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I got canned

sphelanclarkssphelanclark Posts: 6
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Spinal Stenosis
well I dont know legal this is but Ive been out on disability since aug 2008, I recieved a phone call a few days prior to christmas telling me I no longer had a job.
they stated since my fmla time was over they had the right to discontinue my employment. I thought they had to give you 2 weeks notice and they didnt. any way thats ok since my doc has deemed me permanantly disabled I will be applying for ssi/disabilty. another thing why do people park in handicapped spaces when they arent handicapped. I would give anything to be able to walk more than a few feet without a cane and without excruciating pain. are these people complete morons! any way thanks for letting me vent.


  • dont fret it too much, get ahold of a workmens comp rep, or a attorney and see if there are any options.I too hate to see the handicapped places taken, shame on them!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

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  • When my brother, who was disabled, saw a non-handicapped person park in a handicapped zone, he'd just hock a big loogy onto their windshield.

    I guess it made him feel better. :))(
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  • Is there a section on Spine Health for those of us who might be considering trying for disability? Susan

    p.s. Cath111 That sounds like a real "guy" was of dealing with things. My husband would surely take a similar approach and then he would never think of it again. It sure seems to be superior to we women who tend to dwell and obsess. Good for him. (I didn't say that.)
  • Susan, you hit the nail on the head. =))
  • happened to me , but my boss didnt want to lose me so they let me apply for a personal leave for 8 weeks, but I am not going to be ready for that either,,, Doctor deemed me disabled also...Im 4 months into this... I have applyed for LTD and SSI but not heard from either yet... LTD is dragging its feet trying to make it prexhisting condition,.. but I am having Faith in God and praying it will be accepted... Thanks to all my friends that are thinking good thoughts for me also... I need a miracle and I know God can make it happen.....
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  • Is there for all of us!

    (I hope so!) Each day I look!

    Look up the owestry disability index and will help you see how bad you are. You may be surprised. I was.
    You kinda struggle on and think of it as the norm, until one day you actually stop and see that kneeling on the floor to eat and crying as you walk and then pain rips throu you so you can't stand is not right!

    Who was I kiddin?

    Sorry to hear about the job. I hope it resolves soon.
  • I'm so sorry. Wish they hadn't picked the holidays of all times to give you the news.

    Hang in there,

  • I'm a little offended. My mom is disabled because of eye sight. She is 84, walks just fine...blind. Just looking at her you wouldn't think she is disabled but is. She can't drive, nor see the big E on the chart. She sees things sometimes, but much differently. So don't aways just assume it is a mobility issue. Just a point of view. The doctor/gov decides who meets the criteria not you!
  • 5 months post op for lum/lam with fusion/Hardware. Still have left leg pain & severe left foot pain. I just returned to work the past two days and it has been horrible. I've been considering ss disability but am afraid to try. I don't know that I would have the dr's backing. I don't think my gp or ns wants to be involved in it. Has anyone else tried to file?

    DDD, Osteo Arth, rotoscoliosis, lumbar radicuopathy, L5-S1 deteriorated disc. spinal stenosis, osteo in hands, elbow & knees. lumbar spondylosis, osteophyte & mild facet arthopathy, fibromyalgia, bilateral mastectomy with implants. In general feel bad. The ns doesn't believe in pain meds. The GP will give me soma, ambian and ultram but really thinks an anti-depressant will fix everything. I am so tired of all of this. The gp doc doesn't want to send me to pain management either. He thinks the recent back surgery should have taken care of all problems and my nerve pain in my foot will go away. I'm pretty discouraged right now and having a really good pity party!

  • that this happened to you. The exact same thing happened to me. They do not have to hold your job when your FMLA time is up. I feel like lots of employers don't want the liability that goes along with us once we are diagnosed as having back issues. I know that it still does not make you feel very good and I am sorry for that.
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