid if anything ever did happen!

    ANYWAY, i just happened to be reading some posts about PMS when I saw the reply on this one, so thats what sparked my rant on the subject. Thanks for listening!
  • HAHHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thats funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Usually when I write LOL, im not really doing it, but when I read that, I really am LOL. LOL.
    Im an LOL addict...
    Not dependent, addict LOL.
  • Im looking it up- Now im curious...
    IF ITS PAINFUL, i dont want any biofeedback though!
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  • I swear I just looked that up and this is what i got:

    Biofeedback therapists are professionals who specialize in biofeedback.

    HAHA-- that really clears things up!
  • You won't fiod kinder people anywhere O:) ) But some of us are in very bad pain and some days our fruststations and pain may come through and we may not alway be so sweet-I'm sorry it that happens to you-I will never do that because I'm just not that kind of person, but if you see such a post-please forgive the poster. We are only human aferall :X

    So sorry to see such a beautiful and young person in such pain but I have found a pain shared is a pain halved and that may be part of the biofeedback that may help you. You fel thye pain, you share and we relate and you feel better just knowig others understand. Feel it in your heart and soul-it may help you or make you laugh at thwe silliness of it all-either way it takes your mind off yourpain for a second :) Welcome again!
  • I just noticed you have MSCONTIN on your meds. That is time released Morphine?
    Do you think it works well?
  • Totally understandable Turtle.
    I myself have those days. Im like you, I still wont take it out on other people. But I can understand it happening.
    The forum I was talking about earlier, these people did it every day, post after post. I really think they were just trying to be mean!
  • I used to be on a time released Morphine pill, for the life of myself I cant remember what it was called- I remember it being a capsule and there being millions of little clear balls inside of it.
    I know it made me sick and I wasnt on it very long. I dont remember it being called MSCONTIN, though-
    That must be something different.
    Ive had a few really good months, directly after having a few REALLY BAD ONES. So right now, im not having to use the time released so much (mine is oxyc)...
    But just wondered about the Mscontin for possible future attacks.
    What is it in the two that makes up the "contin"?
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