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Back Surgery (Men)

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
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:/ This all started with a rearend MVA in 2002
I'm currently scheduled for 2 Level back fusion
L4/L5-S1, I have already had 3 microdiscectomies 1st L4- in 06/05 2nd L5- in 07/06 3rd S1- in 08/06, At all three levels and have received at least 12-15 series of 3 epidural/nerve (steroid/cortizone)/block injections. The number #1 worst procedure is the Disco-gram (OFF THE CHART PAIN) never again NEVER. Once they take you off conscience sedation it starts out like a fat bicycle tire and then feels like an Elephant with three of his fellow pachyderm friends are all balancing on the first Elephants one foot right in the spot they pushed all this fluid into your discs which are twice there normal size so you can imagine what that does to your nerves in your back and legs. Mylogram was uncomfrtable but nothing compared to Disco-gram. I can not and do not take any oral pain med due to it creating flu like symptoms and you all know what dry heaves/vomiting can do to make your back even worse, The only thing I use for Muscle cramps/pain is Xanax and flexeril, I have tried several different nausea control pills with little to no affect I have even tried a duragesic patch I think fentanyl/morphine I had some nausea my primary attending Dr. Nero is wanting to do Anterior and another Dr. Ortho recommends Posterior, I'm a Male 46 and have heard/read some bad things about Anterior surgery w/sexual related functions or losing lack of use or problems related to Anterior vs Posterior which doesn't have as much affect with moving all my abdominal organs so Nero can do the work necessary, Both Drs. are out of the UW and board certified in their field.
I would really like some info from similar male patients w/similar concerns and post-op recover time expectation. I know both surgeries have there complication and benefits. But I'm sure some of you other men have brought this concern to your Dr. and probably received the same or close answers from them about this issue, I have been told up to 3 out of 10 of all male patients can lose this function/use. I don't want to sound like this is my only concern but it is is a large part of my decision of anterior-vs-posterior


  • :) hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. well, i am a girl so i can't help you with your exact problem but we do have pain in common. ~X( i am sure someone will drop by who can help you. you might try the "Back and Neck Surgery" forum or even "Chronic Pain" for some more input. good luck as you seek pain relief! =D> Jenny :)
  • I had a TLIF done in November and really bounced up quickly the 1st 3 weeks. I was up next day, off morphine in about 18 hrs and walking around the hospital wing next morning. I have had little complications except severe aching in my legs early on and now back spasms after about the 3rd week after i lye down. Those are just now starting to back off a little. I am going to attempt to go back to work on the 5th of jan. I did not look at a lot of other options as this seemed to me the best way to go as far as risk and structurally. I did not have any other procedures prior as i was warned of failure. i had a very difficult time deciding to have surgery as it scared me badly. Mainly irrational fear of paralysis plus your concerns as well. i 2 was L-4, S-1 fusion. I am 41. Hope it helps pm if youd like and good luck.

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  • From your TLIF the surgery that you had done to the one I'm about to have done?
    My primary doc wants to do this fusion from Front ALIF,
    2nd doc recommends to do from back side PLIF

    Thanx Mike

    2002 MVA 2 level disc rupture L4-L5-S1, DDD, 3 Microdiscectomies, too many injections to list ,CPS, RLS, No Pain Meds
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