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daughter's back surgery

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Hi, my 14 year old daughter had surgery last march ('08) to
treat spondylolisthesis L4/L5. The surgery has not relieved the pain and now we are considering a fusion. If anyone has had any experience with this type of surgery in someone so young I would love to hear from you. I hate to put her through this if it is going to give her the same result as last time. But don't know what else to do. She can't go to school or do anything a girl her age should be enjoying. She's in constant pain. Any input you can give me would be much appriciated.


  • :) hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. i was 15 when i ruptured two discs in my back. :''( i can still remember missing high school events and even just hanging out with friends. i am sure this must make her sad at times to be left out of all those things. :''( you seem so concerned i am sure you are there for her. such a good mom!!! :X my mom used to have my friends over for sleep overs even though i did most of the sleeping because of the meds!! =)) i had a double laminectomy and it was a success for me so i cannot speak to your particular problem. i just wanted you to tell your daughter i understand!! :D i wish you all the best and for your daughter to find the pain relief she needs!! Jenny :)
  • can't be anything worse as a parent than having to watch your child in such pain. It's hard enough to face this as an adult, but to have your childhood taken away - so sad.

    I will thinking of you. This is a wonderful supportive site. I hope you find some comfort here.

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  • Hi Savsmom, I am sorry your daughter is suffering so at such a young age. I had fusion for spondy, but I am 41. I do consider it a success, as it has resolved my leg pain and limp. I still have back pain though, but I am used to having back pain since I was 17 years old. I would suggest you get several opinions from different Spine surgeons. Make sure they are fellowship trained and board certified. There is no going back from fusion, as it is a permanent fix, successful or not. I wish your daughter a successful outcome. This is a great site for info and support. Most of us here are adults, but I have seen a few posts regarding teenagers. Good-luck, let us know what happens, Cali-Sue
  • I can't offer any advice here as I have cervical issues but I wanted to offer my support for your daughter and you. It must be so tough for her to be her age and go through this. She must be one tough cookie!

    Please know that you will find a wealth of help and support here. I'll be keeping your daughter in my thoughts- she deserves to have her youth with a healthy body.

    Welcome to SH,

  • I think the best thing would be finding a way to prolong it as long as possible. Advancements are being made every day... It's better for someone so young so have something that DOESN'T have a domino effect, so she doesn't end up with her entire spine fused by the time she is 30, ya know? Just my thoughts.
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  • Thanks for the advice. We are going to wait it out for a couple months more and keep trying the bone stimulator. Have you ever used one of those? So far it hasn't worked but it's worth trying for a little while longer. So, I've read a lot of posts where people talk about needing another fusion within a few years after the first one. Why is that? My daughter's doc hasn't talked to us about that yet. She's only 14. If that's the case, does it mean that she'll be going thru this her whole life, eventually being completely fused (and at a reletively young age)? Also, has anyone had any good results with a TENS? We're getting one tomarrow. I'm not even sure what that is but I guess it's suppose to help with pain. We dicided to take her off the narcotic pain meds. because she's been on them for nearly 2 years and we're afraid of the long term affects (addictive posibilities). Also, I wonder if the metal in her back could be causing some of her pain. She says she can feel it sometimes. Is that normal? Any insight would be appriciated. Thanks
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