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How soon post op were you able to get out & about?



  • at 1 week post fusion? I couldn't wipe my --- at 1 week.
    That is incredible.
  • You got that right on 1 week!! I still have a hard time wiping!! LOL Really, she must be tough. Or else, I'm weak. Linda
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  • I was driving at 10 days! Not smart by any means but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Shopping is good for you, it gets you walking and getting outside.
  • need stronger pain medication. I am taking the same amount as I was pre-op..I bet I could go shopping if I had stronger meds, or at least get out of the house :?
    I think I am trying to be tough in another way..minimal narcotics ;) (I'm not opposed to more if it will help tho)

    I also was not given a back brace, do you think that could make a difference?
  • Yes, the brace does make a difference. Three weeks out, I went to a Asian market with a friend and the brace gave me the support I needed and I was able to survive the trip.when I didn't use the brace, I paid for it.

    Riding the a car was tough for the first month, but gradually got better. I was able to take short walks almost immediately after release from the hospital.That helped my cabin fever.
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  • My Dr said "let your back be your guide"....and "don't rush it". We wanted to make sure the cages did not move out of position.

    I think it was week 2 post op and I was going to the store.

    This was my second back operation. I remember being happy my terrible sciatica was gone.

    I was lucky..I only took a couple of pain pills post op.

    Good luck to you and take it easy.

  • The brace works wonders! Lol. I am on the same amount of meds post op as I was pre op, too. Didn't do much, so after I got my staples out I spent a lot of time with my heating pad. Haha.

    I was cleared to drive at 2 weeks, otherwise I wouldn't have. My body is in otherwise healthy shape, and I naturally have really strong muscles and a lot of muscle tone (it's genetics... runs in my family) So I got up the next morning after surgery and walked without a cane or walker... The nurse wouldn't let go of me but I didn't need her (and she was the mean one! Lol) so after that first trip I could go on my own... I'd get in and out of the hospital bed by myself, and spent some of the time sitting in the chair next to the bed, by recommendation of my doctor. Apparently they say the sooner you are mobile, the better. I believe it... I walked out of the hospital, too. Both surgeries. No wheelchairs for me. I was fine with the elevator and the walking. In the hospital I walked laps around the floor I was on, probably about 10 times a day or so. Totally helped. I didn't use a trash bag on the seat of the car, I could climb in okay, but my boyfriend would close the door just to be safe. I have stairs in my house, up to my apt which is on the second floor, and then I also have the third floor, so I was doing stairs pretty early on, too. Keeping mobile helped tons!
  • neck fusion it was the day before my daughters 13th birthday. Well, my sisters and mom put on a party for her the day after my surgery, I was released from the hospital at 2pm and that's when the party started so I made my husband take me to her party. Everyone was shocked to see me walk through the door on my own. I never have used a cane or walker after any of my surgery's and was always up out of the hospital bed on my own.If I would have waited for a nurse or someone to help I would have wet the bed.... LOL
    Also, on my first surgery I drove at 10 days and was back to work at 4 weeks. The other surgery's I was alittle smarter and took my time.
    Your body tells you what to do or not to do, we just need to listen.
  • a cane or walker either..they tried to get me to in the hospital but I felt more comfortable walking on my own. I didn't want the nurses hanging on to me either so I would walk holding their arm for stability. They laughed at how I did this but when you are 5'0, things have to be adjusted to fit you,lol.

    I actually am feeling pretty good today and would love to try a trip to the store but I am in Iowa & we are now getting a blizzard..schools closing and all, so I guess I will be homebound yet another day! ~X(
  • They didn't even offer me or my roommate a cane or walker... So we didn't even really have that option. Haha :)

    Yeah the nurses are funny with how much they want to latch on as if you're gonna just topple over. Haha.

    Man, snow sucks. We get tonssss up here in Massachusetts. It's horrible. Winters suck. Thankfully, my surgery was in September so the weather was good. I was actually able to go to CVS and Walmart the day after I got home. My surgery was on the 26th, and the 30th I went to CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. I didn't remember that until I read my old "leg shaving fiasco" posts! Funny how things like that just slip your mind.
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