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  • Morphine sulfate continous. I take 60 mg 2X day sometimes I take my night dose only 1 pill early if I'm having too much pain. I have percocet for btp but rarely take it. I'm glad I'm not in the States where there's agreements and pill counting yet. Yes Turtle is that biofeedback or distraction? for humour to get your mind off the pain. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I just did some reading on the biofeedback... Still dont get it lol..
    Well, I guess I get it, but im not sure what it would be good for, to be honest???

    I dont think thats the same thing i was on a while ago. Still cant remember what it was called, but that doesnt sound like it.. Does yours have a million little clear balls inside a capsule?
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    I just got that part-
    So OxyCONTIN, is continuous OXYcodone and then the MSCONTIN is continuous Morphine. Nice to know!
    I dont remember that morphine pill having any CONTIN in it but i know it was supposed to be a time released morphien pill. Ive never taken anything that made me as sick as that pill did.
    It was probably 4 years ago that I was prescribed that though so it might not be a real popular thing anymore. Is mscontin new? Maybe it replaced that kind of pill.

    Ive always taken the meds my doctor decided was the best for my circumstances, and never really been curious about others, just taken them. Since I got into the forums and groups ive gotten more curious as to what is out there, and what I have taken and what exactly it was that ive tried in the past, etc.
  • Biofeedback is basically using some sort of monitoring system while you yourself try to relax and bring your heart rate and blood pressure down. Some are also about getting better blood flow to all parts of your body.

    For instance, an easy one. Tape or connect a thermometer to your finger and focus on changing the temp. It means you are changing the blood flow in your hands. (remember the old mood rings ... ) If a person wearing a mood ring got it to turn blue, then they were supposed to be happy ... it just meant their hands had good blood flow, which in turn means the rest of their body does and hence pain levels have a tendency to come down.

    Some systems they use will have a computer screen showing you thing to aid you in bringing down your heart rate and blood pressure.

    An Interventional Pain Clinic is typically one that treats pain by means other than medication. To "intervene", is to "interfere" in the pain cycle. These clinics typically specialize in Epidurals, Blocks, Rhizotomies, Acupuncture and Neuro-Stimulators.

  • i have finally figured out that the rod the doctor put in my neck to hold my head when i had my neck broken has come loose and does not show on a mri any of you know where the rod would go and how big it is it was screwed on at c5 c6 thanks will be watching for answer please help

    nancy in canada
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  • I keep retyping this sentence because everytime I type it out, it sounds like im totally dissing BIOFEEDBACK, when Im not...Im genuinely curious and genuinely confused about it-

    So with that in mind- What good would that do someone? I can easily see that helping with someone who has anger issues, stress issues, etc. But not pain? I can even see it helping with weightloss/smoking, as you could "calm" yourself when needing the cigarette/food, etc... BUT w/pain control, could you actually teach your body to respond to pain and lessen it this way?

    Thanks for the Interventional Pain def., also.. That would explain the type of clinic I go to. They do all of those things but also prescribe medication. Im sure any clinic that does anything to Intervene in ones pain problems would technically be a Interventional Pain Clinic? Just depends on whether they elect to include that word in their title or not, i would guess!
  • Do you know if its a harrington rod?
    It used to show up and now it doesnt?
  • It has been proven that things like certain breathing techniques, meditation and biofeedback, can all work as a PART OF a pain management program. Not completely. Stress is a great trigger for pain or increased pain levels, so if you can reduce the stress, in essence you can reduce the pain or shorten the timeframe it is around.

    Some Pain Clinics are all about medications and no procedures and therefore are not considered to be Interventional Pain Clinics. I see where you are coming from and in essence are right by definition, but ....

  • I am in almost the same boat that you are in. I had a failed surgery last year and now I am left with no option but the meds. I too am hopeful that one day soon a new spinal technique will come along and fix my problems. Until then, we will all continue to support one another.
  • That is very interesting, and I really mean that.
    Im really up for anything and will research the biofeedback subject more deeply.
    My "Interventional Pain Clinic" has two offices. One office is where you go for appts and refills/etc.
    The other office is actually like being in an Operating Room/ER. Its set up for him to do all of his xrays, injections, etc. Ive personally only done the injections one time, and like i said in the one post, it was bad. I bawled and ended up being there for a long time because my blood pressure went up so high. It hurt SOOO bad. Maybe I just have too much hardware for that stuff, I dont know, but i wouldnt ever try it again!
    My PM does many diff kinds of injections, diff kinds of spinal cord stimulation, radiofrequency denervation, also does the morphine pumps, and that kind of stuff. And of course meds.
    I was just surprised to hear that there are PMS that do the stuff listed but dont go to meds, as it seems to me as if that would be quite a big part of anyones pain management, even if it is for a limited time.
    PAININTHEBACK- and Like painintheback, im in a stage where im just w/meds, as the other therapies just arent an option for the problems causing my pain. Of course I was a little discouraged to hear this at first, but My DOC also has told me that these meds are made for people like US, People shouldnt have to live in pain, that is why these meds are out there, and in no way should I sit around and feel bad about using them, SO after that lecture, Ive just taken the meds, LIVED A NORMAL LIFE (TY DOC) and until something is invented to help, this is where Ill be!

    Ill try anything once, even twice if it doesnt hurt that bad lol. Sounds like biofeedback isnt painful, so that could be an avenue for me,and like I said before Im certainly going to look into it!
    Thnx for the info Hagland!
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